ProPakistani Clarifies

Recently I was notified about this one specific ProPakistani writer who had been plagiarizing the content from Spider Magazine, on more than one occasions.

We, being very strict about lifting the content without citation, had to deal with the situation little harshly. After proper investigation, we have removed all the posts that were plagiarized by the writer, and have asked him to hold any future work that he was working on.

We have re-sent the guidelines, which strictly disallows plagiarism, to all our writers to stay in-line with the instructions before composing a write-up, which may appear on ProPakistani.

We apologize from our readers and Spider Magazine for any in-convenience that this may have caused.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • You guys are good at your work, keep it up! I know you cant help it, but it’s in pakistani blood to take short-cut on getting things half-done!

      • @Imran
        I am not surprised by your comment, self condemnation is also in our blood, without thinking for a second that “I” am included, then criticisim like yours is also in our blood wihtout appreciating good things like the bold acceptance by Aamir of what happened. We should spare some time to appreciate good things in Pakistan, this is good for good mental health of a nation.

  • I don’t know why we cannot understand the difference between plagiarized and original researched material. Writers need to understand that copying material verbatim is an offense. Moreover, if you give valid references for material you have used it adds weight to your content. Because it shows how much research you have carried out in writing an article.

  • Amazing to see that you not only took action against the person, but also apologized.

    It takes a big heart to do so.

    We understand that you cannot check all the contents yourself, therefore, such incidents may happen.

    Keep up the good work.

  • I think tht guy should join Telenor Marketing, as they are always copying ideas and ads from Indian and African markets

  • can someone tell me the Name of that writer might be he’ll be doing same thing for other websites/blogs.

  • @Kashif Hussain
    Telenor is copying ideas from indian and african websites, they are already there and in-corp orated there.

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