Broadband a key to Professional Development of Journalists: Huawei

Lorraine Liang briefing the latest braodband internet technologies to Journalists offered by Huawei“Recently going-on successful Broadband Roadshow by Huawei in Islamabad reflects the tireless efforts of our experts and staff for the betterment of telecom sector in Pakistan to bring people closer and closer to each other”.

These views were expressed by Ms. Lorraine Liang, Media Manager of Huawei Middle East during an informal visit of local journalists to Huawei demo truck.

A tour was given for demonstrating the demo truck fully equipped with all the modern fixed broadband telecom products. She also mentioned that today’s rapid pace in any country the broadband internet users are increasing therefore it is truly considered as the symbol of guaranteed progress and prosperity of any country.

She emphasized that high-speed broadband Internet is a key to professional development of journalists and they can bring a very positive growth in their professional skills by using it professionally.

The journalists have shown great interest to analyzing all cases studies which were presented them very skillfully that how Huawei with a vision to enrich people’s lives through communication is supporting the telecom operators across the globe to provide high-speed facilities such as Internet TV and telephone conferencing to consumers.

On a question, Lorraine said her company’s innovations not only control the cost of the telecom operators successfully but would be proven most beneficial to the end users.

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