PTA: Aerial Shots to Kill the Dead

Telecom watchdog, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority recently sent out a letter to former Paknet, asking them to pay the annual fee.

Letter wasn’t responded, just because Paknet was closed four years ago but apparently PTA didn’t notice this.

PTA, demoing it’s wrath, suspended Paknet’s license for one month.

PTA, if you just don’t know, Paknet Limited was dissolved in year 2007. You could google Paknet to know this fact; Wikipedia says:

From December 31, 2007 Paknet Limited has been merged into PTCL and now all assets and users are managed by PTCL Internet Division.

Just in case if you don’t know, annual license fee for ISPs is paid on company’s Gross Revenues of a complete and audited financial year. Now, if a company was closed in 2007, how come they gonna pay their license fee against Zero revenues?

The most exciting part is that PTA amused the industry by sending enforcement letter to all ISPs, LDIs, LLOs and CMOs to freeze all services to Paknet :-)

Here goes the copy of decision letter

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