Jazz Offers Exclusive Call Rates for Canada


After its unbeatable UK IDD Offer, JAZZ now offers unbeatable call rates to Canada on both mobile and landline connectivity.

Offer Details:

With IDD Canada, JAZZ subscribers can connect anywhere in Canada at any time of the day at an exciting Rs 10 + tax for 30 minutes.

How to Avail:


Jazz subscribers simply dial 456 before the international number.


More details


  • The offer will be available 24 Hours a day
  • No daily or one time subscription is required
  • Government taxes apply on Rs. 10 / 30 minutes and the deduction will be Rs. 11.95 / call
  • Customer cannot make calls to premium numbers of Canada (which include Yukon, New Territories and Independents)
  • Offer will be available for all Jazz, Jazba and Indigo customers
  • The offer will be available till October 10, 2011

  • Dear Ahmed,

    The solution you have suggested is not suitable for the masses. How many people are using Internet and especially Gmail services. How many of us are familiar with VOIP. You are talking about the niche market. When it comes to masses, its all about conveinience and ease and Mobile phone is the simplest of the solution. I personally believe that offer is really good. it is providing value for money. You dont have to subscribe the offer, you just need to dial 456. I have used the same offer for calling in UK and i was impressed with the offer… Mobilink is really coming up with good and innovative offers.

  • What these telcos are offering is not only affordable but within reach of masses. The only thing is that “masses” don’t have relatives or friends in Canada ;) so only a handful can actually avail this offer. Still, it is unbeatable and yes Mobilink has been coming up with amazing offers for every segment. Great all the way !

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