Karachi Suo Moto Case: Chinese Phones Hindering Police in Tracking Culprits

Saud Mirza, Additional IG Police, has informed Supreme Court of Pakistan that Chinese made phones are making it difficult for law enforcement authorities to track culprits due to same IMEI numbers for more than one handsets.

Saud Mirza was briefing Supreme Court of Pakistan during a hearing on Karachi violence suo moto case.

Mr. Mirza requested Supreme Court to direct custom authorities to restrict the import of Chinese made phones.

Supreme Court was earlier told that various investigational operations get delayed due to hurdles they face in acquiring data of mobile SIM owners. Additional IG Sindh appealed the Supreme Court to issue directions for cellular companies to make this data available to police at earliest in future.

When Iftikhar Chaudhry, Chief Justice of Pakistan, showed his reservations over possible misusage of facility – Mr. Mriza told the bench that a copy of FIR will be attached with each request for getting the data from cellular companies.

Saud Mirza was made responsible for keeping an eye on the whole process to make sure that facility is not misused by no one is able to illegally acquire the data from cellular operators.

It merits mentioning here that Sindh Police Chief admitted before court that 30 to 40 percent policemen bear politician associations.

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  • This is not an issue,
    Police should buy IMSI Catcher already our agencies has this sort of equipment.
    The mobile can be tracked also via SIM not via IMEI.
    the IMSI is universal and this is solely operator proprietorship.

    thus targets can be catche via IMSI.
    and thus no issue of chines phone then

    • Bahi India blocked all chienese handsets why we can n’t. Nothing is more improtant than PK. we have to save it.

    • Jon, if it was possible only by IMSI India wasn’t going to block it. Though in past effort has been made to block SIMs issued by wrong means. But end users are only suffering because PTA was sleeping at that time only because it wanted to take credit of huge growth in cellular sector and cellular operators wanted more and more customers. Thus people had no idea how their CNIC cards copies were used to purchase SIM cards illegally. Such cards are still in use as many of us won’t find it easy to go to customer service centers of these companies and wait hours in que to know and block such SIM cards.

      Still PTA and such companeis aren’t feeling that this is solely their responsibility and not of end user. It takes a very tiring effort but again they should call every customer to know their detail, and verify it.

      We never talked about those who suffered due to misuse of their CNIC cards but we always talk what is new SMS/call package offered by these greedy operators.

    • Culprits are always changing their sims but not their mobile sets therefore Saud Mirza, AIG Police is right.

  • How can this be tackled? Whats the magnitude of problem, I mean how many phones per IMEI exists. Is it possible to block any phone with existing registered IMEI?
    I am sure guys at Propakistani can elaborate

  • What is the use of IMEI when cellphone can never be recovered or blocked by PTA.
    Cellphone is a commercial commodity and can be switched over to other hands.

  • And guess what will happen when our Sind government’s smart decision of teaching CHINESE languagae in schools would have been implemented!!!

  • Well Chinese phones used to be inexpensive along with providing the same features which brands like nokia and samsung where providing at higher prices. Why to but on chinese phones, there may be many other ways to track down culprits….

  • dear all
    i am doing biz in china and i have
    factory in china .
    we can install a factory and introduce
    made in pakistani mobiles,then we can control
    both thing and we need strong gps system
    easy can reach to point ,

  • I must this must be stopped i also have bought a set found that its IMEI number was never existed. it was copy of htc android model S510B sponsored or manufactured by taobao, sina.com.cn or Baldu Company. I personally request PTA to take action against these companies making illegal phones

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