YouTube to Stream Live Makkah Prayers in Ramadan

First of all, I on the behalf of ProPakistani Team, wish a very wealthy and full of blessings Ramadan to all our readers.

May this month fill our lives with its benedictions and at the end we may be able to get the maximum out of it.

Here is a good news for all the Muslims out there. Keeping up the spirit, Google has partnered with Saudi Ministry of Culture and Information to stream live Makkah prayers in this Ramadan.

An official page at YouTube has been made which will show live prayers from Makkah for the whole month of Ramadan.

Google in a statement said that:

This is the first LiveStream event coming from MENA, specifically Saudi Arabia, and we hope that it will give the opportunity not only to two billion Muslims but to the entire world to observe one milion Muslims praying each day from the holiest point in Makkah, the Kaaba, for the first time in history.

Following is the live stream of prayers from Masjid ul Haram, Makkah:

Live streaming link:

    • Could you please keep your non-sense limited to yourself? Your electronic media does not have the decency to do what youtube is doing.
      It is a good step by Youtube/Google and it should be appreciated.
      And Islam does not need youtube to propagate to corners of the world.

    • Yaar haar baat main kira mat nikala karo. Jo cheez ache ho rahe hai woh accept karo. Khud main itni tapar hai nahi sirf aur sirf critise karna kaam hai. Banta khool k read karo k Saudi govt k sath collaboration k sath ho raha hai.

  • Subhan Allah ab app ya zaroro dakhain kay dunya main log namaz kasay ada kartay hain sunion ki tarah ya wahabion ki tarah manay to bohat kuch seekha hay internet say

  • Great move Google/Youtube.

    It will indeed help in removing the misconception about Islam and will reveal the true picture. How much Islam urge on Unity and peace which is the only way to save the earth.

  • this is good to know.. but youtube is not the first source to put travee live from makkah on internet. There are already few sites broadcasting live video from makkah and madina 24/7 from couple of years.

  • This is a big initiative by YouTube to address the world about a soft image of Muslim community that Show the Spirit of Brotherhood among them and will define Motto of Islam which preaches that any differences in race, color, or language have no affect whatsoever on the application of shariah laws. Islam only points out that such differences are signs of God’s greatness, omnipotence and His being the only lord deserving worship Besides, such differences have their practical advantage in human life as they are the means of identification and recognition, In addition with the broadcasting through YouTube Muslims from all over the worlds can watch Muslim brotherhood big example. laws. Islam only points out that such differences are signs of God’s greatness, omnipotence and His being the only lord deserving watch Muslim brotherhood big example.

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