Jazz Jazba Offers You to Chat Live with Ali Zafar

ali zafar

Jazz Jazba is sure trying new things by providing you an opportunity of catching Ali Zafar live in a chat session on Jazz Jazba’s Facebook fan page, later today.

It is unclear so far on mechanism or medium of chat session, but it is anticipated that Ali Zafar will take live questions on Jazba’s fan page.

Mobilink announced in a status update on Facebook that Ali will stay live for one hour, so it’s apparent that he won’t be able to answer all the questions. But never mind – you can throw your question to see if you are lucky enough to get a response.

Ali Zafar, the brand ambassador of Jazz, is

  • lol …………
    first ……… such a waste of time.
    second …….. and you would know that the person whom you are chatting is Ali Zafar ?? ….. lol

  • LOL..!! or better yet follow him on Twitter at @Alizafarsays … he is more regular there than this JAZBA one hour….

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