Jazz Offers Exclusive Call Rates for Canada


After its unbeatable UK IDD Offer, JAZZ now offers unbeatable call rates to Canada on both mobile and landline connectivity.

Offer Details:

With IDD Canada, JAZZ subscribers can connect anywhere in Canada at any time of the day at an exciting Rs 10 + tax for 30 minutes.

How to Avail:


Jazz subscribers simply dial 456 before the international number.


More details


  • The offer will be available 24 Hours a day
  • No daily or one time subscription is required
  • Government taxes apply on Rs. 10 / 30 minutes and the deduction will be Rs. 11.95 / call
  • Customer cannot make calls to premium numbers of Canada (which include Yukon, New Territories and Independents)
  • Offer will be available for all Jazz, Jazba and Indigo customers
  • The offer will be available till October 10, 2011