Ufone Offers Samsung Galaxy S II to New Postpaid Customers

Ufone has partnered with Samsung to launch Samsung Galaxy S II, one of the leading high end android smartphones in the market bringing powerful yet beautiful hardware to give it the look of a device that is giving the competition a run for their money.


Ufone is selling this product to New Postpaid customers on selected postpaid package plans only.

Existing prepaid and postpaid connections are not eligible for this offer.

To know more about

Customers who make use of this offer will get:

  • Samsung GS II handset
  • with a Bluetooth hands-free (free of cost)
  • and a stylish leather pouch (free of cost)
  • 2 months unlimited GPRS internet (free of cost)

Price and Availability:

The handset can be obtained at Ufone service centers at Rs. 56,500.

This price, according to Ufone is lower than the price being offered otherwise in the market.

Speaking at the launch Akbar Khan, Chief marketing Officer at Ufone appreciated the development of operating systems such as Google Android. He said that with this launch Ufone had once again proved to be the leaders in the introduction of innovative technology. He also said Samsung Galaxy S II is an addition to the vast array of innovative handsets being offered by Ufone, redefining the company’s promise to provide its customers with new and entertaining gadgets.


  • That’s called ripping customers. You will get this phone anywhere in the world for less than $ 100. I don’t know why the Cell companies are still charging exorbitant prices.

    • Sure, under $100 — with a long term contract. No one does contracts like that in Pakistan.

  • Who came up with this marketing scheme?? Isn’t this some kind of insult to their existing postpaid customers?

    And think about the people who will get ufone postpaid in order to buy this phone. If it is much cheaper than market rates, then doesn’t it make sense to get ufone postpaid for a few weeks just to buy the phone? Will this help ufone gain more longterm customers?? Paying cost of phone + Rs 500 or something is no big deal.

  • Still operators in Pakistan aren’t willing to offer what we see operators offer worldwide (don’t limit yourself to South Asia specially when you say “Dhunya ke sab sy sasti call” ).

  • Ufone seems to have annoyed a lot of people by launching yet another android handset. Reading through the comments it seems no one wishes to get the best of the best and logical is the last thing in ones minds when commenting. The product is a global success and the only handset which looks like it will give apple a run for its money. Way to go Ufone, I look forward to more options in handsets, is it possible that we have a return or upgrade policy so that us customers can benefit from having the most upto date handsets without having to worry about selling the in use handset.

    • — Reading through the comments it seems no one wishes to get the best of the best and logical is the last thing in ones minds when commenting.

      You’re not paying attention. 100% of all ufone postpaid customers CANNOT GET THIS DEAL FROM UFONE! What’s your “logical” analysis of this?

      Whereas compare with Mobilink’s Android deals: ALL MOBILINK SUBSCRIBERS ARE ELIGIBLE!

      No one is upset about the PHONE, everyone is complaing about UFONE.

      Pay attention.

  • wow! the whole package is quite interesting, i like the addition of the bluetooth and leather pouch. not something you get in the market at such a price! Ufone tum hi tou hooo!

  • What a joke. Why should I pay 56,500 for a a handset locked to Ufone when I can get the same thing cheaper AND unlocked in the market?

    When will our dumb customers stop falling for these gimmicks?

    • considering the accesories being offered and the two months free internet, the price is quite reasonable.

      Also according to a service center representative the phone is not network locked so i dont think the customers are that dumb after all :D

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