Get Google Plus Invites Without Sharing Your Email


Click on this link to start using Google Plus:


Google has already grabbed handsome amount of users on its newly launched social networking platform. Though invitation system is still the only way to join it, apart from the fact that Google opens registrations on random days so you are left with no choice but to wait or ask someone to invite you.

Here at ProPakistani, we have seen a lot of people asking for Google+ invite and we have served many of them. Most of the users asked us not to share their email online and yes we understand the concern.

Keeping in view these requests, we are starting this post just for those who want to be invited on Google Plus but are worried to share their email elsewhere.

How to get Google Plus Invite?

  • Comment below if you want to be invited on Google Plus.
  • Please note that DO NOT PASTE EMAIL IN COMMENT, rather put in  email the field when you are commenting so that it remains hidden and we will invite you on our own.
  • You’re done
  • And BTW, you may want to follow us on Google Plus

Once you get invitation email, click on “Learn More about Google+” to sign up

Be sure that we have nothing to do with your emails but this post is solely started to provide some ease to our valued  readers who are worried enough to share their email. Your emails will always be in safe hands as your privacy matters a lot to us.

For more satisfaction, you can read our privacy policy.

  • Wizard

    Pl send me invite for G+

    • Wizard

      waiting for invite….

      • Getplus

        Just try this:

    • Jefferson

      Hi There,
      Please send me the invitation…

  • Macleay Aida

    Will you please send me the invitation…

  • Daeem Sad

    Hi I am still finding the way to use Google + but faild will you please help me…..

  • Bilal Khan

    Send me a google plus invite :)

    • Bilal only Gmail ID’s work.

      • uzair

        all ids work! you just need a google account which u can create using any email address u may have! Hotmail, yahoo and all others work.

  • Umair Qamar

    Invite me plzz =)

  • Rashid Nazeer

    Thanks in advance for google Invite

  • Mani

    Send me one…

  • Please send me an invite to Google Plus

  • Ali

    Please invite :)

  • Paulo

    i’d like a g+ invite too. thanks i guess.

    • Paulo

      that was quick :) thanks, man

  • macleay aida

    Thanks a lot bro.. Keep going this work and hope we will be the largest community of G +.

  • Shoaib

    Send me google plus invitation…

  • hamt

    please invite me :)

  • daeem sad

    thanks a lot

  • Gareth

    I’d love an invite plz…thanks!!

  • Mehboob

    Thanks in advance

  • Assaad

    Me t0o!

  • Hamza Butt

    Hello Sir
    I would be glad if you offer me Google + invitation

  • Please sennd me the invite too.

  • Mermaid

    waiting for Google+ invitation..

  • Mr

    Invite me also ;)

  • Invit Me Plz

    [email protected]

    Thanks In Advance

  • Aroma

    invite me

  • Andre

    Please send me an invite thanks!

  • Zac

    thank you so so much if you could send me an invite

  • Ahmed

    Invite me please!!

    • Ahmed please read the post carefully. Hotmail ID’s don’t work.

      • uzair

        they work! i have created a google plus account using hotmail! :) YOU JUST NEED A GOOGLE ACCOUNT (which you can create with any email address) AND NOT NECESSARILY GMAIL!

        tech savvy much?! lol!

  • ali omair

    Ahsan Javed bahi sab idz work ker rahay hain mai nai abi join kiya hai dost nai invite kiya tha mera email per hain please update your post :)

  • Anas

    asslam walikum how r u sir? plz invite me [email protected] thank u alott in advance

  • bani

    mjhe b invite karo g =)

  • vidal romero

    hey, it would be nice if you could invite me!

  • ali omair

    how to get Username URL for Google Plus Profile

    Like, facebook has given username facility to make unique URL ( for their profile, which makes pretty easy to remember and share.


  • Vikram rohra

    Waiting for the invite. Thanks in advance :)

  • Bilal Khan

    Send me an invite too

  • blogger

    Please send me invite…Thanks

  • Sajid

    Please invite me on Google plus….

  • Spid3r

    Thanks in advance for invitation. i need one!

  • Rizwan

    Invite plx !!

  • blogger


  • Mujahid

    I want invitation :) thanks

  • Taimur Saeed

    I also want invitation

  • anas saleem

    invite me please

  • David

    Thanks in advance for the invitation!

  • Azeem

    Hi send me invitation of Google+

  • kamran razzaq

    Dear Sir,
    Kindly send me google plus invitation.


    • admin

      Invitation sent to your yahoo id, hope it works – if it doesn’t, comment with gmail id then

  • Kamal

    i need a request…!!!

  • ali zameer

    plz invite for google+

  • Rui

    Can you please send me an invitation?
    Thank you

  • Hamayun Khan

    Invite me please and thanks for the post :)

  • Abbas

    Invitation for G+.:)

  • mani

    Plz sent me an invite……….

    • Waqas Mehmood

      jis ko invitation chahay… wo mujay mail kar sakta hai…

      whfamily2006 at gmail dot com

  • Imran Hussain

    Hello, i also need invitation to join google+, thnx


    Please send me an invite thanks!


    Please send me an invite thanks in advance

  • KV

    Please invite

  • hamza

    plz invite me too

  • samz

    wow, Aamir tum nai tu line hi laga di!!!

    • admin

      you got invited too :P

      • samz

        aww thanks;)

  • hamza

    plz sent me an invite

  • Roller

    Pl send me invite for G+

  • Xero

    Please, send me one.

  • Saadia

    plz send invitation

  • zeeshan

    please invite me too

  • Masood Ahmed

    Invite me plz… Thanks

  • Saadia

    google plus

  • Ils

    Could you please send me an invitation?

  • Rizwan

    please invite me too.

  • Kayani

    hey,I don’t require invitation bcoz i have google+ already but i wanted to correct you that as you said “Also make sure you are providing your Gmail address as Google+ currently works with GMail only”

    I have google+ with yahoo id……

    So it means it does not only work with gmail id…….

    • admin

      Earlier, it was causing issues – but thanks for your input, updating the post

    • saba

      the y dont u just send me an invitation??..i guess not a difficult task…:P

  • owais

    invite me :D

  • Yasir

    Invite me

  • please give me a invitation from google plus thnkx

  • Mubz

    Waitin 4 da invite n yes ur doin a good job…keep it up!

  • Bilal

    plz send me invitation

  • invite plz

  • Ali

    Efforts are much appreciated. If possible send me an invitation too. Thank you!

  • Abdul Waheed

    Please send me invite

  • zuhair

    i also am in desperate need og google+ invitation =(

  • Ayaz Shah

    Invitation plz

  • Faisal

    Salam Propakistani,
    Your website is very informative.and now it is more due to google plus invitation. kindly send me invition of google plus.
    i shall b very thankfull to you.
    Thanks & regards.

  • Uzair

    Plz invite me Aamir bhai. :)
    [email protected]

  • Umair Qamar

    I got invitation from ahsan javed…but there is no link there….just intro about google+
    wot 2 do??

    • admin

      Click on “Learn More about Google+” to sign-up

  • rizwan

    invite me plz

  • Bilal

    i got ur invitation but unfortunately still i cant use google+ :-(

  • Nabeel Sarfraz

    i want invitaion peas send me

    • Nabeel Sarfraz

      Thanx amir i got invitation but unfortunately Google+ shows “We’ve temporarily exceeded our capacity. Please try again soon.”

      • admin

        It’s working for others – so it seems they are allowing certain profiles, with huge email activity – i am not sure though.

        Wish you luck for Google Plus

  • Zaid

    Waiting 4 invite….

  • shahid

    please send me the invitation thanx

  • Jansher Bloch

    Asslam-u-Alikum! waiting for invitation…..

  • Hasan Rasul

    An invite would be highly appreciated :)


    To create Google+ profile short url name, go to this site,

    My profile url is,:

  • Hasan Rasul

    Thanks. That was quick :)

    • admin

      You’re welcome : – )


    To create Google+ profile short url name, go to this site,

    My profile’s short url is,

  • MySchizoBuddy

    invite please

  • Ahmad

    Thanks in advance for invite…

  • Waqas


  • Sohail

    plz send me invitation.thank you.

  • Shahid Zahid

    Dear sir, I m Shahid Zahid and I want to make my profile on Google +
    Plz send me invitation for Google +

    Thanks & BR

  • Khalid

    Invite me please. Thank you.

  • jahanzeb

    plz send me invitation

  • Kamran Yusuf

    Now everyone will get a spam email from Propakistani :D

  • Usman

    Invite me

  • atif

    invit me plzz

  • count me in

  • Salman

    send me invitation please.

  • Tanveer

    plz invite me Aamir Bhaai

  • Danish

    Invite please, thanks!

  • Junno

    Please send me an invite too.

  • Rehmat

    invite me please

  • Sergios

    pls invite me …..

  • TomW

    Please can I have an invite.


  • saad

    send me invitan . Thank

  • service

    for google+ invitation call ….

  • Usman Munir

    Sir I Also Want Invitation.

  • tanver

    thank you in advance for inviting

  • Jawad Rizwi

    kindly send me invitation :)

  • Shahid

    waiting for invite please

  • Fakhre alam

    Invite me.

  • Anas

    invite me.

  • asim

    desperately waiting

  • Junaid

    Please send me invite. and thanks

  • Salman

    Plz. send me the invitation.

  • Sajjad Sohail


    Please invite me.


  • Faisal Hassan

    I am waiting for the invitation

  • La Ti Dah

    G+ Invite, please. Thanks!!

  • Rev

    Would like an invite plz

  • Ghulam shabbir


  • Faisal Hassan

    Thanks for your invitation.

  • Guillaume

    It would be nice to invite me :)

  • Nabeel Naz

    Hi ProPakistanies,

    Many thanks for arrnaging this for us :-)

    Looking forward to receive the invite.

  • Faisal Hassan

    I have got your invitation but still can’t make the account

  • Ali Shahid

    Plz Invite me….

  • Ali

    plz send invite

  • Aslam-o-alikum, kinldy send me invitation.

  • Aamir

    Please send me an invitation..



  • Bilal Jamil

    invite me plzzz

  • Salam, ahsan bro kase ho app, i luv u.
    [email protected] is my mail

  • Waleed

    This Is Kool.
    Will Wait For An Invite.


  • Waleed

    Invite Didn’t Work.

    [Google+ is in limited Field Trial]
    [Already invited? We’ve temporarily exceeded our capacity. Please try again soon.]


    • admin

      For few, it’s not working – that’s what i call hard luckk…

      • Waleed

        Any Other Way Mr.Aamir ?


        • admin

          Not in my knowledge… sorry, will have to wait

        • Keep trying, that happens for few minutes or few hours only. Try to join again and again.

  • AhM3D

    PLEASE invite me…thanks in ADVANCE

  • Umair Ajmal

    Very informative …..Waiting for Inivitation


    Please invite me.

  • Nauman

    Pls invite.

  • Please invite me on g+ :-)

  • khi

    Please send me an invite to Google Plus

  • Salman Meer

    Hei there :P

  • Rana Badar

    Plz invite me

  • Hassan Gillani

    Plz invite me too

  • Abdullah Sami

    Waiting for Invitation…Love to see Google+

  • Invite me

  • Ameer Hamza

    Hey Nice Way of Giving Invites :P

  • JK

    thanks for the invitation!

  • Suleman Saleem

    please please please do invite me. thanks in advance.

  • amjad

    pliz invite me

  • centerer

    thanks a lot for your invite

  • raza

    Send me an invite ..

  • Zeesshan

    wait to explore google plus….

  • raza

    Send me a google plus invite please

  • umer daraz

    pl invitation for Google+

  • kamran khan

    hey bro plz invite me,

  • yasir

    send me invite plz

  • sohaib

    waiting for gmail id

  • savvy

    i need an invitation too

  • Imam Bux Mallah

    Thanks for inviting me, would always be :)

  • Anas

    thank u for the invitation amir bhai but i getting this thing (Already invited? We’ve temporarily exceeded our capacity. Please try again soon.)

    • admin

      Anas, few others are facing same issue – you probably need to wait to join the network. Try some other day clicking the same link

      • kamran khan

        me also facing this problem amir bro, and thanks 4 initation.

  • Monis

    hehehehe same reason :D
    need +

  • bilal

    I also want to get G+ invite

  • Muhammad Ahmed

    plz send me the invitaion …..plz…!!!

  • Waleed

    Aamir Bhai Invite Me Again.
    Now Am Trying To Use Hotmail ID.
    Hope That Works.


  • Rashid

    waiting for it

  • Nayan

    Please send me an invite! thank you so much!

  • Noman

    please Invite ?

  • Muhammad Ahmed

    plz send me the invitation…..plz.

  • rockstar

    e-mails plz

  • rockstar

    y u guys are soo much crazy abt google + lols

  • SA

    Please send me invite.


  • Tahir

    Please send me an invite of G+


  • SA

    Please send me invite. I have stopped using facebook after the draw Muhammad Day issue and I really want to use Google+ plus for social networking.

    Thanks for giving us this opportunity.

  • A Samad

    I need it

  • Bilal

    plz do consider me …

  • CT

    Invite to Google+ please.

  • Hammad

    Invite me also.

  • AoA…I neeeeed a google+ invitation plz.

  • marcio

    Can you please send me an invitation?
    Thank you

  • zafar

    Invite me please

  • raza rajpoot

    please invite me on google plus

  • Shah Zahid Khan

    Plz Invite ME For G+.tnx

  • Saad malik

    plz Ahsan bhai one for me.

  • Taimur


  • ibrahim kasmani

    Assalam o alaolikum
    plz Send Me Invitation :)

  • Fawad

    need G+ invitation

  • ben

    i would love a g+ invite!

  • Usman

    Kindly send me invitation, old invitation did not work

  • Paul

    Please send me an invitation. Thanks.

  • cJs

    agar G+ full na ho gaya ho to humeen bhi thori c jagah mil sakte hai ? :-p

    • cJs

      WOOOooo! that was the quick one!

  • Muhammad Ahmed

    Plz send me an invitation. It would be so kind of you.Thank you.
    Muhammad Ahmed

  • Muhammad Ahmed

    Kindly send me an inviation plz. the old invitation didnt work . It would be so kind of u. thank u

  • Muhammad Ahmed

    Ahsan javaid bhai… didnt work . i dunno whats the problem with it. but there is no link to proceed on. nothing at all.

    • Brother i have sent you again. Please click on “Learn More about Google+”

  • owais

    plz invite me :)

  • Riaz

    Kindly send me google plus invitation.

  • Hamza

    waiting for invite :)

  • Asif Khan

    I am waiting for you invitation

  • Maisam

    Send me Too.

  • Hi, Invite me please!! Dyin’ to get G+… Please please please!!!

  • Bilal

    dear ahsan.. thnx for the invite but it says u r underage and i m my birth year is me plzz

    • Bilal it is true. You need to be 18+ to use Google+

    • Don’t worry small baby :D

      Age registration to join Google+ will be 13 soon when site is opened for public registrations out of invite only phase.

  • Tausif

    invite me too please

  • Adeel

    I want to get the invitation

  • M. bilal

    please send me invitation.

  • Fayyaz A. Sukhera

    Dear Ahsan

    Thanks in anticipation of inviting me for Google+

    Kind regards

  • Amer khan

    plz invite me..

  • Teehee

    thanks for invite :D

  • Mike

    Please Add Me!!!

  • Mike

    Can you send me an invite.


  • Yasir Mushtaq

    Please invite me

  • Ryan

    pls send an invite…thanks1

  • Hafeez

    Waiting for invitation

  • Hellodrsoul

    Ahamm,,, social geeks rejoice! Please send me one invitation. I have quit Facebook in anticipation of Google+. I shall be very thankful.

  • Saadia


    Thanks for sending invitation for Google+


  • Abdul Basit

    please invite for Google+

  • no.mercy

    send me on too plssssss

  • samad zakit

    please sent me the invitation :)

  • samad zakit

    oops send******

  • Jawaid Bachani

    I dont know anything about google plus but need an an invitation

  • ITMinister

    Waiting 4 invitation…..

  • Hassan

    Please invite me.

  • Ali

    I got my inviation from a website. You can also give it a try

  • J.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Dale

    please send me an invite

  • Christian

    Can you invite me please? ^.^

  • Mohammad Zubair

    Please Send me one!

  • Diedj

    Can you please invite me? :)

  • Andrew

    You guys would be my heroes for an invite!

    !بہت بہت شکریہ

  • Mark

    Invitation for G+ please :)

  • Farhaj

    get me one too let me get the taste of this new hype. thanks

  • erik ev

    Google+ invitation.
    Much appreciated!

  • wscg

    Can I get an invite please?


  • Mansoor Ali Ibrahim

    Invitation please


    send me invite

  • rachel

    Thanks for doing this!

  • mike

    Thanks in advance if you can get me an invite!

  • Jonathan

    I would like an invite. Thanks!

  • Anjum

    I think it will be a giant in Social networks. wishing to join it soon.

  • Muneer Ahmad

    Google+ Invitation Plz

  • Huzefa

    I need one invite as well…

  • irri

    pls invite me also :)


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    send me

  • jmgst115

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  • Omair

    plz invite for google+

  • Abuzer

    I am also waiting for your invitation…….

  • SLC

    Please send me as well……

  • Aqeel

    Plz send me the invitation…

  • PHD

    Would like an invite for above

  • Muhammad Shafiq

    Dear Sir,

    Kindly Invite me for google+

  • Faizan

    Please invite me to G+ .. Thanks.

  • Azher Javed

    Kindly sent Google plus invitation.

  • Aamir

    Pl send me invite for G+

  • Anees

    Pl send me invite for Google Plus

  • Farhan Siddiq

    Please sent me invitation…

  • Danish Gul

    please invite me too..thanks..:)

  • Alejandro

    Hi. I would really love an invite. I teach Web 2.0 to High School students and would love to get early access so I can start showing my students the possibilities.


  • Saad

    Dear Sir,
    Please send me an invite to Google Plus. Thank you.

  • Adam!

    I am really looking forward to testing this. Please send me an invite. Thank you very much.

  • Rehan Yousaf

    Please send me the google + Invite.


  • Muhammad Adnan

    plz send me d invitation

  • Pearl

    Logistics specialist very interested in google + invite.

    Thank you

  • Sajeel Shafiq

    Please send me the invite

  • Asif Majid

    This is good being done by propakistan helping people to get the memberships.

  • Adnan

    Dear Sir,

    Kindly send me google plus invitation.


  • farruukh

    pls send me invitation.

  • Irtiza Abid

    I would like to be a part of Google+ , please send me as invitation.

  • Azwar

    Kindly send me g+ invitation will be thank full.

  • Jaleel ur Rahman

    need Google+ invite

  • Imran

    Please send one request thanks

  • ali

    me too pls:)

  • waldo

    send me the invitation + pls

  • umair

    invite me plz

  • Naseer

    Plz send me Google+ invitation

  • Umair

    also need one inv. :-)

  • Jawead

    i want the invitaion

  • Jawead

    i want the invitation



  • khalid gandhi

    would be waiting anxiously

  • Maria Afzal

    Whats the age limit for google+ i got invitation from my friend but they are saying “You must be over a certain age to use this feature” =/

  • Adnan Khan

    waiting for the invitation………… ?)

  • Yasir

    awaiting invitation :)

  • Adnan Khan


  • Fj

    Hello, Please send me an invite.
    Thank you.

  • Hasan

    I need Google + invitation

    • Hasan

      thanks a lot man!!!!

  • Quaid

    Pls Invite Me???A.S.A.P

  • Muhammad Saqib Aslam

    Plz sent me an invite

  • Maria

    Also need 1 !!

  • Fj

    hello, I requested an invite before which was responded instantly, but apparenty google apps doesn’t support google plus, so can I get an invite on my gmail again :)
    Thank you

    • Fj

      Thanks Aamir bhai

  • Ather Masood

    plz send me the invitation at [email protected]

  • Muhammab Qaiser Abbas

    hi.plz invite me to GooGLE plUS.

  • Talaat Khurshid

    Request for an invite please!

  • Waheed

    Thanku :)

  • Rizh Ch

    menu v invite kro sir gee.
    myn kidon da try krna paya waan google plus ty account bnawan da.

  • irfankhattak

    plz send me an invitation of google plus

  • i need 1

  • irfankhattak

    how much time it will take?

  • i got invitation form Aamir Attaa but it says
    “The Google+ project is currently working out all the kinks with a small group of testers. If you’re not able to access Google+, please check back again soon.”
    what a hard luck but anyway thanks aamir!!!

  • Bilal

    Invitation please.

  • Johan

    very good

  • Johan


  • danish Iqbal

    Invite plz

  • ash

    mujhy b

  • Haris Qureshi

    Google + invitation please

  • zeshan


  • Qamar Ali

    Send a inventation as promised :) thnks in advance

  • aqeel

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  • ASIF

    Please send me an invite for google plus

  • Amjad Saeed

    I Wanna Shift from Facebook To Google+

  • Badar

    Send me Invite Pls

  • farhan

    Kindly send me invitation for Google+

  • Ikram Musawir Yousafzai

    Hello Sir
    I would be glad if you offer
    me Google + invitation

  • farhan

    thank you very much Mr.Ahsan Javed

  • yawar

    hi, invite please

  • Naeem

    Invite me pls on [email protected]

  • Ehsan

    Thanks in advance.

  • Sheraz

    send me an invite…

  • Muhammad Anil

    Plz sent me an invite……….

  • Björn

    Invite please…

  • ANAS


  • Taqi

    pleaase invite me on googleplus too! :)

  • mutloob

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  • Waleed

    Hey there… i need an invitation for Google+

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  • usman

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  • Qasim

    Invite me please.

  • Danish Gul

    please send me invitation..thanks

  • Jumani

    invite :D

  • Umair Arif

    Kindly send me invitation for G+ ….

  • Naeem

    thanks for this service. plz invite me.

  • Zeeshan

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    Please invite me ! thanks

  • Sohail

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  • imran khan

    Kinldy send me invitation of Google +

  • umer daraz

    pl sir sent me inviteation

  • v

    if u have any invitation left, plz send :p

  • Mohammad Hamza


  • Waheed

    Amir sb thanku so much for sending the invitation.

  • Pl send me a G+ invite. Shall be
    Much obliged

  • Ali

    G+ appears to be awasome.

  • usman

    waiting for invitation

  • hammar

    one for me plx…! :)

  • Fahad Ayyub

    i am eager to sign up for Google +

  • Fahad Ayyub

    please send me an invitation

  • CR

    Hi please send me an invite. I love these articles! Thanks for your help.

  • M. D. Ghouri

    Bro, pls send me the invite as well.

    Thanks & Regards!

  • Ashar

    I want invitation from google +

  • Mushabir

    send me too

  • catz

    Invite me, please!!

  • Joakim

    G+ Invitation please

  • Uni

    I’d like an invite too, thanks.

  • Dejan

    First of all…my English is not so good…so…I apologize :)
    I hope You are still sending the invites. If so, I would love to get one if it is not a problem :)
    Thank You.

  • plz send me invitation.

  • asad

    i would love to be invited. thanks in advance

  • Mohsin Mustufa

    plz Aamir bhai invite me

  • Muhammad Waqas


  • Saleem Khan

    Dear Team,

    I’m really impressed from your this big favor. I was wandering on many sites to get Google+ invitation. I’m using almost all services of Google and made my life so easy with Google cloud based services. Only thing that I’m lacking is G+.

    If you can invite me for google+, I’ll be grateful to you. :)

  • fahad

    asalam O alikum plz send me ivitation :D

  • irfan

    waiting for google+ invite

  • umar hassan

    Thanks, please send the invite

  • Naveed

    Requesting G+ Invite. Thank you in advance.

  • Kamran

    Plz Send G+ invitation….

  • Muhammad Jibran Baig

    Please send an invite

  • Sunit

    Waiting for the invitation of the Google+

  • Fazal Ahmed

    Please send me invitation for Goolge +
    Thanks in anticipation.
    Best Regards

  • Saleem Khan



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