Imran Khan Introduces SMS Based Updates for His Party Members

Imran Khan has introduced a new kind of SMS based update system for his party members, i.e. one of most used medium by Pakistanis.

This initiative by PTI media management team will help party members/followers to get updates about Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf via SMS on their mobile, that too free of charge.

Party statement said that apart from party related announcements and updates, different polls will be conducted among members and Chairman Imran Khan, himself, will address members via SMS once in a while.

Service was announced in a recent Jalsa at Faisalabad which estimated to gather more than 50,000 people.

How to Subscribe:

  • To subscribe, send an SMS including your Name and City to 80022

Note that this a free of cost service and no subscription charges at all (as claimed by PTI)

  • Ali

    nice move..

    • Well they are getting more organized .
      btw gr8 move !!

  • Ahmer

    That’s great move by PTI, inshAllah they will come in power … Imran is the last hope for Pakistan Ameen.

  • Copper


  • Kashif

    I have joined from telenor….very quick reply that “I welkome you to PTI……..-Imran Khan”
    sms charges about 2 rupees

  • imkhalid

    nice Cellular move
    i pray to Allah for his success

  • Suhail Kashif

    Dear Imran Bhai,

    People of Pakistan(Lahore)Have a lot of expectations form you and we confirm you that we are with you as far as Lahore is concerned. Please arrange effective organization of the party and nominate honest and patriotic candidates form all over pakistan.

    You are last ray of hope for us. please dont disappoint us.

    Your Obedienty.

    Suhail Kashif


    great service and great thinking by pti leader

  • Alam

    Nice move.. To all youth please make ur vote in ur union concil whateva. Imran need our vote support not just voices.

  • Nauman Afzal

    Great news. I guess Khan sahib needs the support of younger generation, which he rightly deserves. And he is going to get it, no other party is doing this I guess?

  • Saad Zafar


  • Farmanullah Khan

    Great move by PTI, It will be very easy for every member to update himself via sms. We’re with you Imran Khan!!!

  • Nice step by PTI.

  • Ali Ahmad

    aamir bhai, do you think that these parties will start puttig ads on our media properties just like they use billboards and newspapers?

  • ameerhamza

    Gr8 Move … Keep Progressing

  • Aizaz

    subscribed… do you???

  • Asif Sajjad

    Thats really great I subscribed….

  • Suleman

    wonderfull nice step from our great leader wonderful i joineddddddd do uu?

  • WOW great, I subscribed. But make correction it is not totally free instead it costs RS1.63

    • mani

      These are the charges deducted by your service provider not by P.T.I……

  • Karachi

    Imran bhai karachi se mqm ko katam kar ke haame sukoon de do mere bhai may ALLAH help you in ur mission ameen.

  • mani


  • Jaffer Rafiq

    Theek hy Allah kamyab karey ga

  • Tanveer

    It’s subscription is not free with very minor charges of 1.43Rs.
    Anyhow a nice move!!!!

  • Salman

    Its so quick dude…


    Great step by our leader May ALLAH help you in ur work

  • Zobia

    Aamir Can you please tell me how can I unsubcribe from this service? I have Googled alot but all in vain.

    Admin or anyone else, Please help me.

    • Zobia

      Aaamir I am waiting for reply.

  • nisar

    I love imran khan and P T I

  • shahzad ali

    i am shahzad ali syed ahmed rasheed advocate i am join pakistan pti can you hellp me sir rasheed