How to Enable 2 Step Verification for Google Account?

Google offers this 2 step verification to all of it’s users – which helps any Google account holder to verify authentication in two steps to avoid any hacking or misusage of account.

Here’s how it works:

If 2 step verification for Google is enabled then only password won’t be enough to get you logged in. Upon entering the password, Google will send you a code on your registered phone – only after entering that code into Google account will allow you to access your account.

In short, no potential hacker won’t be able to access your account – because he/she might have your password but he/she won’t have your phone.

You can ask Google to remember approved computers (such as your home PC or your laptop) for 30 days – to avoid entering pin every time you login.


How to Enable 2 Step Account Verification?

Step 1:

Step 2:

  • Upon clicking on above URL you will get following page
  • Select Pakistan as your country (or country where you live)
  • Enter cell phone number without your country code, i.e. 03335XXXXXX
  • Click on Send Code
  • You will shortly receive a code on your cell number
  • Enter this code into below form and click on “Verify”


You’re Almost Done:

After clicking the verify button, system will take you to the confirmation page, detailing that 2 step verification has been configured for this account.

Click on Next to add backup options for receiving the verification codes needed to access your account.

This backup option is backup phone number that you may ask Google to send verification – in case your primary phone is lost or is not available. You can skip this step if you don’t want to setup backup verification phone numbers.


After adding the backup options, you will be forwarded to this page. Here you will be confirmed that 2 step verification is configured – you just need to enable 2 step verification now.


That’s it – you are done. Next time you whenever you will try to login – Google will ask for PIN, which is automatically sent to your phone via SMS.


After 2 step verification, applications such as Gtalk may not accept your usual password. You need to create special password for application. Follow this few steps for generating special passwords for applications…

  • Click on this link:
  • Find “Authorising applications & sites” and click on Edit button
  • Enter application name such as “Gtalk” and click on Generate Password
  • You will get a password, enter it in Gtalk and login
  • You won’t need to use this password again – later on you can use your usual password to login
  • You can revoke access to applications by visiting the same link


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  • Being IT professional I cannot grantee that this way could stop hacking but Google would definitely have your personal phone number in their database. Phone number can be use to track your physical location on every log-in. Professional hacker can workout ways to bypass this phone check when required :)

    • — Phone number can be use to track your physical location on every log-in.

      Wrong. If you choose the 30 day option, for 30 days you can login/logout of the same browser and it won’t ask for the verification token. So, for 30 days, they CANT track you.

  • I have been using the two-way authentication system for several months now and it has been very useful for me. I doubt it can be cracked easily by hackers, it shall nevertheless prove to be an additional hurdle for amateur hackers attempting to steal your data!

    • With activation of 2 step verification process, Backup verification codes are given which if hacked, it will work same way if at time of login we are providing two passwords instead of one and only difference will be that we will get sms notification that someone other then ourselves is signing in to our account…

  • On a positive node, to an extend it will help to keep away amateur hackers only.

    However, it is a nice tools for FIB/CIA to know everyone physical location through telephone no. special for Pakistani. :-)

  • This new invention of google is really amazing and I really like this one but facing little bit problems like, now my GMAIL NOTIFIER is not working with my GMAIL password etc.
    Is there any way out to solve this issue?


    • Seperate passwords are issued for each application after activation of 2 step verification process and this is clearly written once you opt for two step verification. So read the page again else stop the verification process and return to previous setup…

  • But why a Hacker will Hack your G-mail account? For what purpose and for what benefit? This 2 step verification is indeed a fraud and i also do agree with above persons, that goggle will have our cell numbers and will locate our physical location through google maps.
    Guys, please do not provide your cell numbers.
    Secondly, if Hackers can get our passwords then I think it’ll not be difficult for him to get our cell Numbers also!

    • – Secondly, if Hackers can get our passwords then I think it’ll not be difficult for him to get our cell Numbers also!

      But he can’t get your cell – where a SMS will be sent. You will have to enter this PIN (sent via SMS) to authorize and enter into your Gmail

      About not giving your cell number to google, that’s something you can choose at your own.

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