Pakistan Cant Detect 70 % of Illegal VoIP Traffic

Pakistani authorities and network operators can’t detect over 70 percent of illegal telephony traffic, due to limited resources and non-up-gradation of equipment, said media reports, quoting Chairman PTA.

Dr. Yaseen, Chairman PTA told this to Senate’s Standing Committee on Information Technology and Telecommunication, which expressed concerns over the illegal grey traffic issue.

Daily Times writes:

Chairman PTA Dr. Mohammed Yaseen told the committee that the existing monitoring system is capable of detecting limited number of Voice Over Internet Protocols (VoIPs) whereas VoIPs protocols evolves continuously. Therefore, the monitoring capability of Pakistan is limited.

He said both legal and illegal operators had been involved in gray trafficking and even some people installed VoIP equipment in their homes. The existing monitoring system is capable of checking only 30 percent international voice traffic while the 70 percent passed without check.

The up-gradation of equipment requires about $10 million, which could save at least $137 million per annum.

Now the problem is not that the equipment is costly and Pakistani authorities and operators can’t afford it. It’s APC rate that’s set so high that it becomes unviable for legal operators to terminate the calls on their network through legal means.

In simple words, for each international incoming call if an operator has to pay 5 rupees per minute as APC, then isn’t it more viable to illegally terminate this same minute for mere 3 rupees or even less?

The issue is set as unresolved. Operators are competing with low priced VoIP telephony companies – which they can’t if APC is there. In the presence of APC, operators decided not to upgrade their equipment at all to save some money that they can.

Now who increased this APC rate, and how illegal traffic grew, we all know this. In case you don’t – read this.

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  • some big guns are involved in illegal termination.
    if govt want to stop this, its very easy, they should have to block all such sims which are 24 hours on call, because no sim can be round the clock on call, in case of voip termination they use sims to terminate the call.
    So easy way either block that sim or used some sort of Mobile Sim Catcher, which info can be get from mobile operators.

  • I think they should seriously consider allowing VoIP traffic in Pakistan. If its happening the world over hwy not over here as well?

    • yes that is my point also, now the whole world is doin that. u get UK or USA number legally and use anywhere. only i think PTA is trying to help PTCL to get money which surely they will never get as people resort to cheaper solution.

  • not only its a security threat to our country but also a huge finical loss too.
    i have seen so many MNC who are using voip using thier office network,
    its hard to monitor such traffic and that is the main reason of law and order situation in our country,

    • — not only its a security threat to our country but also a huge finical loss too.


      Can anyone get a local termination license? NO. It’s a CARTEL! Only a few LIMITED companies can have the license!

      Does it make sense for the government to make a few companies RICH? The government decides who becomes rich here. At the expense of the common man.

      Why does this make sense to you??

  • Well these days voip is everywhere. I think instead of getting benefit from it, PTA is trying to curb it just to benefit few people. All over the world u see voip in control. we living in abroad observe this very clearly.
    To me PTA will never be able to get control as this is future now so better make regulations to handle.

    voip is always cheap so people will use it.

  • This is simply a futile fight against the power of the internet.. and remember anybody who fought against the internet has lost, even the US government. I don’t understand the rationale of this step, other than the pocketing of extra tax money by our ‘democratic’ leadership. This is like banning email/SMS to prevent loss of revenue from postage!

  • Wait wait …. Let m ask something … I m net a techno geek … M from medical profsn ..i m unaware of that technical term grey traffcng or voip .. Searched it on google ,.. More complex was the resule .. Tell me please what is it ..if grey trafic stop what it mean to common man .. kia ye skype nimbuzz pe free calls ko band karny ka keh rahy hn … Please

  • I posted it so many times here how PTA is damaging economy by blocking VoIP in Pakistan just to benefit some big fish here. How money of our overseas brothers is going in pockets of VoIP operators abroad and how can we bring that money in Pakistan by allowing local VoIP operators to provide services worldwide.

  • here is the approach of us…..

    kashif sb started making clients here in a topic where every one is criticizing the Govt. for wrong play…..

    we are all culprits… we should not blame others for our acts…. Malik sab is there because people feel easy with him, just give him some buks to shut his mouth up……

  • yar jab government hi hay hamari to hamain bhi hamari bana na parhay ga jub yah govt itni mehgai karay gi to mastermind to apna dimagh chala ka kuch na kuch to karain gay hi na jawad.

    • Kahsif sb……

      sir baat ye hai k jab hum buray hain to hamain koe haq nahe pohanchta k kisi aur ko bura kahain……

      agar ye kaam kerna he hai to krain, magar pher politicians ya kisi or ko bura mat kahain…. jab aap ko kisi ko paisay(rishwat) deni pray to ye soach lain k mai nay kon sa theek kaam kiya hai jo ye kray ga………….

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  • Dear Ahmed! I am agree with you, as it has discussed that VOIP is not harmful like for India Bangladesh Nepal and for other countries here PTA is in loss just because of VOIP Calls which is a little source for ovrseas Pakistanies to communicate with their families. We are very sorry to say that PTA has no problem that in Pakistan how many sims are busy in 24 hours and I will say like other sectors in Pakistan it is a new way to full fill the pockets of PTA officers and nothing else.

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