Get Google Plus Invites Without Sharing Your Email


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Google has already grabbed handsome amount of users on its newly launched social networking platform. Though invitation system is still the only way to join it, apart from the fact that Google opens registrations on random days so you are left with no choice but to wait or ask someone to invite you.

Here at ProPakistani, we have seen a lot of people asking for Google+ invite and we have served many of them. Most of the users asked us not to share their email online and yes we understand the concern.

Keeping in view these requests, we are starting this post just for those who want to be invited on Google Plus but are worried to share their email elsewhere.

How to get Google Plus Invite?

  • Comment below if you want to be invited on Google Plus.
  • Please note that DO NOT PASTE EMAIL IN COMMENT, rather put in  email the field when you are commenting so that it remains hidden and we will invite you on our own.
  • You’re done
  • And BTW, you may want to follow us on Google Plus

Once you get invitation email, click on “Learn More about Google+” to sign up

Be sure that we have nothing to do with your emails but this post is solely started to provide some ease to our valued  readers who are worried enough to share their email. Your emails will always be in safe hands as your privacy matters a lot to us.

For more satisfaction, you can read our privacy policy.

  • Thanks a lot bro.. Keep going this work and hope we will be the largest community of G +.

      • they work! i have created a google plus account using hotmail! :) YOU JUST NEED A GOOGLE ACCOUNT (which you can create with any email address) AND NOT NECESSARILY GMAIL!

        tech savvy much?! lol!

  • Ahsan Javed bahi sab idz work ker rahay hain mai nai abi join kiya hai dost nai invite kiya tha mera email per hain please update your post :)

  • how to get Username URL for Google Plus Profile

    Like, facebook has given username facility to make unique URL ( for their profile, which makes pretty easy to remember and share.


    • Invitation sent to your yahoo id, hope it works – if it doesn’t, comment with gmail id then

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