PTA: Aerial Shots to Kill the Dead

Telecom watchdog, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority recently sent out a letter to former Paknet, asking them to pay the annual fee.

Letter wasn’t responded, just because Paknet was closed four years ago but apparently PTA didn’t notice this.

PTA, demoing it’s wrath, suspended Paknet’s license for one month.

PTA, if you just don’t know, Paknet Limited was dissolved in year 2007. You could google Paknet to know this fact; Wikipedia says:

From December 31, 2007 Paknet Limited has been merged into PTCL and now all assets and users are managed by PTCL Internet Division.

Just in case if you don’t know, annual license fee for ISPs is paid on company’s Gross Revenues of a complete and audited financial year. Now, if a company was closed in 2007, how come they gonna pay their license fee against Zero revenues?

The most exciting part is that PTA amused the industry by sending enforcement letter to all ISPs, LDIs, LLOs and CMOs to freeze all services to Paknet :-)

Here goes the copy of decision letter

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  • LOL.. on PTA

    • Ahmed

      VoIP blocked, VPN is next…what about Porn Dr. Yasin ? 1st two things are technology, a new thing, 3rd has its origin in stone age. So you want to take us to stone age ?

  • Educated

    lol they must hire educated people like Aamir bhai pata nai kab tak ye bhudde jawaan logon ka rasta aur haq marte rahe ge. Only nojawan nasal can solve this country problems

  • kon log ho tum PTA walo

  • Ali Mirza


  • AsadGhumman

    Chalta hai yaar…. Remember Indian Police k newspaper ad mei Punjab police ka logo print ho gya tha & then Punjab police pakistan mei Indian police ka logo print hua tha :P

    • Ahmed

      1st story is true but in Pakistan Indian police logo was never printed. Correct your facts.

      • AsadGhumman

        I have seen it myself in Jang…. Facts are not only limited to what you have come to know so far in your life.

        • Shahid Saleem

          “The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers.” — Thomas Jefferson

  • Ansari

    this is what you call and EPIC FAIL…. PTA ko roza lag raha ho ga!!

  • crackpot


  • PleaePTA

    The PTA is singlehandely responsible for the destruction of all ISPs because it let Paknet and PTCL abuse its monopoly power to the maximum extent possible. Paknet was dissolved and merged into PTCL long time ago. Now they are shooting a dead horse… Instead they should shoot PTCL itself.

  • I. Ahmad

    It is called کاغزئی کاروائی

  • Irfan

    Amir Sir, I want to ask a question regarding Youtube copyright and fair use, If I use a video from youtube in my blog post with out the permission of author of video then it’s against the copyright ‘fair use’ law or not. If not then what are the condition of fair use here, as you have also used a video in this post is it under fair use or under CreativeCommons. And that all also apply on facebook and other social medias we all are doing this sharing with out permission.

    • Shahid Saleem

      Pretty simple, really. if you LINK or EMBED a video, then it is okay. You are just doing what they have allowed. Of course the “owner” can prevent you from embedding, but they cannot prevent you from linking. Linking to something is NOT the same as copying, so copyright does not enter into it.

      Now, if you TAKE someone’s video and upload it to youtube or vimeo or elsewhere, or if you modify if it in some way, then the copyright issue is important. Also do note that “fair use” may not mean anything under Pakistani copyright law, I am not sure if we even have fair use provision. I cannot find the law right now to confirm or deny.

      Also Creative Commons is not a legal alternative to copyright as far as I know under Pakistani law. That is because the local government/judiciary has not accepted it yet.

      • Ahmed

        Read youtube policy that you accept when video is uploaded. simple.

  • Talal Masood

    Amazing =D this is Pakistan

  • Sumair


  • khurram

    this is the typicall working of a GOVT organization….they are nothing but a Pressure cooker
    they still not able to provide 3G in our courty all they do is attend a saminar or higher ups meeting. Technology is chnaging so fast that sooner mostly countries will start working on 5G.

  • Israr

    :D Epic Shit…
    Hadd kar di PTA nai :D
    Buhat Nazuk Surt-e-Haal Hai…

    • Hajra

      chor b do ab Amir lyaqat ko:P

      • Ahsan

        Ghalib film dekhi hai aap ne? :P

        • Hajra



    Lol… Pitiable.!

  • Asad

    Pakistan me gini chuni 2, 3 to tel companies hn aur PTA ko unka b nhi patta. Shukar ha letter china ko nhi bhej dya