Ufone Distributes Eid Gifts

Ufone is helping to promote various green initiatives that will lead to an environmentally sustainable planet.

SOS Pakistan recently built a new establishment in Islamabad. However the village was in dire need of greenery and shade. Once again the members of the Ufone Volunteer Group availed the opportunity to be a part of an eco-friendly project and took part in making the SOS Children village in Islamabad greener. The activity was also delightful for the village children who actively took part in the plantation.

This activity comes in the wake of a successful plantation at the SOS village Lahore. Akbar Khan, Chief Marketing Officer at Ufone distributed Eid gifts amongst the children and shared a special moment of bonding with them stressing upon the importance of taking care of the planet.

The Plant-a-Tree activity was conducted at the village to promote a healthy environment and also provides shade for the children, guardians and teachers. Focusing mainly on educational institutes and hospitals, Ufone has conducted various such activities in the recent past.

On the occasion, Akbar Khan said:

By carrying out the plantation activity, Ufone wishes to strengthen its bond with SOS Children’s Villages. He stressed upon the need for maintaining a healthy environment for the children of Pakistan and emphasized that these children should be nurtured into becoming environmental leaders of tomorrow.

He committed that there would more such initiatives in the forthcoming days and the children will be educated on the benefits of preserving the environment.

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