PTCL Announces 600,000 Broadband Customers in 1,000 Cities

PTCL-logoWhile celebrating its 4th anniversary for broadband DSL services, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) today announced that it has crossed 600,000 mark for broadband internet customers in over 1,000 cities.

Some 200 cities and around 200,000 customers out of above mentioned figures came through USF provided subsidy.

PTCL in its statement said that since the launch of its broadband DSL services in May 2007, company has made the broadband technology affordable by offering low-cost packages and by geographically bringing the service within the reach of a common user of Pakistan.

PTCL’s SEVP Commercial Mr. Naveed Saeed says that PTCL has always been the first to introduce and provide the benefits of latest technologies to the customers. “We have many innovative products and for our valued customers which we intend to introduce periodically in the near future. It is PTCL’s mandate to take Broadband Pakistan to every household of the country” he stated.

PTCL’s EVP Wireline Business Mr. Aasif Inam said that PTCL being a customer centric organization has always strived to address the needs of its valued customers with the intention and aim to provide affordable high speed internet connectivity to each and every individual of the country. PTCL acknowledges and appreciates its loyal customers who have made it the number one Broadband service provider in the country.

    • Pakistan main taqreeban 48,000 villages hain, jin main say kuch cities main bhi tabdeel ho chukay hain, mazeed aap khud soch lain k 1000 cities ho saktay hain ya nahin…

  • I am living in Main Bahawalpur city but still PTCL is unable to provide DSL service in my area. Now they are just showing off that they have reached 600000 customers. They just are taking advantage of monoply. Because they are the only DSL provider. But their service quality is worse than anyone else.

    • sir it is just because of PTCL monopoly that they are saying this otherwise the service is not good & especially complaints are not attended. PTCL should improve on that & if they do that then it would be very good.

  • “PTCL’s SEVP Commercial Mr. Naveed Saeed says that PTCL has always been the first to introduce and provide the benefits of latest technologies to the customers.”

    YEAH RIGHT!… Micronet, Dancom, LDN, Maxcom, WOL and were all providing DSL WAY before PTCL. PTCL came in and drove them out of business using such tactics as charging them huge amounts for interexchange bandwidth, intercity bandwidth and internet bandwidth and also play hell with these operators who co-located their DSLAM systems in their exchanges. They also didn’t allow these operators to provide DSL on the new ONUs (built with the taxes of the people of Pakistan) and started to shift customer lines to it so that nobody could comission DSL lines on it…

    In the end the companies which had a head start either died or were forced to sell to them. Like Maxcom.

    During this whole episode, the PTA just stood by watching… watching Etisalat PTCL destroy Pakistani operators.

    • u are right & as I said PTCL has to improve on their quality service & complaint system

  • Same here in rawalpindi.
    Pathetic service !!! cant have more than 1mb even in main city like rawalpindi, poor coverage !

  • PTCL is bunch of ____ senior management comprising of PTCL/ ETISALAT dacoits ( their native profession. What they are claiming is totally wrong. How DSL will work when they can not rectify fault on normal land line.

    Let Mazhar, Nasrullah, Nematullah, Naveed saeed and other ____ from PTCL, and Walid Irshaid with Arab ____ from ETISALAT loot PTCL , make money and run away.

    [Comment Edited]

  • PTCL DSL + EVO today provides broadband services to more than 750,00 subscribers making it the largest service provider in Pakistan.

    Customer wait and depend on PTCL while wimax and others only operate in niche areas with packages that are capped and priced lower than PTCL’s.

    PTCL’s quality o service can be bad somewhere and that is one of the reasons why wimax operators are getting some business but the question is how will they sustain business as these are all in losses.

    The day PTCL starts offering lower denomination packages the space for wimax operators will be squeazed further and that is where PTA and govt need to take a proactive role.

    Thank you PTCL to let other operators perform and give better services in terms of customer care

  • Its true becoz i live in a small villege of charsadda and here DSL provide its service some months ago.

  • PTCL have the 70% of market share, customer is not fool now to get PTCL in present of other operators..question is WHY??? can anyone answer?? i have tried QUBEE, WITRIBE but back to PTCL, yes Micronet and nayatel is cool but still expensive..

  • aslamualikum, i m rashid from gujranwala. i am allready using ptcl brondband. i want to change into wifi brodband so what can i do.

  • Hundreds and Thousands of people bought PTCL’s executive package this year which is Wingle 9.3 Unlimited (70GB) @ Rs. 1250/ per month. PTCL charged lump sum annual payment in advance because this is what the deal is. Means if we pay annual payment in advance we will get Unlimited (70GB) for Rs. 1250/- per month. They charged annual advance and then within few months they changed their SO-CALLED POLICY and limited the users to just 30GB which is their regular package. When we demand to refund the balance of money back they simply ignore it and tell us that they can not do any thing because the policy is made by PTA. ehhh is PTA God? Does it have exclusive rights to rip off people ?

    What does that mean ? Should we forget about our hard earn money ?

    Is there anyone to stop PTCL/PTA from this Ghunda Gardi ?

    Don’t you all remember that they announced and run massive advertising campaigns in 2013 for EID Package which was “Life Time package for Rs. 1250/- per month”? Where is that package now ? Since this innocent company changed their POLICY, the users should forget their money. Waaaaahhhhhh !!!!

    Please inform others. Never believe PTCL and their fake packages and announcements. THEY CAN CHANGE THEIR GAWD DAMN POLICY OVERNIGHT without caring how much end users suffer or lose.

    The best of all, there is no Ministry or regulator to stop them. Ander say sub milay howay hain.

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