Technology – Hats off to you!

Ufone-Futura-2By Chaudhry Rayyan

When I cast a cursory glance on Ufone Uth Futura I could not help smiling and at that very moment the famous lines of Milton’s Paradise Lost reverberated in my mind

“What thou field is lost All is not lost the unconquerable will”

Field of 3G was lost but the unconquerable will found the way in the shape of Uth Futura!!

Agreed we have been deprived of 3G facilities for the time being but with Uth Futura we have entered into the era of 3G Technology…..sort of!

Lo and Behold…..the device doesn’t use the normal 3G spectrum, but thanks to improvisation, it rather relies on PTCL’s existing network, the one used by EVDO USB devices. Hence voice calls can be made via the Ufone network.

There are other amazing features of this set which puts it much ahead of other gadgets; okay let me count the features,

  • one; the phone may be used as modem to a computer.
  • Two; It has built in TV application system. At present, device supports eight television channels including terrestrial and satellite and expansion to more channels in definitely on the cards.
  • The device also has 2.0 mega pixel camera, FM Radio, MMS, GPRS and Java support, Minbuzz and Bluetooth.

Ufone offers two types of packages on this amazing device one is hourly package and the charges of this package is as low as Rs. 25 per hour and the other one is monthly package in which users may enjoy unlimited internet against Rs. 2000 only.

This is understandable that we have not entered in the realm of 3G for certain obvious reasons but why ‘powers that be’ oppose the launch of this smart device is beyond any logical thinking.

Subscribers will have the real feel of 3G Technology even in its absence with the help of Uth Futura. Once were regarded as pioneers of several innovative technologies in this field but not anymore, thanks to a typical mentality in powerful circles that opposes every sort of change. The fly told me the other day regulatory authority.

Anyhow arrival of Uth Futura heralded the advent of new era in Pakistan. Hats off to the mighty technology!!!!!

  • Your features list is a little anemic. Most other phones can be used as modems and also have FM radio, camera, more.

    Really, the only main point is the EVO support. TV support is just a gimmick for something with a small screen.

  • I don’t understand? This device work on edge or 3g? Because ptcl evo work on 3g. Please guide. Also tell us about the speed if anyone has this device in hands.

    • For voice calls: It will use Ufone’s GSM network, which is 2.5 G

      For data: It will use PTCL’s CDMA network, i.e. EVO channel – Speed is handsome, when signals are good. It can give you up to 150 kbps download speed when connected to PC. But as i said, you should be in good EVO coverage area.

      P.S. Handset is capable of using Ufone’s GPRS when EVO coverage isn’t available.

  • As PTCL’s EVO is a load of crap considering the speed of surfing it allows, I wonder how this device will serve differently then those already on GPRS and EDGE?

    Also, since EVO is using variable frequencies for specific cities, how will this phone cope with that issue? Since an EVO bought in Peshawar won’t work in Islamabad or vice versa.

  • Very Good initiative taken my Ufone to Launch this service that have at least 3g data service.

  • where is the video calling feature? Boring tv channels are listed,like Ptv, and very expensive

  • I think its just a promotional post by some Ufone guy to promote this crap handset,
    i’ve used it and m not satisfied at all,

    the screen is too small, plus the software / OS is buggy.

    And the title of the post is also strange!
    like this handset all the problems of every day life!!

  • why u guys posted this old thing on your website? its an old news. get new one. like nokia sea ray handson video.

  • I think this puts to test the market for 3G in Pakistan. I dont think we are a data hungry nation specially on mobility.

    EVO does give you a much muc better speed than edge and that is the point of bundling the two services but cynics would always be cynics and this forum has quite a few whose job is just caste doubts on any offer that comes out from the telecom operators be it wimax, dsl or GSM.

    A good product and at the right time but the feature should not be handset dependent as it limits the choices of customers.

    • — I think this puts to test the market for 3G in Pakistan.

      Wrong. I have three phones at home that can do 3G (my phone, my wife’s old phone, my wife’s current phone). I am not about to BUY ANOTHER PHONE just for this fake 3G crap.

      If it was an Android phone I would consider it, but this phone is a waste of money. Tied to one provider.

  • I think it the ideal thing for road warriors, a device which can be used for voice as well as data. The rates are good too. Well done PTCL

  • This is an excellent combination, GSM and high speed data, currently such product could not be launched by any cellular company in Pakistan.
    Ufone got this advantage due to the broadband and GSM licence.
    I am sure it will be demanded by many (Currently using Blankbery)

    Well done Ufone Team

  • Observations:
    1- Promotional post.
    2- Even entry of 1st cellular operator was opposed by “Foojis” in 80s giving excuse that spying would be easy.
    3- Can this set sustain heavy Internet usage? I doubt that.
    4- PTCL so called 3G is still not a 3G, would you like to sit on your roof top to catch signals.

  • Few Points on this post:

    I think Ufone ask you for advertisement:)

    Its Numbizz, not Minbuzz.

    Along with Gprs, Edge data rate should be there in this set from ufone network.

    Data rates are very high, Now Ptcl also introduce low data rates 1200/Month, those should be also applied with this set.

    Where Ptcl evo service is not avaible, than its 3G is useless.

  • for some reason my mind always percieves the package name as “Uth” ( as in get up ), not youth :P

  • The following questions are still to be answered.

    1- The built in Evo means that we can connect to the internet through PTCL EVO service at the speed of 3.1 mbps. But does this handset supports the application to use this internet in effective manner like skype ,Yahoo, Gtallk and facebook. If it does than can we make voice or video calls using the internet( not using GSM).
    2- Can we install the application like Opera Mini and other obove mentioned applications.??????

    Need answers from this post writer or any Ufone representitives.

  • I’m using this handset. Though it offers 3.1Mbps internet however video and voice call capability is limited…. :(

    I was also eager to ask same question. One of my pure technical and it expert friends said that this handset supports Java, but ufone have so far not come across any application on Java platform that can enable video or voice calling for this handset. This purely depend upon the application if it can allow voice or video calling. Even for few Nokia phone video calling isn’t supported by Skype. :) Satisfactory reply for me at least.

    And yes, Mini Opera is installed at my handset. In general, it is worth to be a valued handset.

  • Still Question Remain unanswered.
    I am an over seas Pakistani. My idea is to ask my family to purchase this set and use it for calling me through any possible messenger service. Because of Huge Load shedding it can be very effective. Because We are unable to talk because of load shedding. But i still do not know this set is capable or not to be used in this manner. If it is capable than this very good news for many over seas pakistanies

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