– A Pakistani URL Shortening Service

A Pakistan based software and Internet applications development company has launched it’s URL shortening website named

With ever increasing penetration of Social Media in our lives, our sharing characteristics are increasing, though electronical sharing only.

And when it comes to sharing something over the social media, surely it will be a link to some video, image, article or a software may be. But how about sharing long links with everyone when you are going to tweet about it  – just 140 characters and you have to be very selective in words.

These are the situations where URL shortening services serve the purpose and we are, unintentionally, using them for quite a long now without even noticing.

There are some individuals who are using their own URL shortener scripts but they are not for public. is considered to be Pakistan’s first proper URL shortening service which has been launched recently. We know that there were other URL shornters available from Pakistan, but they didn’t flourish.

Interactive feature of the website is, you can measure the length of the links (not as per scale) with a ruler, just below text box. Though it is just an illusion but quite interesting one.

Link shortened by will look like, so give it a try and share your experience.