3G Technology To Generate Business For IT Firms

Adnan Siddiqui, country sales manager IBM PakistanIT companies are looking for potential opportunities with the possible emergence of 3G technology in the country as they have expertise to be engaged with different fields of ICTs related to the high-data services.

This was stated by Adnan Siddiqui, country sales manager IBM Pakistan in an interview to ProPakistani.

There will be lot of applications and programming need to maintain 3G technology therefore companies have been waiting got 3G to grab businesses from cellular companies to unleash their potential in the field of networking, programming and applications.

3G is likely to be the next big thing for the telecom sector and IBM has solutions that provide operators that will deal with content management and high database services.

IBM has been associated with almost every telecom company in some capacity. It has provided best network solutions to cellular companies to enable them to deal with millions of customers said Mr. Adnan.

Presently IBM is designing management concepts for the telecom sector that will help them improve their capacity to deal with customers’ choice in the stiff competitive regime.

The new solution will be based on intelligent system that provides details of service packages to operators so it can either continue or end the services or increase its marketing for better results.

IBM has planned to introduce a crucial service to media outlets and TV production houses as it evaluates the huge demand of sophisticated content and video archival system in the local electronic and print media houses.

The media channels need to make their archival system as fast as possible in order to provide timely information to their viewers with background information and details.

This new service will meet their requirement with intelligence in the network therefore performance will be quick and better and information dissemination will be made easier.

Also, the service will maintain tons of data and video content in the best organized form produced by media outlets.

Presently Cloud Computing is the latest trend in local scene though it is an old concept and IBM had introduced it a few years ago but its utility has been on the rise in the local market and a lot of foreign and local players have come up with their own clouds in the country.

IBM has established the first Cloud Computing Lab in Pakistan and now it has been revamped and named as Desktop Cloud in collaboration with different software firms and hardware vendors. 

Cloud Computing has huge potential as small and large corporation are automating themselves with a view to improve their productivity and to keep their IT budgets in control.

IBM offers unique services in Cloud Computing particularly its business analytics plays a vital role to facilitate clients in its business operations. Recently one of the top financial institutions of Pakistan signed a multi million dollar deal with IBM for it’s desktop cloud initiative.

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