MeeGo Gets a Shot to Battle the Smartphones

The common phrase is ‘too little, too late’. In the smartphone world, this appears to be the key facet when assessing any device. From the looks to the features, each aspect has become a mini battleground.

But the actual war is not of hardware; it’s the software oiling the chips and giving users an experience, instead of convenience. And on this end it is Apps that rule, with quantity given higher regard than quality.

Enter the old and once wise being of the smartphone world: Nokia. Age seems to have taken its wear on the Finnish giant, with strategy and vision by the company appearing unclear each day. Put aside the battering on the financial front; the product portfolio appears to be shaping on so many fronts that it will be a wonder if quality smartphones actually emerge.

Nokia-N9_cyan_1-smallAt the underway Nokia Connection event in Singapore, the company has unveiled its latest drone to battle the Apples and Droids taking over the world. The N-Series handset N9 showcases the new OS MeeGo, which Nokia had so sadly announced it had abandoned due to the Microsoft adoption.

With Windows Phone 7’s Mango widely awaited in the later parts of the year, this has the smell of desperation to remain a competing entity, rather than a strategized move.

While possessing a keen resemblance to the X6, the N9 appears more refined and possibly for some, wow-ee. A slim design with nicely curved edges, Nokia has taken the ‘no button’ approach for the front fascia, giving it a glass sheet look and increasing the vibrant nature of the AMOLED screen.

Claiming a Unibody design to allow for better antenna performance, it appears as a punch to the family with the infamous ‘i’.

But it’s not all looks. With an ARM Cortex-A8 OMAP3630 processor that is clocked at 1GHz and a 1GB of RAM, there is serious power in this Nokia smartphone for all users. Built-in memory is the only storage option, with 16GB and 64GB being the two models due to enter the market.

An 8 megapixels camera with Carl Zeiss optics and capable of HD video recording will cater to the snappers and paparazzi who want the all in one device.

Nokia made no mention of release dates, price or countries for official launch. But it is likely to enter global markets in the near future seeing shareholder reservations and dissatisfaction.

However, the question remains on whether it can make any in-roads with an OS that it shelved not too long ago. And then there’s the whole bit about Apps.

From the window shopper perspective, the N9 is enticing. It’s that gizmo you want to hold in your hands and rub to get a feel for it. However, will it be one you want to use during your daily routine? That is the million dollar question, or the hundreds of millions of dollars question.

  • Mansoor

    Its the end game for the like of Nokia (at least the software part) and RIM. They failed at innovating or even copying. Now they want to make some money by releasing phones which they will eventually dump leaving people with zero updates or zero support in the future. Maybe those of us who are not power users and don’t really care about updates or apps will go for this and other ‘new’ offerings based on outdated platforms from nokia for the rest its iOS and Android devices.

    • Naseer

      You’re absolutely right and due to the company’s downfall it kinda feels justice for people who have bought expensive Nokia phones and Nokia just won’t support new apps or anything first they introduced touch phones like 5800 etc. then abandoned it for the X6 and abandoned that too for n900 and the N8 and now it’s N9’s turn after seeing all this i don’t think many people would buy it because they’ll again make another device and so not giving any support for it whatsoever and the fact is it really is TOO LATE this should have been introduced a year ago to be a rival with android and iPhone and this phone still isn’t competing enough to bother the android or iOS family.

  • ahsan

    However, will it be one you want to use during your daily routine?

    Are you joking? Why does it have a CBD , Why the “swipe” So you can use it with your “Head Up” it’s made for Daily usage .

  • In my opinion, Nokia should sooner jump into the android bandwagon, if she wants to remain competitive in smartphone market.

    • Mansoor

      Nokia CEO Elop who was previously part of Microsoft has already decided to go with Microsoft for their mobile phone. Reason could be they want to differentiate their brand from an already saturated android handset market, become more appealing to the MS’s USA market where their phone sale numbers are dismal and with MS they can can target the enterprise market.

    • Naseer

      I think they should’ve joined a partnership with Google and use Android OS rather than Windows and the Windows Mobile OS

  • @Mansoor: You are right, that Elop wants to target USA market but I fear that it might not be beneficial for the NOKIA. Although, Microsoft will surely benefit from Elop’s decision.

  • talha

    i respect you people opinion but sorry to say you people seems to be in hurry, and it is such a useless statement that Nokia gone or Symbian gone that i just hate it, although android,ioS AND wp7 are faster and advance i found every necessary application available for those OS’s are also there available for Symbian too,THERE are some issues with Symbian but still people trust it, and that’s why NOKIA is willing to continue it..

    • Shahid Saleem

      I know people said same thing when they refused to upgrade from Dos 3.3 to Windows 95. “I can find all I want with Dos”