Ninth Grader Requests CJ to Get P*rn Blocked

‘The News’ has reported that a fifteen year old school boy, after getting no response from Pakistan Telecommunication Authority and Ministry of Information Technology, has requested the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take necessary steps to get the p*rn websites blocked in Pakistan.

The News writes that Abdullah, a 9th grade student from Karachi, has called Chief Justice as ‘uncle’ in his letter and requested him to direct the relevant authorities to block porn materials on internet as it is being done in various Arab states.

“Internet has many advantages in itself but human beings have also added some disadvantages to it and the biggest disadvantage is “P**nography”. Uncle! it is destroying the moral values of our new generation”, wrote Abdullah to Chief Justice of Pakistan.

He further told that PTA and Ministry were helpless in resolving his issue, he wrote:

“Firstly I contacted PTA to block such websites but they referred me to Ministry of IT. Then I contacted them but they gave me no response.

Now uncle, seeing you as last hope I am contacting you to convince you to take notice of this issue and issue immediate order for blocking such websites because every passing time is adding sin in our nation’s register.

It merits mentioning here that Majority comments posted on a recent ProPakistani post opined to get the p*rn, especially the localized p*rn, blocked – immediately.

via The News

  • just don’t watch it. how about installing family filter software for children. Internet should not be censored . i don’t know why people can’t understand that

    • A child of 9th grade or below, doesn’t know of not watching it, and some times it pops up automatically on screens or other websites as Adds. I know that people understand very well, but children are not as much mature as to not watch it.

        • @khan
          either you don’t have any experience of real world or are completely ignorant of what you are saying. What the hell would a mac do? we are talking about getting nudity restricted to watch and you are hallucinating something entirely different!

          • Internet is FREEDOM OF SPEECH and it should not be banned. What else PTCL can do is to offer family shield.
            Internet speed will also suffer if you starting filtering it and I can write a software in just one day to bang all the filtering.

            New generation is very intelligent, we should morally teach them not to watch it.

            Ok what you gona do with hall road where every kind of material is available?

            Filtering sucks brother.

  • I am also thinking of blocking such links on my home network, but I couldn’t find any free software to be used as Firewall. I suggested my family computer users not to use Internet Explorer, and use FireFox, which offers a FoxFilter as Add-on. The FoxFilter Add-on blocks any contents that is specified in the list.

    Do any one know about any software which can block such rubbish contents on home internet? I am in search of such software to be used as a strong Firewall.

    • Yes of course u can use live family filter it will even block p*rn searches in google and will not allow google safe search to switch to off mode.
      any questions?

      • Thanks Hamayun. Can you plz give the web link to this software, if it is free available on net. It will be highly appreciated.

      • Free and very effective software to block porn and other non-productive site

        “K9 Web Protection is a free Internet filter and parental control software for your home Windows or Mac computer. K9 puts YOU in control of the Internet so you can protect your kids.”

        • The best software, i have found to date, is Covenent Eyes. It works with help from ISPs and very solid filtering with almost no workaround available.

            • Oh sorry, I was busy looking at your browser’s history. Very interesting, those sites you visit…

              • shame on u shahid saleem.ALLAH ko kiamat main jawab bhi dena hai ye sooch kar comments kiya karo.

                • I may be joking, but I dont think he was when he posted about me.

                  Besides, everyone who wants a ban does not realize that it’s not possible without every single url being scanned. Which we know is possible thanks to the misconfiguration problem with twitter and facebook for ptcl last year.

                • Nae Qas, Shahid Sahib nay marna nae hai, yeh Aab-e-Hayat pee k ayay hein.. :D

              • Think of the devil and the devil is here..
                Today, i found it quiet right..
                Welcome Mr. Shahid.. :)

                • hahah sahi kaha saad tum ney bilkul .Jitna shahid saleem k comment parho utna ghusaa ata hai.Na sirf porn ban hona chaiye balkay shahid saleem par bhi is blog pe ban parna chaiye.plzz leave this blog sahahid saleem warna pappu a kar aap ko sabak yaad dila dey ga. hahaha .and pappu i love u yaar ,aap ki himat hai jo is ko sahi tarah sabak sekhatey ho warna shahid saleem tu demagh hi kha jata hai.

      • how exactly do u do that can u please tell me, would really appreciate it, thanks..

    • use k9 web filter, its free and very affective, i use it at home..then again this is not the solution coz my kids are allowed to go to their friends house now and then, i cant install a web filter there…so porn SHOULD be taken out of the picture from the roots of the ip providers

  • I completely agree with Propakistani about the fact that porn should be completely banned especially in our Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
    Its really a shame for all of us that being muslims we hesitate to speak the right.
    We are muslims , and we should try to follow what our religion teaches us.
    and we should keep in mind that , Islam is the best religion of the World and we are proud to be its followers.

  • @Arif Kamawi There are software available for this purpose that are free e.g K9 Web Protection , It is a powerful software that is password protected and cannot be removed or changed without password . It blocks the specified categories of website in all browsers etc . Those who want to filter their net i would recommend this software , there might be other ones too but i myself have tested it.

  • I not only agree with Ninth grader Abdullah but also follow him by sending a letter on same issue to the CJ.

    I hope that other people also follow us.

    • i am 24 and have a collection of my own….

      you can’t just block or ban the websites..

      people will find ways to get their hand on STUFF.

      rather then that educating your children will help.
      and you can always install firewall on your PCs

      • Locks are not for robbers and are for common people – robbers gonna cut the lock and rob in any case. So this proposed blockade is for those who accidentally come across such websites.

        • does that mean you are agreeing to what i am saying…??


          i believe that education and awareness is very important… kids need to be told why this stuff is harmfull for them…

          educate them n they will automatically do what they are supposed to do….

          • p.s

            the comment form azmit was mine but the username is of my friend i mistakenly used his username….. ;p

            apologies azmit…. :D

          • Educating them is good and much needed, blocking these sites will add an extra layer of security, makes a perfect combination.

  • If there is government’s inaction on this please change DNS server address on your home router and password protect the router.

    Following are OpenDNS DNS Server IP addresses for family safety:

    (This DNS server is also better than almost any ISP’s DNS in Pakistan)

    Family Shield blocks the following:

    •Adult websites that are unsuitable for kids
    •Proxy and anonymizer sites commonly used by savvy kids to bypass traditional Web filters
    •Phishing sites that aim to trick you into handing over personal or financial information
    •Some virus-spreading malware websites


    Note: Your kids/youngsters shouldn’t know your router login/password and your DSL info so in case someone change settings or re-configure the router.

    Attn: Ammir Bhai please post on this, may you be blessed for this.

  • they dont want to block any such thing.

    even if they block the major/famous websites showing such content, it can make a huge difference.

    but they simply dont care.

    any network admin of any isp can block such websites at their isp filters but they wont! u know why? because they dont care about what their kids are watching behind them..

  • Oh wow! How cute!! NOT! How the fish does he know about porn in the first place?

    [Comment Edited]

  • porn block honi chaiye .aur porn na bachon k liye allow ho aur na adults k liye allow honi chaiye, kis ney keh diya above 18 k baad porn dekhna ISLAM main jaiz ho jata hai.bacho ko bhi aur baron ko bhi porn dekhney pe GUNAH milta hai,jis ka SAWAL KIAMAT main ho ga.plzz isi cheezoon se hi ALLAH ka AZAAB ata hai, kuch tu KHUDA ka khauf karo phelay hi itni pareeshania hai pakistan main.

  • Assalam U Alaikum
    Everyone Shoukd Make A Promise That He Will Not Watch Pron Webs & Similer Material In Future
    First I Make A Promise That I Will Not Watch Pron In Future & Do Every Possible Step To Stop Pron
    Can You Make A Promise?

    For Give Us From Every Sin

    I Request To CJ To Issue Order To Block All Pron Material In Pakistan

    Jawad Shaikh (J.s)

  • Even if CJ does not listen to this kid, every one can user free services of at their homes.

    I myself is using it my home and its working perfectly, its a free solution for everyone.

    it is a responsibility of elders that they should keep an eye on the activities of their children themselves, rather than expecting governments and other institutes to do so.

  • I must and must appreciate that 9th Grade teenager ‘Abdullah’ who has requested CJ, for the blockage ofr P*rn sites.

    I am proud that still such shinny stars are keeping this country stay alive. Feeling very proud that atleast someone (esp. a Teenager) tries to bring this thing in notice, and stands against it.

  • once a official from the government came to my uni and he said boldly that the government knows about the freedom of internet and its free from censorship and he was proud of it!
    its like people are walking naked on the streets and we say we’re proud of there freedom!
    Dont we have our own customs , norms, cultural values, ethics …

    p-graphapy is a taboo and which should not break the glass walls of our society!!

  • M bit off the topic but but it have relation with it… Zara Telenor Web Self Service login karo and C da Advertisement on main Page… Night Calling Package ki add hay in which a girl siting with seductive way and whole scene showing obnoxious Image I mean i dnt hv words to define what kind of Worst and Pethetic way of marketing is seems its nt a mobile company ad rather a adult latenight service advertisement …… Dat was my 1st point not 2nd thing just past throught Shah ra faisal Karachi or M.A road look at those billboards Of dif companies what they r trying to represent ,capri cinema showing whole wall picture of bollywood actresses in a most shortess cloths they dnt thnk of anythings… Now just tell how come they gona block porn when there hearts are so much rusty they dont know what is sharam o haya

    • Please do not talk about roads. We dont find just ads. We find actual human beings on sale.
      Telenor is the self-styled thekedaar of khamooshi ka boycott. They find problems in society, and they are themselves among the sources. For instance, if i am not wrong, they were the first one to introduce night packages and stuff. Frankly, who needs cheap calls and texts at night unless he has to call an ambulance every night due to an emergency which recurs every night strangely?

      • haan yar mujey tu lagta hai ye multinational companies ki sazish hai ,wo halka halkay hamari society ko begaartey ja rahay hain.Tv ads jitnay bhi multinational companies(hamari companies bhi kam nahi)k hain wo sab halkay halkay LIMIT cros kartey ja rahay hain.telenor ka flurt promotion wala ad tu sab ko yaad ho ga ,isey ads dekh kar hamari nojawan nasal kahan ja rahai hai is ka andaza universties main dekh kar laga saktey hain hum sab .sab se zyda afsoos ki baat tu ye hai k hum ney ye pakistan hi ISLAM k naam pe hasil kiye tha aur ab dekh lo k hum kis taraf ja raha hai,phir azaab nahi ai gay tu aur kiya ho ga,bhaion ab tu agay ka zamana phelay se bhi bura hi ai ga is liye TOOBA karlo warna kabar main aur kiamat hum kia jawab dein gay.

      • telenor ka tu maksad hi mujey pkaistan ki awaam ko begaarna lagta hai ,telenor ka flurt promotion wala ad tu yaad ho ga (facebook wala),is tarah k ads dekh kar nojawan nasal begray gi nahi tu aur kia ho gi.

  • sorry for this much out spoken if some one offended but really hearts cry when watching all this kia ho ga pakistan ka… Kab tak isi tarha lagra chal ta rahay ho … Akhir akhir kab tak??

  • K9 web protection is best. PTA should censor the internet according to the user..atleast any netwrk shud ask parents if they want to get the content type blocked..

  • I think this is a frivolous debate. Gandhi once said if we close down the gutters then the sewage will flow out in all places.

    We need to self regulate ourselves a little bit and avoid creating temptation of the forbidden fruit.

    Prostitution is considered the oldest profession in the world and is as prevalent in Pakistan as anywhere else in the world. You don’t write to CJ to stop that or walk over to avail the services, right? Why is porn on Internet any different?

    • Internet is bit different because it gives quick and easier access to p**n to anyone (regardless of age and motives) who knows what to look for. While gandhi was right, he forgot to mention that every sewage system has a capacity beyond which, it overflows anyways.
      ‘nafs’ always demands more and more. It never gets satisfied. Who knows when will somebody lose control and pursue his fantasies (it can be any crime, like rape, harassment etc)?
      We can understand that no baby is born as a criminal. But we have to apprehend him once he becomes a criminal. Some people propose preemptive measures in order to prevent damage before it is done.
      Our nation is different. We have a strange nation. Our people explode themselves in the name of Islam. Leave everything aside. What should we expect from a nation where people sell mobile phone numbers and house addresses of females?
      We know that when zia govt. cracked down on prostitution, it only spread across the country. This is because it was a an ill-conceived plan. Regulating human behavior on individual levels is different. Regulating internet is much easier. Hence people asking for a ban.
      I dont agree with the idea to ban p**n straight away until the nation is educated on the matter so that majority agrees with the ban. Otherwise, we know proxies, VPNs etc do exist. ‘Knowledge’ travels from one mouth to another faster than light :).
      P.S. to P.S.
      There are image processing algorithms which can identify graphic material. While they are not accurate 100%, they are they best step to begin with. If even 50% images are filtered that way, it is a big achievement from an automatic system.
      Services like the filtering offered by OPEN DNS depend on community reports. They dont filter all content magically. The need of the hour is to convince graphic websites to voluntarily move to .xxx TLDs so that filtering them is easier and much effective. Unfortunately, only radical Islam is a global problem in today’s world. P**n, drugs, violence, looting of ships by somali pirates etc. are not.

  • AOA,
    Few months ago I requested PTA to block a P**n website & I was surprised to see it blocked next day…that P**n site had very large amount of traffic from Pakistan.
    Than I requested PTA for another site but they didn’t block it. :(
    I hope PTA will block all P**n sites in 2011.

  • everyone’s parents are not educated in computer studies k wo block kare porn ko….. well if cj takes notice i will salute!!!

  • can u tell me how 9th grade student went to the porn website? what was on his mind that he searched porn and written an application to cj. i used internet i use facebook,google,mails etc i never got a pop up porn add or something… its up to u weather u use it for good or for bad

  • wonder what Pakistanis do when they migrate to Canada and other western countries? do they consider these issues? how they deal with them?

    • Yes they do sir, and contradictory to the notion that ‘we'(desi’s) have made up of western countries something that is not socially upstanding is looked down upon EVERYWHERE.
      I live in Canada and dont see ANYONE ‘supporting’ porn.

  • Asslam-Alikum,
    I agreed all the views, But keep in mind we all are responsible to take care of our nation,our ummah and every one who died must answarable of its activities performed in his life. So every some should try to educate themself and surronding to protect. Last words, we are Muslim and know what is right and wrong, the only thing to remember our moral values and act on it as a nation. With Best Regards
    AH Kashif

  • Hi everyone. I live in Afghanistan. I remember last year there were huge demonstrations across the country against this rubbish p*rn contents on the web, and thus the gov’t took action against such contents, and now it got blocked since then. Although there is lack of Internet facilities in Afghanistan, and the ppl who have access to it are at the minimum number as compared to the rest of the world; but this less number of ppl knows how to save Afghanistan’s next generation. There is lack of dsl internet and even the satellite internet connection is very high priced, which a normal person at home can not afford.
    I would suggest that we need to wake up and take action by ourselves against these web-contents, if we see the gov’t is failed.

  • Grow up people, get a cheap life. If you care so much about that shit don’t watch it. Its same as FB issue, you can’t freaking block unless you block the whole internet.
    I freaking bet he (boy who requested) him self would be a fap addict.

  • is best way to filter porn!
    Porn sites shud b blokd like arab countries do.

  • The boy definitely knows how to block such content from his browser or perhaps his elders can do that for him.

    I think we should get out of this dramatization and attention seeking.

    I am using Internet from 1994 at home and my kids grew up using Internet for networking, entertainment and education.

    Blocking content on the browser is much cheaper and effective.

    • mustafa i agree with u… but if we will think as pakistani socity then these should banned…….

  • Dear All

    There are two major reasons to block any content that destroys or undermines the islamic values, nationalism and kills the remaining 1% immunity of pakistanis to understand right or wrong.

    reason 1 – Islamic values. Porn or even so called fashion in the name liberty and modernism is dangerous/infectious/invalid and forbidden. Period. If you have any arguments about this, please reconsider your idealogy.

    reson 2 – Law. Without abiding the law, we cannot form a sociable life. In Pakitani law, such material is forbidden and in any other country that you might ‘follow’ this content is banned for minors.

    Now, if you look at the VCR days, it was mostly search operations of video shops / wholesalers. But now thats not possible.

    I am happy that this thing has come to light but very sad that it was a nine year old boy out of millions.

    My view, I support the idea 100%, and suggest that everyone who has a single bit of islam left and/or nationalism should come forward and support the idea to protect our values, our kids and our culture.

    thankyou for your time.


  • pretty nice discussion going on but let me remind you when POL(Pakistan Online Limited) a big company in dialupinternet blocked porn sites they did not even have money to give to their employees for that month so why would companies like PTCL, Wateen, Witribe etc would want to loss there 75% business.
    Even i (software engineer at netsol) frequently visit these adult sites in weekends what would you do if you see girls with hot dresses(tight fittings, hot indian movies) Estimate your self that how pure you are i have admitted of what i do

    Causes of modern destruction of muslims according to me are ::: now days so called modernism when you see girls with tight fitting dresses and no cover for there body and distracted undergarments visibility will cause more porn addiction. we should properly implement Hijab in Public and these Mobile prohibition for teenager’s as well as western and indian movies should be ban offcourse when you see desi girls (indians) making boyfriends and doing all naughty stuff as an south asian you will also want that so block these first otherwise it will be useless to ban porn off the internet

    because there are 1000 ways to watch porn even if it is banned from country believe me because in technology terms every thing is breakable and accessable.






    • Yaar pehle baat hai 4 th class ke bache ko porn kaya pata hooga..Aur dusri jo sab isalm or teaching kr baat ker rahe hain unhoon se zindigi main kabhi namaaz sach or kio full islamic kaam nahe kia hoo gaa

  • There are so many softwares and ways to filter such sites, why ban them? I don’t favor ANY kind of censorship on internet, its just absurd. That kid is a kid, so he does’nt understand that anyone who wants to filter these sites can do it very easily and ther is no need to ban them for the whole country.
    What next? will the warez sites be blocked? torrents? I hate this censorship and don’t want it EVER here.
    We don’t want another “museebat” in this situation when the whole country is suffering from so many issues and freedom is a rarity.

    Nobody should support any kind of censorship on internet, its really lame.

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