Download Differently Designed Windows 8

Windows 8, that we knew would be different, is going to be available soon for your tablets, desktops and for selected smartphones.

Yes Windows 8 comes with a hybrid design and isn’t like the Windows OS we are usually familiar with. Latest version brings completely new visual interface, which is optimized for touchscreen devices but can be equally efficient with mouse and keyboard for desktop computers.

Here’s a preview of What Windows 8 will look like:

Start Screen:


Lock Screen:


Keyboard and Apps (Earlier we used to call them programs):


File Management:


Download Windows 8

Microsoft was quick enough to release the developer version for Windows 8 for general public.

You can select from one of following versions available at Microsoft’s website:

  • Windows Developer Preview with developer tools English, 64-bit
  • Windows Developer Preview English, 64-bit
  • Windows Developer Preview English, 32-bit

It appears that Windows Developer Preview English, 32-bit will be suitable for many, unless you need to get the developer tools too.

You can download any version of Windows 8 from this link.

How to Install Windows 8 on Virtual Machines:

  • You can install Windows 8 preview on a virtual machine instead of dedicating an entire PC for it.
  • You can use VirtualBox for hardware virtualization
  • Download Windows 8 from above given link.
  • Create a new VirtualBox virtual machine and select Windows 8 as the OS type.
  • In the Motherboard tab under System, check Enable IO APIC.
  • In the Processor tab under System, check Enable PAE/NX.
  • In the Acceleration tab under System, check Enable VT-x/AMD-V and Enable Nested Paging.
  • In the Video tab under Display, check Enable 2D acceleration.
  • Remember to mount the Windows 8 .ISO file you downloaded and you’re good to go!

Note: Make sure your PC supports hardware virtualization for this to work, or you can go with a fresh machine to install Windows 8. Remember, you can’t un-install this copy of Windows unless you format the drive.

Want to Change Metro UI:

  • If you want to disable the Metro UI?
  • Go to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\
  • Change the value of RPEnabled from 1 to 0.

Installation walkthrough Via ZNet

  • Ok. Lets see which new features r included in this OS. I havn’t tested it yet bt I think there will not be any great difference B/W this & win XP, in Output point of view. I mean I can use MS Office in XP, I can play Video & Audio in XP, can use Adobe & internet on XP, and the same will b done on Win8. So whats the difference in Output point of view????

  • Well, a nice step but it seems to be more complicated like Linux. Even Fedora 14 has lot of features but for normal home user, there is almost nothing.
    Windows 8 interface is just going to be like Mango OS from MS.
    Hope for its success. But it doesn’t seems that it will rock the market.

      • Dear Brother, i have installed it on the day it was posted on propakistani. You know Vista was also good and people at that time had many expectations. but that was failed. even nice graphics like windows 7. You just handover it to any normal person. he will first say, “where are my programs?”
        and i think that extra features are added on tool bar and that make widows 7 look bad…
        Lets see what will happen. how at enterprise level windows 8 will be adopted?
        How a simple user will switch to windows 8 by windows 7.

  • LOL! now this is even bigger than WINDOWS PHONE 7.

    Completely Phaarooo OS :D

    I am a big WP7 fan, and this is a DREAM come true
    OS for my next TABLET that i will buy made by
    SAMSUNG (Windows 8).

    I think sooner or later those stone age users who
    are ANDROID fans will say good bye to their too
    FOODY FATTY addicted OS (android) which is truely
    outdated OS.

  • There is no audio/video in 3.1 and DOS lolz. Xp can still do all that OS 8 can do. U can install security updates, and all other softwares that OS 8 can run, on XP. There is great difference between 3.1 and XP, but there is no big difference between OS 8 and Xp. The little difference that exist, can be eliminated by upgrading Xp i.e, Xp will not stop you to install new upgrades, softwares and functions on it…….So Xp still rocks…..

    • Can u have virtual WiFi feature on XP>?..the answer is no..because XP does not has such kind of was introduced in Windows 7…can XP support DX 12 or even DX 11..the answer is no..does XP optimises multi core processor? the answer is no because XP is too you need to re install XP after one or two months? the answer is yes because XP sucks in terms of security..there are many more instances i can give are like my college friend who has a sucky PC and keeps adamant on saying XP is good XP is that but deep in is heart he knows XP SUCKS!!

  • Yeah, I checked os8 on my friend’s pc, nothing is so special jst the interface is changed n some news themes. m fine with xp os brrrrrooos

  • Ye to same window xp hi ha sirf nam wgera change kia hua ha aur start menu ka style chang kia hua ha.
    n is me to vorta war run hi nhi hoti aur xp me theek chal rhi ha

  • It’s more like an Android OS rather than Windows. Microsoft launches crap versions after each hit. Recent example, microsoft launched slowish Windows Vista after the Hit Windows Xp. And now it’s launching this Win8 after it’s best ever operating system Win 7.

  • This OS is meant for Tablets primarily. I think they do user testing before they market anything. & if you switch into this OS you will most probably find it a bit difficult in the beginning but it might grow with time. I think in the future like during past few years tablets and hand held devices are replacing bulky desktops and i see them everywhere in future with a lot of processing power and storage. So saying anything before even using it is not good :( !

  • Ppl supporting xp or wp7 are simple dumbass here in us we are already working on window 9 planning to release in 2015 ppl who want to stick to their stoneage systems and device are welcome i though it may be a innovative plateform but ppl here are ignorant

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