PTCL Imposes 5 % Service Charges on Vfone Reloads

Following cellular companies, PTCL has decided to impose 5 % service charges on all Vfone reloads, in addition to government taxes.

In it’s press release PTCL specifically said:

Pakistan Telecommunication Company LTD (PTCL) to exceed the expectations of the valued customers of Vfone and to ensure the continuous delivery of best services to them has imposed minimal service charges of 5% plus Government taxes on every card load.

PTCL justifies that service charges of 5 percent are 1.5 per cent lower as compared to the others telecom companies.

This change is in place since July 11, 2011.


  • This is totally inapprehensible. And look how politely they are saying “minimal service charges of 5% plus Government taxes”
    This is step one, just see how greedy they will get later.
    First they impose then they think its their right to keep it and increase is in timely manner.

  • Now people must learn alternative ways of voice and text communications such as calling and messaging applications like Nimbuzz, Max99, Mig33, Viber, Skype, Google Talk, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail, Gawab mail.

    We Pakistanis are now unhappy after those high taxes, service charges etc fees by government and telecoms. ProPakistani must post a guide on how we can get benefit from those above free internet applications for our communications.

    Above applications can also be used with phones using mobile internet, and they will become more fun once 3G is launched with fast internet in Pakistan.

    (I already started moving SMS, phone calls to internet voice and emails since telenor tried to impose service charges)

  • Zardari sab,
    Bus kar do bus..bus kar do bus…
    I will not be surprised if ths is man and PPP stay in Government and we buy a Rs.100 card and get Rs.50. What he is doing, others are following and don’t want to be left behind.

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