‘Tech Recycle Competition’ – Make Use of Your Old Unused Gadgets

Do you have a dead gadget or the one that is not usable?

Well here comes the chance to use it and make something of it.

All you need is creativity and skill to make something out of these unused products.

Spider Magazine is organizing a competition named Tech Recycle Competition in which you can take part and get a chance to win Gizmos.

Competition is organized for The Young Leaders Conference and the winners will be selected on the basis of entries’ innovativeness, practicality, strategy and presentation.

Winners will be announced at The Young Leaders Conference.

Age Limit:

  • Tech Recycle Competition is open only to students aged between 18 and 24.

Last Date of Submission:

  • Deadline for all entries is 6:00 pm on June 20, 2011

Application forms can be downloaded here.


  • Monster

    Thats a good point to make our people innovative

  • rabail

    it is an advise to the author Ahsan, that please do not use abbrev in his writings like he used “chance to win Gizmos”. It is not the real essence of online journalism. One should explain each and everything clearly rather than to make people confuse. I have noted this many times but today i mentioned here. Thanks i hope mr Aamir ata will take this thing in notice.

    • Thanks for mentioning, but certain terms that are used as they are instead of explanation just because majority is aware of them and ultimately they become the part of pro speech.
      For instance, iPhoneism, tweeting, tech, techy etc.

      And about the Gizmos.

      “A nonsensical placeholder name for something that one does not know the proper term for; gadget; whatchamacallit; thingamajig; jobbyjobber.”

      Source: http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/gizmo

      Still,point noted.