Reshuffle Expected at Mobilink’s Finance Dept

Reports are surfacing that Mobilink may change mid-level management for its finance department.

We are told by reliable sources that a gentlemen from Ufone is likely to replace finance head, in a week – on this Thursday to be exact.

Mobilink didn’t confirm us officially on this so far.

Mobilink has decided to reshuffle it’s mid-level management at a time when company is undergoing a legal probe against it’s employees and franchisees for an alleged embezzlement of over Rs. 200 million.

Media reports said that company registered an FIR against half a dozen employees and franchisees for alleged fraud of over or around Rs. 200 million.

It is unclear so far if this change in management is in any way linked to embezzlement or not. However we are told that ex-Ufone guy, who will head Mobilink’s finance department, is likely to bring significant changes in the whole finance team.

More details on this development are coming – we will keep our readers posted when and if we get any further updates from Mobilink’s camp.

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  • sami malik

    the person will been taken from mobilink there are very experinsed ppls workng at there company.

  • shahid saeed

    i can bet if they get some good person he will fire the all deptt every one from their finance is curpt or in effecent. good luk to the person

  • Mehr jilani

    ufone do not has good finane staff they all are in effecient and rubish all work is done by the outsiders in shape of vendors etc. their systm are good but their controls are bad they dont know what is happening in the telecom world they dont move around ppls in other areas all managers are sitting since 5 or 6 years no one can replace them because they themself can not find any job in the industry they are from instafone or mobilink or from paktel or from others all dump comapnies 10 years old phlosfy and techniques one of their manager was fired from mobilink ha ha ha i am surprised if mobilink finds a good man from them. best of luck jazz

  • aalam jan

    you are wrong i am working with ufone as there vendor there finance mangers all not less then 8 year old in the co industries now need fresh blood they should bring people from university or colleges

  • altamash

    A Company that robs its own customer gets robbed by its own employee. ironic, i think not

    • Qazi Irshad

      So, you mean to say all telcos are robbing their customers? Too judgmental that is.

  • Qazi Irshad

    This is not the first issue of its kind seen in the corporate sector of Pakistan. Such cases of embezzlement and fraud happen in much bigger companies and corporations, national and international, and I think that such acts only destroy the image of the individual themselves, not the corporation they are working in. I personally believe that it’s a good thing that the wrong-doers and perpetrators of this foul act were caught and now will be dealt in the court of the law, fair and square.

  • Z_araa

    The latest is that an unknown source within Mobilink has so far successfully delayed hiring of ANY FINANCE person.Too much discussion going on within Mobilink on the issue of fraud and people involved in it.Generally the morale of the finance department is down and management has not so far taken any action to address this issue.i seriously think that if the situation remained as it is possibility of another fraud or mishap can arise.

    • MA

      You are right but it’s better to take wise decisions. Individuals did a wrong thing, not the whole department. This is internal matter of Mobilink and in my opinion, it’s better to resolve these matters internally first before going for legal action.
      Mobilink is a big Multinational company but in my opinion this case was not handled professionally and in as positive way.