Adsense Banned? Here is What You Should Do!

LJ27ZBy Hamad Dar

As you probably already know, and I’m assuming that to be the reason why you’re reading this entry, Google has recently banned a lot of Adsense accounts.

I’m unsure of the exact number but it is being said almost 70% of Pakistani Adsense publishers had their accounts disabled.

To be honest, I don’t really blame Google for what has happened. Neither do I agree with either of the conspiracy theories being tweeted and discussed.

What happened had everything to do with desi publishers. However, that said, there was some collateral damage, as Faheem puts it. A lot of legit (mostly small) publishers got affected too by the spree.

Now you have probably already read a lot of why and whom, here’s something that may help you realize what’s next.


Make Money Online with Google Adsense: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you were actually serving low quality or plagiarized content, you should stop reading here, as the post wouldn’t help you. That’s because once you get approved by the Adsense, you can use it on any domain but most other networks usually personally review each domain that you’re going to monetize.

So a low quality website will not make it through the review process anyway. On the other hand, if you were a causality, read ahead and this may be of some help to you.

Adsense has been the primary advertising network for me and for the most of you who are reading this entry and other networks may probably not offer you the eCPM that you were averaging with the Adsense but have you ever thought that may be combination of networks may do the trick for you?

Most of the big media companies have staff big enough to have a dedicated team working on bringing in and optimizing the advertising. Unfortunately, most of indie and small publishers usually don’t take that in consideration.

If I were you, I’d go ahead and sign up with multiple ad networks; an ask-rate based network, a network dedicated for American & Canadian network, probably one for EU traffic, one CPE (Cost per engagement) based network, and perhaps a few more different networks which specialize in offering something different than I have already signed up for.

An ask-rate based network means you can ask your CPM price. If the network cannot buy an impression, it will not and you can pass on the rest of your traffic to another network. So, if you’re average eCPM was 2.00 USD, you can set that as your ask-rate. The network will buy all the impressions that it can at 2.00 USD and will not fill the rest.

Now the second network in the rotation should be a US & CA based network since that traffic has the highest relative eCPMs. I’d prefer the second network to have a tiered CPM. This is also a fixed eCPM except that the advertising network decides the rate it’s going to pay you for purchasing the inventory. Once you are done selling that, you will still be left with plenty of traffic to monetize.

So now you have monetized most of your inventory on a fixed price and you’re sort of already competing with Adsense’s CPC model, you should try placing a CPE ad in the rotation since that behaves almost like a CPC ad. CPE model pays you on hovering the ad instead of clicking on it hence it usually results in higher eCPMs than a CPM based advertising network.

Coming to the fourth one in the rotation, you can try placing a dedicated EU based network since EU probably has the second highest eCPMs after US & CA. The fifth network in the rotations should have the highest fill rate even if it comes with low eCPMs. Low eCPMs wouldn’t matter since you’re already left with little and low quality traffic.

This may come as a shock to you but with the combined revenues of all your five advertising networks you’ll either be competing with the Adsense, or outnumbering it in some cases.

Here are example networks:

  • AskRate: ContextWeb
  • Tiered: Advertising.Com
  • EU:
  • CPE:
  • HighFill:

Hope this helps the fellow netizens. Share if you like it and feel free to tweet me@HamadDar if you need more help.

PS: I’m not an advertising expert just sharing my little experience here.

  • Hammad,

    while you are at it it would be beneficial for us if you could share best performing Ad networks as per your experience, both european and american ones.



  • Boss – I don’t think so that this article should be published on PP. As It gives nothing, but more irritation.

    Aamir, Do you really think so that this article really helps people who have been banned by adsense?

  • My Adsense Account at gone too. Now all Pakistani bloggers should open grossery shops.

  • Its more of a traffic getter than adsense getter poster. Kindly make sure your body text adheres your title :( . Thanks but no thanks.

  • ANJAM of Ghar Bhayte Paise Kamayee…This is what I am shouting among people who ask me this way of earning. Poor Pakistani’s are running multi account money generation method. And the judgment day occurs. But I checked it out… there are some other sites as well who might be not using same way of click generation like…ALAS for people who are earning from it.

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    we also required moderator to handle all the posts created my students and visitors.

  • Never seen such a pathetic post on pp before,

    atleast remove this from title if nothing else”Here is What You Should Do!”

    And everyone including me is waiting for some appropriate solution from propakistan which in real sense in helpful and in detail article about wat all hapend reasons, and wat next?

  • Hi there,

    I do have a question from the author of this post i.e I visit a site great site Pakistanis who don’t prefer to watch tv but on that there is nothing there original content doesn’t that videos there recorded were intellectual property of TV channels ? I think Google is cracking on low earning sites first anyways I’ve got rid of adsense for last 5+ months I hope you guys sort it out with Google I’ll recommend to start a thread on the Adsense support forums you all will definitely get answers to your questions and still my adsense account which I was using 5months ago is active.

  • luckily my account is safe so far, but I am kinda concerned how long this banning process will go on?

  • To all those who are yelling at me, I wasn’t going to tell you “hacks” to reinstate adsense account or how to create more illegal ones.

    Fact: I outnumber my adsense revenues using combos of ad networks.

  • Abbottabad city complete blocked the adsense.

    Web masters please join the group and complain the PTA and banned the google and you tube in pakistan.

  • Hammad great article man , as a matter of fact we should find ways to beat the earning what we were earning from google .

    Do you know any ad serving which pay for asian traffic ? or click combination for both asian + all other countries.

    I started using infolink right now .
    waiting for response

    • Asian traffic doesn’t usually pay off well. Unfortunately, I’ve never worked with a network to monetize asian traffic. However, I do monetize Pakistani traffic by selling direct inventory.

      • yeah brother that is what i meant, usually my traffic is from first pakistan , second USA and then europe . i have started with contextweb + infolinks . do you have any other suggestion for the ad network? thanks

      • hammad bro i have place ads on my site but all i see a big box with big brother website something like that and when i check that in my account panel earning is zero . does it take time to get ads to display . my first traffic country is pakistan , second usa . daily 3-4000 visits.

        any help ?

        • Hi Bang,

          What you’re probably seeing is a PSA (Public service ad). They are usually served with no costs. That’s because you can’t really monetize Pakistani traffic through ad networks. Even adsense pays peanuts on Pakistani traffic. What you should try to do is reduce your askrate eCPM to 0.50 or something. It may work for you.

  • my adsense disabled as i had more than 5000 unique visitors daily..geting all geniun traffic and clicks but what the f google wants geniun click what more geniun than this if the visitors are coming from google search i am leaving adsense now and starting some thing new rather than fukin…… adsense

  • Hey I got banned today my hard working of 2 years gone to hell. I read a post on PP a long time ago which mentioned that Google might remove adsense from Pakistan and it is now being observed

  • main aik saal se achhi earining kar raha tha aor saray rules folow kiyay thay,phir bhi google nay block kar diya,agar violation ka masla tha to first earning se hi account block ho jana chahiye tha.meri tamam doston se appeal hay kay is ka koi alternate rakha karain ta kay ghar ki rozi roti bhi sath main chalti rahay,google nay boht se pakistani ghar ujar diye hai ,is berozgari ka y dor main.meri request hay k pta ko google ka sara network pakistan main band kar dena chaiye ,google pakistani ads se karoron dollars monthly kama raha hay,

  • How to approve yahoo ads for blog…? Becuse blog have no cpanel…Any one please help me…is it possible..?

  • get payment on 30th September 2011 and banned on 14 October for reason of ” site layout” . What a crap by Google adsense… now my account is approved on Technoratimedia and waiting for Badge and login information lets see how it turned out be.. Btw i was legit user of Google adsense , hav graduation in computer sciences , vast seo experience and content writing..

  • Webmasters of Pakistan have lost millions of Dollars. In response to Google We should appeal to PTA for blocking of Google in Pakistan. Pls do something now together. Google was not paying us from their own pocket but advertisers(many of them also from Pakistan).

  • Why we always think of jalo, gherao and appreal, hartals and other stupid things. There are many other networks you can easily join them. Go for cliksor etc. Why Adsense, If One thing is not working then go for other one.

    and by the way it is not good habit to have all your eggs in one baskets.

  • Pakistani’s were trying to registered with google adsense via revenue sharing website, google also took its license bck from all revenue sharing websites/forums :(

  • Almost Pakistani are not honestly do anything that’s why we should be honest with google never choose wrong to make money for more click on my name sana khan thanks for this info

  • Sometimes inventory of Google goes out, and for that reason adsense ads disappear. But people think that their website is banned from adsense. So the best solution is that you should authenticate first and then take the second step

    Here’s a recommended adsense ban checker, It takes only 2-3 seconds to process and will show you the results. For more detail visit the link below:

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