Pakistan Likely to Approve IPO Ordinance Soon

The Intellectual Property Organization (IPO) of Pakistan will soon get the cabinet’s approval for the IPO Ordinance, to give legal coverage to enforce the trademark, copyright and patent infringement laws, reported “The News” recently.

“Giving legal protection to the registered businesses under the IPO laws by controlling counterfeiting, unlawful use of trademark, copyright and patents will boost business and investment in the country,” IPO Pakistan Chairman Hameed Ullah Jan Afridi said talking to a selected group of journalists.

The IPO has suggested to the federal government to make the infringement of intellectual property rights (IPR) a criminal offence and establish dedicated tribunals at provincial level and increase maximum penalty to Rs. 5 million with imprisonment of up to 10 years upon infringement of IPR, he said.

Establishment of dedicated IPO Tribunals would speedup the disposal of the IPR cases and their enforcement.

The Ministry of Law and Justice is vetting the upgraded draft of the IPO Ordinance and the Federal Cabinet is expected to approve it in its next meeting.

Afridi informed that the IPO Ordinance would ensure establishment of a high powered Policy Board. Secretary Interior, Chairmen of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority, Federal Board of Revenue, and heads of key enforcement agencies would be present on the said board, he said.

The ordinance would make the law enforcement agencies legally bound to protect IPR, he said.

Afridi further informed that FIA has already established dedicated IPR Cell but it is not fully functional, IG Police has already consented for it’s creation and talks for establishment of IPR Cell in Customs are underway.

Via The News

  • Intellectual Property Organization my foot!

    Here people don’t even have the basic living rights and they’re trying to enforce, so called IPO Ordinance :-(
    pehle apni awam ko kana tu pora do… ya onko basic services to faraham karo… sab kuch tu in chand saloon mein lootmar karliya, ab yeh kasar hee reh gai he.

    To remind just few tragedies……….. The prices of every thing is skyrocketing day by day, due to excess inflation, and now majority can’t even buy two time foods in this country, our water reserves are declining sharply, due to Indian aggression, our Railway is collapsed due to excess corruption, Same with electricity, Steel Mill and PIA, literally there is no department with positive outcome in this country…….. Why??? because of insincerity, unfaithfulness and high corruption,

    Yaha tu jinab awe ka awa hee bigra howa he aur is doran inko awam ki halat par rahem yaad aane K bajawaye Intellectual Property rights yaad aarahe hein. :-((

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