Telenor Sonay Ki Jeet Offer and the Complications

Telenor Sonay Ki Jeet Offer is giving away gold prizes to lucky ones. You can stand a chance to win if you are lucky enough

Prizes start from 10 grams gold, while the big one is 1 kilogram Gold.

How to Participate:

To participate in the competition, you need to send “TS” to 7775 or dial *888# and after successful enrolment, you will be asked questions.

Reply with 1 or 2 for the correct option and you will be notified about your answer. Depending upon the correct answers, points will be given that will help you in winning the gold.

Each SMS to 7775 costs Rs. 8 + tax.


Offer lasts from 19th June, 2011 to 16th September 2011 and during this Telenor is giving away following prizes:

  • Two 10 grams gold coins daily
  • Two 25 grams gold coins weekly
  • One final prize of 1 Kg gold

Who Wins?

Contestant through lucky draw and with maximum number of points win gold on daily basis but for that you need to send SMS on that day to stand eligible for the prize.

Similarly for 25 grams gold, winners will be decided through lucky draw and on the points basis as well but you need to send SMS on Sunday as well for this prize.

And one final person with maximum number of points will win 1Kg gold prize.


No doubt, offer is a big one – and it all seems very pleasant till here. But the problem is that Telenor is constantly luring (spamming) it’s customers by sending misleading text messages. One such message is as following:

Apka number 03xxxxxxxx 10g sona rozana, 25g sona/Itwar aur 1KILO Sonay ke liye muntakhib hogya hai! Abhi 7775 par blank SMS bhejein! Rs. 8+t/SMS

It is unclear if this message was sent to selected Telenor customers or it was broadcasted over the entire network. We can identify few of those numbers if Telenor want to carry out an internal inquiry to find out the responsible for sending such misleading text messages to their customers.

It is also unclear that how much money Telenor has generated through the campaign.