FPCCI Proposes Monthly Tax on Cellular Connections

The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) has given proposals to government, asking it to take necessary steps regarding the taxes implementation and revenue generation.

Another tax may soon be hitting the cellular subscribers and in fact an unreceptive one.

The proposal suggested the government for generating Rs. 120 billion by imposing a monthly tax on cellular phone connections.

As per FPCCI Budget Proposals 2011/12, this tax can be generated from the cellular subscribers who are in a large number now in the country.

Proposal said that this amount can be generated by considering the fact that there are almost 100 million cellular phone connections in the country and by applying a monthly tax of Rs. 100 , government can easily generate a huge amount.

Through a rough calculation; this tax, if put into practice will make government generate an amount of Rs. 10 billion per month from the cellular subscribers and on this upcoming kid of government will pocket Rs. 120 billion for government.

Proposal said that this revenue, generated, will be abstracted for Benazir Income Support Fund.