Traffic Stats of Cellular Websites

Websites have become the window of any business. In western countries, businesses use websites as their sales agent, while we don’t – due to lack of ecommerce infrastructure and other related limitations (which we may discuss some later time).

Businesses in Pakistan use their websites to promote their products, services and to interact with their customers through online support channels and dedicated FAQ pages.

Over the time traffic on cellular companies’ website has seen significant growth. In recent few months traffic on these websites has reached new limits, mainly due to their popular fan pages on facebook and increased online activity through advertisements, competitions and so on.

Information from insiders reveal that Jobs, members area and mobi-tunes remains the top visited pages.

While on other hands, customers tend to visit blogs to get information about cellular packages and other VAS, due to poor SEO of cellular companies’ websites and partially due to incomplete information provided by them.

Here we are presenting stats about the visitors these cellular companies get in a month. We have tried to remain as accurate as possible.


As you may see that Telenor has outrun it’s competitors, in terms of traffic on their website – yes that’s due to their career portal and weblounge.

These two segments on Telenor’s website get more than 70 percent of the total traffic received by Telenor.

Members area on Warid’s website get around 35 percent of total traffic.



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