Google+ Gets 20 Million Members in Less than a Month [Not Sure]

ComScore – a web-traffic watcher company has revealed that Google Plus has witnessed more than 20 million unique visitors in less than a month.

It is three weeks or so since Google launched its social networking platform which was welcomed with both hands by users.

It is said that Google+ has shown such a steep rising curve which no product had ever shown so far. Despite of the fact that registration on Google+ is still invitation based, it has managed to get 20 million users in three weeks after its launch.

Also the search-giant Google has not completely launched its product to all its customers – as one can imagine, Google still has a potential of one billion unique visitors on its search engine, which is somehow unused at the moment.

Distributing the overall usage worldwide, USA tops the list with more than 5 million users while India comes second in the list with around 2.85 million Google+ users.

Integration with Gmail, Picasa and above all, the new toolbar (sandbar) above Google pages has given a new boost to Google Plus’s popularity.

Comparing the progress with other competitor, Facebook and then Twitter, a Google+ user Leon Håland has made following interesting graphs:

google plus growth

google plus growth 20mil

What are real total number of Google Plus Members?

While on the other hand, no official stats at this moment have been revealed. Here we are to raise a question about the authenticity of these figures.

Since it is all about Google so we tried doing a little trick to see how things actually work and it came out with totally different figures. Using Google’s own tools to customize search results, you can do different things such as to gather Google+ profile user links and Google counts them in less than a second.

Check the given search results which show that there only 1.3 million Google+ profile links, that have been indexed by Google.


So either,

  • Google indexer is pretty slow,
  • or stats mentioned above are incorrect,
  • or 18.7 Million users have kept their profiles as private (not visible in search)

You decide yourself!