Wateen Signs Multi Million Dollar CPE Supply Contract

Wateen has been reviving, we have been hearing. We know, through sources, that new Wateen management has been taking various steps to get the WiMAX giant back to track. Company is aiming to score half million subscribers in next couple of years.

Keeping in line with it’s efforts, Wateen recently awarded Greenpacket a two-year contract, worth millions of dollars, for the supply of high-gain modem, the UH350.

Greenpacket is reportedly the world’s third largest supplier of WiMAX CPEs, while this UH350 modem is said to be very stable and reliable in terms of performance and usability.

UH350_WiMAX_CPEUH350 modem boasts an embedded high-gain omni-antenna that radiates and receives signals from any direction, automatically selecting the best antenna within the modem to improve signal strength performance.

UH350 supports an optional external antenna too, to further enhance the signals in less or under covered areas.

The feature-rich WiMAX modem, which can be used both indoors and outdoors, will now allow Wateen to offer consumers even better instant and reliable network connections.

Wateen will be able to keep the firmware for this CEP updated through over-the-air upgrades.

The UH350 hybrid modem is particularly suited to serve Wateen Telecom’s youth segment in key metro areas such as Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad, and will help the company significantly grow this market segment by improving network and service quality. 

Pakistan’s broadband market is expected to reach 4.3 million by the end of 2013, with the mobile broadband segment accounting for almost 50% of the total market – out of which, Wateen currently serves 22% of the wireless broadband market in Pakistan.

    • A good news indeed. But there are many big questions. 1. Limited COVERAGE Limited Customers: What will be the Coverage area? Presently here in the whole of Balochistan Province WATEEN wireless service has its coverage ONLY in 1 city (Quetta) and it is not available anywhere else, not even in the most important Industrial City (HUB) which is only 15 kilometers away south of Karachi. 2. Slow SPEED Lost Customer: A Customer nowadays needs REASONABLE SPEED sufficient enough for watching web TV, Videos, Video Calls, etc. If the Speed is slower to support such things it will definitely mean LOST CUSTOMERS as people now prefer PrePaid. Take for example, I bought a PTCL EVDO USB in June, 2011. It claimed Speed of 3.1.mbps. But it failed to give me speed even equal to dial up. So, I simply threw it in Dust Bin. I STRONGLY Suggest to all BroadBand and WiMax Service Providers to focus on the Coverage and Speed of their Service, otherwise they are not going to be successful in long run

  • Wateen the Wimax giant. Lol!

    Wateen just like its sister company warid loves to quote fake subscriber base.

    Warid doesnt have more than a million subs but quotes to have more than 2 million subs

    Wateen doesnt have more than 100k subs but loves to quote 200k plus subs…it is a battle of lies and abudhabi group is known for its mgmt to tell lies about its business size.

    Wimax is doomed to fail and all that these restructurings and change in mgmt is going to do is prolong the eventual disaster…till then wimax can operate in niche markets thanks to PTCL’s lack of attention to fixed line broadband business

    • I think in case of warid you wanted to say that it hdoesnt have more than 10 million subscribers but official quotes show more than 20 million.

      A zero was missing i think :)

    • Any reference ? Do you think PTA is sleeping when you are writing this ? And they don’t check if an operator is making such claims?

      • yes PTA is sleeping and has no mechanism to audit the claims of operatorswhether in Mobile, Fixed line or bradband market

        Thank you Dabboo for the correction a Zero was indeed missing in my post

  • wateen has not revised its rates from a very long time. Its over an year now . Although i am using wateen 1 mb unlimited. But i am in need of 2 or 4 mb unlimited from last 6 month.

  • Wateens biggest advantage is that it has the most spectrum of any wimax operator in Pakistan. It is only one that can offer more than 2mbps. Ptcl doesn’t have enough in 3500 mhz but have in 1900 mhz which it is using for evo and is in testing phase for new technology like long term evolution,

    • PTCL doesnt have enough in 3500 Mhz but then wateen also has the same spectrum ….perhaps some from the DHA spectrum gives it additional band width in Lahore but the point is that wimax is a flop not because of how much bandwidth but more so because of the reach of the spectrum which makes it highly restrictive given our socio economic situation.

      The reach of spectrum isnt more than 1-2 kms which makes it a very expensive proposition to cover good pockets.

      3.5MHz auction for wimax was a bad decision by Govt. and it proves that the govt at that tiime and PTA were ignorant about spectrum limitations and still they went blind

  • I agree with Waqas…:-)

    Faisal: Inshallah Dir will be connected in future as Wateen Fiber is going there by end of this year to facilitate its corporate customers. Or might it will be included in USF.

    For all those are in favour of abudhabi group, there is an improvement. I am not sure that it would be worth but i feel it.


  • sorry i missed it. As far as Green packet is concerned. I personally tested/used it. Performance is good.

    Hope for best.

  • well LTE is future aur WiMax survive nahien kar sakta agar koi network 76 Mbps capable technology par 1 Mbps ya 1.5 Mbps aur ab 2.5 Mbps aur zara du network jo ke UAE hai zara usko dekh lo. final words merge WARID and WATEEN and you license to provide mobile services with high speed data services means you have required spectrum to provide high speed mobile or go sprints way

  • Wateen has enuf spectrum for high bw broadband service. Operators need min of 30mhz for good commercial operations but 40mhz recommended. Wateen has 40mhz in main cities because it bought companies with spectrum.
    I agree Mahar LTE is future and 3500mhz band plan is now added LTE. In 3 to 4 years all wimax operators will move to LTE.

  • I was wateen user last year, It was not good now im using ptcl evo it’s too bad,,,
    what r they doing with us bullshit operators….

  • What about the relaunch of wateen. I heard that they were going relaunch in October. They might introduce new packages in October. Is it true? Any news pro-pakistani administration?

    Please answer.

  • There is an ad in today’s newspapers with a green “w”. The details mention communication and connectivity – Is it Wateen?

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