PTA Issues QoS Regulations for Cellular Operators

The cellular operators must take all remedial measures to remove shortfall in the services immediately identified by authority inspections. Operators are asked to submit their compliance reports within 30 days.

This is stated in the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) “Cellular Mobile Network Quality of Service Regulations 2011” issued recently.

The regulations have been formulated for cellular mobile communication licensees for the purpose of identifying the minimum service quality standards and associated measurements, reporting and record keeping tasks.

PTA stated that cellular operators must meet or exceed the minimum requirement of service quality of voice calls, call connection time, call completion ratio, SMS success rate and end-to-end delivery time.

These regulations are likely to enhance quality of service of cellular operators that was dropping by each passing day. However, that will largely depend upon the execution procedures by PTA.

PTA said it may publish such survey results, service audit results or rating of the cellular operators for general public without prejudice with or without additional notices or comments on its website.

To have more details on service standards, benchmarks and minimum requirements for service quality, You can download the regulation by clicking this link (PDF File – 706 KB)

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