Pakistan to Launch Paksat-1R Satellite This Month

Pakistan is all set to launch its Paksat-1R satellite in next week or so in collaboration with China.

Paksat-1R is successor of Paksat-1 and will replace it as Paksat-1 is successfully going to complete its life, this year.

This Pakistani geostationary and advanced communication satellite will be launched from Chinese satellite launching site in second week of August, based on weather conditions.

Paksat-1R happens to be the first locally built satellite by scientists and engineers from Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission under the technical guidance and financial assistance from counterpart China National Space Administration of People’s Republic of China (PRC).

It carries communications payload to facilitate the introduction of a range of new services, including broadband Internet, digital television broadcasting, remote and rural telephony, emergency communications, tele-education and tele-medicine. The satellite is expected to have 15 years lifespan, and will be operated from Suparco Satellite Ground Station.

Pakistan’s Ambassador to China, Masood Khan unveiling the launch schedule, said:

Paksat-1R is going to be a new symbolic development in Pakistan-China relations, as it will broaden the horizons of cooperation between the two countries. It will revolutionize the use of broadband Internet, digital television broadcasting and Mobile telephony. It will spur our economy, strengthen the education and health sectors and help us with disaster preparedness and response.

We are now looking at cooperation in remote sensing satellites. It is a long term project with many civilian uses. A remote sensing satellite will cover areas like agriculture, oceanography, disaster management and mitigation, crop monitoring, earth observation, water resources management, weather forecasting and urban planning. Such an application will have a direct positive impact on Pakistan’s socio-economic development.

Khan said that Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO) is establishing the necessary space technology infrastructure in Pakistan and we would want to develop our spaceflight programme with cooperation of China.

via The Nation

  • Just 15 year of lifespan ?
    anyways, better then nothing, and hope it works better then Paksat-1 !

  • The features were selected by the Pakistani and Chinese. The satellite itself was built by an European firm and launched by the Chinese.

    I do wish my Pakistani brother excel in science and technology and wish the Pakistani scientists the best. But please give credit where it is due. This was built by foreignors and us Pakistanis just chose the components that they need. It is similar to going to a Mercedes Benz dealer and telling them what options you want and then they build it.

    Nonetheless this is an good achievement for Pakistan. I wish one day we actually design the satellite and its components and launch it by ourselves. Inshallah one day.

    • You are right but no about everything. We (Engineers) worked on it. Not half, yet about 25% work was done here. And the mercedes you talking about, in order to tell them what do we need, Pakistan first made a prototype. Researched on it, developed it, and then we knew what features we want. WE DID THE WORK.
      And yeah InshaALLAH one day it will be our 100%.

  • I am so proud of it. Although I contributed very little to it, still I am so excited. Like if I made the whole thing. Thanks to all who contributed and Thanks to China for endless support.

  • I hope with this achievement.we will pace to DTH service in pakistan…………..just HOPE…………..


  • loadshedding te muka lo pehle greebo bad vich satellite udana !!! wo kya khuub kaha kisi ne ‘kisi ka monh wese hi laal ho apna chapair mar ke karlo’.

  • No big deal, we’re well behind in technology… in fact in all fields. It’s due to our corrupt system and extremism, which are not letting us to compete in the world. we’re not a nation yet. we’re just a crowd. face it and accept it.

  • Yup its good they are replacing Paksat1
    According to SUPARCO latest testing fews days back when Paksat1 drifted from its orbit and it took aprox 47hr to restore its satellite connectivity(unfortunatly our company iDrect also badlly affected due to this issue so we are now planning to shift over NSS6). Paksat1 has fuel limit till Dec of this year.
    Good news about Paksat1R is that most of things are manufacted by Suparco itself, also Protype of Paksat1 completely manufactured and tested by SRDC(Suparco Lahore) thats very very big achievement.

  • Allah Pak is satellite ko kamiab kare our Pakistan kay liyee karikhair banaye. Suma Ameen.

  • Paksat-1R, Long March 3B, August 11/12, 2011

    by Galactic Penguin SST 08-11-2011, 04:27 PM

    China will launch a communication satellite for Pakistan in about 2 hours time from now. (launch window is 1610 – 1643 UTC, or 0010 – 0043 local time on August 12) The Long March 3B rocket, currently China’s heaviest model of their rocket fleet, will launch the Paksat-1R satellite for the government of Pakistan, from LC-2 of the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in south-western China. The comsat, which is based on China’s premiere DFH-4 spacecraft bus, weighs 5115 kilograms and carries 12 C-band and 18 Ku-band transponders for services such as TV broadcasting and Internet access. This will replace the 15 year old Paksat-1, ironically launched by an American Atlas-2 rocket in 1996 and initially used by Indonesia.

  • Congratulations to every Pakistani and specially to the team of (SUPARCO) on the successfully launched of SATELLITE PAKSAT 1R.

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