Imran Khan Introduces SMS Based Updates for His Party Members

Imran Khan has introduced a new kind of SMS based update system for his party members, i.e. one of most used medium by Pakistanis.

This initiative by PTI media management team will help party members/followers to get updates about Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf via SMS on their mobile, that too free of charge.

Party statement said that apart from party related announcements and updates, different polls will be conducted among members and Chairman Imran Khan, himself, will address members via SMS once in a while.

Service was announced in a recent Jalsa at Faisalabad which estimated to gather more than 50,000 people.

How to Subscribe:

  • To subscribe, send an SMS including your Name and City to 80022

Note that this a free of cost service and no subscription charges at all (as claimed by PTI)