Cellular Users in Pakistan Cross 105 Million Mark

Cellular users in the country have crossed 105 million mark in February 2011 to reach a total of 105,151,871 mobile subscription, according to the data released by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

PTA said that cellular teledensity in February 2011 reached 63.2 percent showing 0.8 percent growth rate in February 2011 alone.

Stats said that all five cellular companies showed consistency in adding 1,145,103 mobile phone users in February 2011, as compared to 1,229,381 cell users in January 2011.

During January and February 2011 Mobilink remained at top in terms of new sales with 705,203 new subscriptions, followed by Zong, which managed to add 703,322 mobile phone users to its network to surpass 9 million subscribers mark.

Telenor added 696,060 users in reported two months. Warid could add 176,150 new users while Ufone added only 93,750 users due to clean-up of records.






Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • I don’t know how telenor subscribers increasing…

    Really very poor services specially in Karachi Tariq Road Area. I have two sims and when brother calls from UAE – Always brother saying what’s the issue with nos.

    I don’t recommend anyone to use telenor.

    • 100% agreed Saeed using Telenor postpaid (as per my employeer). PTA should look into the subscriber base of Telenor. i have 500 contact list may be I have only 5 contacts who are using Telenor as i belong to Lahore

    • Because telenor is giving service in even those areas where non of other telecom operator is present. Telenor have a big part from villages of Pakistan.

  • What about jazz, ufone and zong network. Actually I am using telenor and I am living in lahore and using postpaid. I have no issue at all. Specially tell me about zong.

    • Waheed sab i know Witribe is using Telenor. is Telenor working in askari 10 area, poor coverage in cantt and sadar area.
      Low quality voice and lot of call drop while traveling even your speed is less than 40km/hr

      • Zong is best Em using it since the day when Zong was launched in Pakistan .

  • Well done Telenor Pakistan. Telenor is the future of Pakistan cellular sector. Telenor go ahead we are with you. You are very near to beat Mobilink and became the largest cellular company of Pakistan. Telenor have the largest Edge/GPRS and also largest and the best cellular Network of Pakistan. In the hilly northern areas and the rural areas of Pakistan there is only Telenor. All the best,basic and very useful facilities like Easyload, Smart share, FNF Nos, Cheapest sms,Mobile banking and Easy paisa all introduce by Telenor. I Love Telenor

  • Telenor is the best network and it has services even in those areas where no other network exists. Great quality of services, prompt customer care. I love to use Telenor.

  • Telenor sucks big time. The main reason is voice quality. Iv had experience to use it in many urban areas. If they cant provide good coverage in urban areas, who know about rural areas. Bad, worse, worst network of telenor.

  • I think Numbers should down little bit after 17th May. Because huge amount of un registered sims will be blocked.

  • Telenor literally sucks big time voice quality/reception pathetic
    And to explain the increase in customers they are mostly users in villages and Corporate clients they just got a deal with Hesco previously it was mobilink.
    Warid got a deal with ssgc 2500+ corpotrte connections.

  • telenor k itnay zyda users :O ,itni buri company k itnay subscribers .herat hai, is se achi tu ufone,zong aur warid hai.

  • I think the problem with the Ufone is that they don’t deliver what they say in there advertisement. I’m one of the unsatisfied Ufone customer :( and ofcourse not recommend for the new user. Except sms packages I am getting worst services.

  • Telenor is covering Pakistan more than any other telecom operator.
    That is why Telenor have subscribers.

    I have been doing job in far villages and there people only know about Telenor because non of other operators have reached there even all those largest coverage claims by Mobilink which even does not fully cover Chiniot Bhawana Sarang in their coverage.

    And Zong does not even cover Faisalabad city center :) specially for indoor Zong users.

    Warid, Ufone signal dies as soon you leave big cities.

  • i am a old user of ufone and i think ufone’s marketing team just know how to make a good and funny ad. but they dont know that how to capture real cellular market interms of users. they have still very expensive 30s billing call rates. even most of the people submitted their feedbacks regarding call rates. but sales and marketing team is sleeping… therefore, the above mentioned stats are showing about decling ratio of ufone….. for ufone management, dont spend heavy money on ads just focus on quality of calls, coverage in village area and 30sec call rates. u will win the race… otherwise u will be on 4th position… soon

    • yes just provide millions to TV channels and Ad producers and actors. Not to customers….. Ufone = downfone

  • Zong is doing fine and improved its service a lot and results are clearly shown i.e attracting subscribers at fast pace.
    soon zong will be ahead of warid and UFONE.

  • Fine discussion. Zong and telenor will be on top in coming future i think. I used mobilink for 1 year, ufone for 5 years and finally on zong from 2 years. Zong is better then all.
    1) telenor
    2) mobilink
    3) zong
    other fazool networks those concentrating only on TV ads.

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