FPCCI Proposes Monthly Tax on Cellular Connections

The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) has given proposals to government, asking it to take necessary steps regarding the taxes implementation and revenue generation.

Another tax may soon be hitting the cellular subscribers and in fact an unreceptive one.


The proposal suggested the government for generating Rs. 120 billion by imposing a monthly tax on cellular phone connections.

As per FPCCI Budget Proposals 2011/12, this tax can be generated from the cellular subscribers who are in a large number now in the country.

Proposal said that this amount can be generated by considering the fact that there are almost 100 million cellular phone connections in the country and by applying a monthly tax of Rs. 100 , government can easily generate a huge amount.

Through a rough calculation; this tax, if put into practice will make government generate an amount of Rs. 10 billion per month from the cellular subscribers and on this upcoming kid of government will pocket Rs. 120 billion for government.

Proposal said that this revenue, generated, will be abstracted for Benazir Income Support Fund.

  • By god Real Shame for the Govt if such move was to be initiated. This would be the time for E-Revolution, note my words, I would be the first one to switch my cell off. Promise

  • i would be better to tax telecom sector than taxing sugar and floor .i think govt. should tax per minute basis

  • MF
    They are already charging 31 % Tax on cellular calls. We don’t mind to pay more taxes but thing is what the
    ___ the are going to facilitate against these taxes? Do u pol know Each and every Ppp leader just making money coz they knew there are only few years left . BTW English ma gali denay Sa sakoon nai milay ga so More over tuhadi ………… Samj ta tusi Gaye hu ga

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  • chamber of commerce waley hotey kaun hain ___ ___ yeh mashwara deney waley awam ko inki ____ laa kar dey rahi kya paisey

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    • yai log sb sy bary tax chor hain..
      khud tax dainy ki bajay gharibon ki jaib pr tax lagwana chahty hain..
      in sb k pas karoron rupy hain or tax chand hazar ka daity hain… mazid tax kaliay gharibon ka khoun choosny ka mashwara daity hain…
      haram khor…

  • Think this is not better,
    weise agar govt ka bas chale to saans lene par be tax apply kar dain

  • Mobile technology has been abused here in Pakistan to it’s teeth. There should be a standard flat rate for both calls and SMSs in order to avoid the abusive use of both of them. Rs. 5 per call and Rs. 2 per SMS would make people respect it. And the revenue it generates should be diverted to R&D and in the implementation of 3G/4G networks.

  • already 30% tax on using 2g old generation technology which is more than any country in the world.other countries are providing 3g without tax.why we pak people happy with this behaviour

  • I am in total favor of this. Why? Because the Govt. needs money to run this country it’s not going to come out of their pockets. And also hardly anyone pays income tax so i think this would be great.

    • How can you say that no one is paying income tax?
      you have any idea that how much income tax fbr is receiving?
      and apart from that they have now included 5% tax on income tax for the flood releif, just tell me where has the fund for the flood relief received from the worldwide countries has gone?
      tax per tax laga diya hai govt. ne to, agr na mil raha hota income tax to govt sochti bhi nahi income tax per flood tax laganay k baray main

      kuch bhi comment pass karnay se pehlay soch liya karo, sabko apni tarha na samjha karo, agar aap income tax pay nahi kartay to is may humari kya ghalati?
      ja kar national banks may income tax payers ki lines daikho, pata chal jayega, k kitnay log kitna kitna income tax har month jama karwatay hain.

      • Absolutely right…
        the majority of mobile users are middle class.. hardly affording cell phones for their communication.. now govt is considering this technology as Cash cow just like fuel… which 200% taxed to generate revenue..
        such indirect taxes are always avoided and direct taxes are implemented on rich people to avoid poor people being taxed and maintain the balance of wealth among people…
        why not taxes on rich industrialists and land lords…
        Shame on you people who are suggesting this…

  • bus dostoo ab bhot ho gya … lagain tu sehi tax koi badmashi hai.. en key asey key tesi.. enhon nay awam kay power dekhee ni abhi…

    vo din door nehi jub enkey gandi lashain islamabad kaay khamboon say latak raheen hon ge.

  • ye possible nai hay, aisa tax nai lag sakta,

    agar tax laga to iska mechanism kia hoga?

    Perhaps daily deduction like line rent.

    Iska mtlb jo bnd 3 Sims le k ghoomta hay he’ll throw 2 of those to subscribe automaticaly 100mil se drop ho k 25mil ho jain gay phir collect kar lain 120bil apni maa k yaro se.. :@

  • This country needs revolution by poeple and for poeple, PPP, Nawz League and all current parties should be thrown to hell bcoz this country needs new talented and faithfull poeple.

  • Well what these geniuses don’t realize is that mobile user base increased because of it being cheap. A monthly tax of 100 Rs will drop the user base very significantly, maybe a 50% drop because people will find other means of communication cheap.

    Why cant they cut their own expenses, why should we have to pay for them?. There is already a 31% Tax of mobile usage. Which is probably the highest in this region!

  • i would suggest that govt. should put tax on every sms and out going call.it will help in improving network quality which is decreasing day by day. further it will discourage hourly etc packages which is ruining our society

  • Last thing FPCCI can do is propose a tax on going to wash room. Rs. 100 per person per month for toilet and you collect atleast 50% more.

  • hahahahahah this is f***ing hilarious!!! I also heard they are trying to put a tax on bread :D next thing you know humari potty per bhi tax lag jaye ga aur log qabzz ki goliyaan khatay phirein gay!! hahahahahhahahah

  • govt of _____ suckers is countinuosly ruining our islamic country Pakistan

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  • Jiye Bhutto Raj k lutto…….Awam mar gai lekin bhutto ab bhi zinda hai…….Jiye Zardari, Jiye Rehman Malik, Jiye JIYALAY and last but not least jiye PPP…….!!!

    I know my comment will be edited, but I just wanna say k this is enough, jahil ____ 100 mln users is liye hain cuz ye wahid cheez hai jo mulk mai sasti hai, agar is par bhi tax laga dia to phir kon use kare ga………le jao hamara sara paisa apne Switzerland k account mai.

    ____ on all JIYALA’s, ____ on ______ ……waise ye mobile to use karta hoga, is ko nai pata k awam is se kitni nafrat karte hain??

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  • pehlay corporate sector pe above 40% income tax tha ab last kai years se its 30-35% means ye tax kam kar k indirect tax laga k awam ki mar rahay hain

    any one know reasons?

    coz direct tax collect karnay k liay FBR k haddharam and rashi officers ko mehnat karni parti hay, jab k indirect tax every month ki 18th tak jama ho jatay hain, actually jab apk country mein FA pass president and CA pass jobless hoga to yehi hoga Dosto

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