Telenor ‘Hum Qadam’ – Contribution Towards Better Pakistan

Hum Qadam is a new initiative by Telenor Pakistan to contribute towards the better Pakistan. This initiative will work nation-wide creating a sense of harmony and responsibility to pay your part for the country.

Telenor Pakistan employees will be sparing 50,000paid working hours for the training of fellow citizens in different walks of life.

This will help Telenor and in turn Pakistan, to create a community full of skilled persons that may result in the better life life standard and something for the country as well. One of the key component of this programme is to teach ICT skills for business competence.

Christian Albech, CEO Telenor Pakistan says about the initiative:

‘Hum Qadam is about how we, Telenor Pakistan employees, can take responsibility, contribute to our local communities and offer to make an improvement in the lives of the inhabitants’.

It will be mandatory for all permanent employees in Telenor Pakistan to spend at least 20 paid working hours per year working with community engagement projects with partner organizations/NGOs in any of the following areas of interest:

  • Education
  • Disability
  • Emergency Response/disaster preparedness/relief

Telenor Pakistan employees will have the option to choose from a variety of different projects being run by partner organizations. Employees will be participating in diverse activities including mentoring high school students from underprivileged backgrounds, teaching ICT skills to government school teachers or students, providing attendant services to persons with disabilities, and conducting disaster preparedness sessions in flood-affected communities.