Govt Establishes Social Media Cell

300px-Censorship.svgThe government has finally become tech savvy.

Keeping in light the significant number of people currently connected to the internet with evermore increasing numbers flocking to social networks, a Social Media Cell has been established to cater negative journalists and political opponents through blogs, wikis, podcasts and youtube videos.

Primary functions of the Social Media Cell include publicity of the government and the response and monitoring of critics of the government.

The Social Media Cell will create blogs and use latest methods in Information Technology to achieve its defined functions.

However insiders paint a worrying picture as to what the Social Media Cell will be actually used for. Apparently, unpublicized features of the SMC (Social Media Cell) include campaigns to deface “negative journalists”, which basically includes everyone who speaks/writes against the government as well as mainstream opposition politicians.

The government has already experimented with targeted blogs against politicians and journalists in the past and some view this as a permanent setup inspired by the success of these blogs.

This information mentioned above is taken from an article published in “The News”. And reliable sources were credited as the ones who shed light on the possible shadowy operations of the Social Media Cell.

This is a matter of great concern if the information is indeed genuine (looks to be that way right now despite denial from the Principal Information Officer, Mohammad Saleem).

Most regimes when they want to sway the general opinion, apply filters to things they consider against them. Our governments approach seems to be to deface anything against them by propaganda material.

This isn’t the only concern. Suppose that this is a success too, then there’s no telling where the government will put a stop sign. For all we know, people might start getting paid to write pro-government material and bash anything that opposes the government.

The web is by means no unpolluted medium but to do this is a travesty. One of the functions of a democracy is providing the right to free speech. Drowning those opinions and analyses out and attacking people who exercise their right to free speech certainly doesn’t make this feel like a free country.

Listening to the negative criticism and taking steps to tend to them isn’t even on the table it seems. I strongly urge the people and relevant authorities to take a note and do all in their power so that this does not occur.

We welcome you to share your opinion on this matter in the comments.

Talal is a Director and the Chief Content Officer at ProPakistani. Reach out at [email protected]

    • The hierarchal structure of the Social Media Cell will be:

      A Director will head the Social Media Cell. Under him there’ll be 2 Subordinate deputy rectors. 3 Information Officers along with their assistants will handle publicity, monitoring and response while the SMC will also employ an IT Professional and a Special assistant.

      In short there gonna be sarkari log…

  • The News quotes “4 million connected to social networks.”

    Looks like they are on weed. The number in Pakistan is near to 10 million :) that includes Facebook, Twitter, and all other social networks.

        • What I am mostly curious about is how much of that 10 million is shared. Like 4 million Facebook users also includes 2 million (for example) Twitter users.

          Sort of the same way there are 100 million SIMS floating around but only about 60 million consumers.

  • I think they should put a tax on all sms’es, tweets and Facebook posts against the great Mr. Z and his government :-)

    Considering the huge no of these posts, our Government can collect billions of Rupees, which can be used to further fill the foreign bank accounts of our poor politicians

  • ‘a Social Media Cell has been established to cater negative journalists and political opponents ‘
    So it will CATER or COUNTER negative journalists and political opponents?

  • LOL, I’m not going to unveil my name, but soon will launch a blog with some decent writer named “Mr.10%, Rehman Malik, ….and all other @#[email protected]#$” On that blog, i only speak about truth, not going to take a side of any political party, just want the profit of my Pakistan! Save Pakistan!

    I hope they will target me, but as far as i know, they have not such technology to completely measures the VoIP traffic :)

    I also hope, many mainstream Social Media Writers will join my self, once they hear about the project i also want some “Burger” people, and also want some those writes “burger” people in their reviews :)

    Wait and Watch :)

  • Yar Ap log mery khilaf kyun ho. Sb ny Pakistan ko loota, bibi sahiba ny bi loota. Thora sa me ny Loot lya to kon si kyamat aa jaye gi

  • I think this is a good progress, and I encourage this, Would love to read a press release, or web site about this from the gov of Pakistan, on how to contact this Cell.

    Rehan Allahwala
    Internet Promotion Society of Pakistan

  • Dear all

    may like to add that government work like an entity and also need to reach out to the people to let them its point of view on different development. it is not to stifle opinion of any one or to stop other from expressing his or her opinion but only to give its point of view. So please take is easy.

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