Telenor Revamps Easypaisa Website, Launches a New Branding Campaign

Telenor Pakistan has completely revamped it’s EasyPaisa website, with more pleasant and I must say, refreshing look.

Built totally on Joomla CMS, Telenor has done a great job here. Easy to navigate links and drop down menus are one of the most important features that EasyPaisa website has incorporated. On the whole the design is pretty eye catching and links to all services on home page provides real ease of access – making navigation super fast.

But I wonder why Telenor didn’t inherit the link-structure from the old design?Instead Telenor is using Joomla’s default pattern of links. This will make Telenor let go all the search engine rank/juice it had gained on previous URL’s.

As you can see all previous links which were search engine friendly, are not working anymore.

For instance:


Transation Tracking is the new feature that EasyPaisa has included, which helps you check the status of any transaction done through Easypaisa as well as remaining monthly limit for a particular CNIC. Though CNIC limit checking feature requires only the CNIC with no authentication (Some may dislike this openness).

Media Centre has been equipped with Photo Gallery and Print Media Releases. Easypaisa Shop menu gives you option to request for an easypaisa shop in your area, also you can search for the nearby shops where Easypaisa is available.

On the whole, the website design is pretty good, and seems like it is just the design that Telenor had wished for.

Things which need improvement are Search, and above all the CNIC Usage feature (which reveals the usage details of any CNIC without authentication). Links may not be a big issue at the moment as even if you are unable to google something about easypaisa, just visit the website and almost all the links are available at home page.

Branding Campaign:

Telenor has decided to give the due exposure to easypaisa mobile accounts now, which were earlier undermined as compared to other easypaisa products.

Though easypaisa mobile accounts were introduced in February 2010, while level 1, level 2, 3 and 4 accounts were available to public as well – but Telenor thought of arranging a launch ceremony to properly introduce Easypaisa Mobile Accounts.

A ceremony was held in this regards in Karachi yesterday, where Mobile Accounts were demoed followed by a musical show by strings.

  • Well done Telenor. Telenor Pakistan is a true cellular company of Pakistan. Telenor knows the needs of Pakistan’s people. The most Reliable cellular company of Pakistan. The Largest cellular network of Pakistan.

    We Love U Telenor
    Telenor Rocks

    • Correction, its the second largest network! Mobilink is largest in terms of subscribers and coverage for now!

  • telenor sites = nothing works.

    All of their web based systems are designed by children. too slow, complicated and prone of errors.

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