Facebook vs Google+ [Infographic]

If you are much of a Facebook fan and recently shifted to Google+, you must be one of those who are still wondering for a detailed comparison of Facebook and Google+ services.

Earlier one such comparison of the features, offered by both social networking platforms was done here, but still following infographic will be helpful to you to have a sneak peak of what they offer.

Rating based comparison along with details will further help you in choosing, if you are looking for an option between two.

  • I do not see post sharing option in mobile applicaitons of facebook and google +, which i believe is major con

  • Google come with innovative idea and hope it will create differentiate soon,But still facebook phobia is active…

  • As usual, no proof reading done by pro pakistani!! Abundant grammar mistakes on otherwise what is quite an informative article…. hope tis post gets approved. Last time i pointed out speel and grammar mistakes MR. Ahsan decided to update them but not approve my post :)

  • ansari sahb ap ki tu apni post main khilbali machi hovi hai …how can you point others mistskes … Aur agr ahsan bhai k post mn gramatic errors thein bhi sahi tu ap ko proper way se btana chahye tha dhandhora petna se kia faida … Naiki kar darya main Dal…stay chill

    • i can afford mistakes :) the writers still need to be careful. Last time I played it nice and pointed out all the mistakes by it ticked me off when there was no mention of me after the mistakes were corrected. Not a big deal but its called common courtesy

  • Wrong about Private msg in G+.

    Simple tag one person in G+, not tag any other circle… that will be the private message on your steam. No need to go for another tab for private messages:)

  • Wrong about “Search Visibility” in facebook!
    You indeed CAN turn off search visibility in facebook via the settings section. This way your data does not show up in search results.

  • One correction here…Facebook does allow you to hide yourself from search engines….from both, its own search and from out of facebook…

    Go to:Privacy Settings–>Apps and websites–>Public Search and u are all set to hide urself from the world..

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