Exclusive: Mobilink to Outsource Call Center Operations

Mobilink_logoMobilink, the largest cellular company of Pakistan, has decided in principle to outsource its entire call center operations, we have confirmed with sources in the company.

From the information we have got so far, it is confirmed that Business and Communication System (Pvt.) Ltd. has got the contract managing entire customer support of Mobilink, while execution of this contract is expected as early as January 2012.

Interestingly, Mr. Irfan Akram, currently vice president at Mobilink for customer care is the CEO of BCS (Business and Communication System). It is unclear if Mr. Akram will remain with Mobilink or not, but given that BCS is not owned by VimpelCom, he might quit from his current position at Mobilink.

Sources tell us that all permanent (and contractual) employees working within Mobilink customer care (including senior managers)  are to be made contractors of BCS(Pvt.) Limited to become employees of BCS. It is likely that all employees will be offered new terms before they sign contracts with BCS. It is heard that over 2,500 employees may see a shift during the transition.

Its even more interesting that BCS will use Mobilink’s current infrastructure, including building, equipment, computers etc., for it’s operations.

Sources tell us that VimpelCom, the parent group of Mobilink, isn’t aware of the whole situation, particularly with the details and background of BCS. However we couldn’t officially confirm this from VimpelCom.

Move is likely to impact thousands of call center employees, who are feared to largely move to competition amid new terms, loss of benefits and job insecurity. Morale will be affected for sure.

We are unclear about Mobilink’s motive behind this move, though industry experts say that this is possibly be an outcome of VimpleCom acquisition of Orascom, while others fear that top Mobilinkers could be behind this master plan.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Dude….iska matlab mene jin jin logon ki info niklwani hay wo jaldi jaldi niklwa lo phir kya pata Yeh Employees KAL HON NA HON

  • BCS is a brain child of Mobilink and had this infor from last month :). They have saved money of contracts through HRSG to BCS and more interestingly all directors and managers will also be moved to BCS :). Well I don’t agree with this decision as this will hurt customer care so much now which is already not up to the mark since contractual employees are being hired. Just to save his own chair Irfan Akram has played havoc with all employees.

  • This is what happens when you inflate your operations….eventually they go burst and you end up making decisions like this one…….

    Look at how Telenor went about outsourcing their call center to 3 different companies… increases competition, doesnt hurt the employee base and cuts huge costs for the company

  • Hi,

    I have worked for many Telecom operators in Abroad. This thing might be new here so ppl are getting panic. It is quite normal in telecom Industry. Telecom companies are outsourcing their operations and rather than firing their staff, they give the staff to outsourcing company.

    Recently in Bangladesh, a telecom company outsourced its IT support to IBM, which outsourced its services to a local IT company. The telecom operator moved most of its IT employees to local company who are serving the same operator now under IBM logo (Although they are not direct employees of IBM).

  • it is a brain child of two would be retired employess, the ones which have busted Packtel and now it is Mobilink turn.

  • Thanks that I’ve already change my network from Mobilink, What a worst reward to its pioneers worked days and nights from years and years

  • u never know. BCS is orascom’s company…and ahm ahm ahm as always.. BDW nice move by old buddies…

  • Thats i dont know strange news. because mobilink being himself in telecom buisness outsourcing its call center, if its Europe or gulf country then one can understand saving cost. anyway…
    i wish i get this call center contract. :)

  • Thats what we get for loyal service…
    Poorly run companies by inept managers ultimately resort to such tactis

  • Outsourcing is a good option for the organizations operating in developed countries as this help them save handsome amount of money taking advantage of difference of currency value and availability of cheap labor in countries like Pakistan, India or Phillipine. Why Mobilink is doing it is strange and raise many doubts

    Additionally it goes against vision statement of Mobilink where it claims

    ” To be the leading Telecomunication services provider in Pakistan by offering innovative communication solutions for our customers while exceeding shareholder value & Employee expectations”.

    Wonder how emoloyee expectations does such thing can increase by Mobilink.

    If news is true than the question of awareness of vimplecom is not a matter of discussion. Who cares if emoployee of one of many brands they own are loosing interest to take their organization to next level. They may not be interested to deep drill the issue and will leave the matter to be decided by head of the brand they own.

    Another reason why vimplecom would not be interested in employee satisfaction can be seen in press release available on their website on November 14, 2011. In announcement of operating and financial results for the quarter JO LUNDER, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER never mentioned anywhere employee’s contribution. He said

    “We are satisfied with the solid performance we have achieved across our business units in the third quarter during which we have achieved double-digit top-line growth and surpassed the 200 million subscriber mark in October. Our cash flow of USD 1.9 billion from operations remains strong, increasing by almost 70%”

    and His comments were concluded in focus on cash flow. Nothing for employees and no words to recognize their efforts. He said

    “Looking ahead, we will maintain our focus on delivering on our value agenda by driving sustainable, profitable growth and improving our operational excellence and capital efficiency, leading to increased cash flows.”

    If this news is true, the day it will be executed, it will be ablack day in history of Customer Services of not only Mobilink but the whole market. As this will have a strong impact not only on employees but on the services customers are receiving by telecom sector.

  • Irfan Akram is behind all thia fiasco. What a man white has no respect for anyone. Well done mobilink. Miss u zohair saheb. Warid rulez!!

  • what happend i am trying to dail a number from my jazz but its not connected, and also there is no signals on my mobile, i want to change my mobilink sim to another

  • guys nothing would hapen to employes .. telenor started it first by outsourcing it to abacus .. after then warid did same with their employes with giving 2 files to their desk one was termination 2nd was new contract . sign nd start working . dun want to join as contractual employe so you tht is exit point .. every where out of Pakistan there is 3rd parties working for big giant campanies whihc reduce cost nd HR dept’s work load .

  • Shahjee says:
    December 12, 2011 at 9:16 am

    Thats i dont know strange news. because mo ……
    i wish i get this call center contract. :)

  • Mobilink after turning into mayblink now planning to outsource bzns so their ex n current managment can take extra bonuses and start their own company b4 mayblink lay them off. Nice way to start ow. Bzns and get rid of deserving job class this will just helpp PPP to increase their score in unemployment and beat the agenda of increasing crime n poverty ratios of country. This will just worsen the quality of mobilink form worst to shit

  • Very true it is effecting overall perfromance in the company, the worst part is that people dont want to join that management I mean specially Mr, Irfan, everyone was happy that old guy is finally leaving company and he is CEO for BCS :s
    people in mobilink knows that most of the companies are doing outsourcing but the way managment is trying to do in Moblink is the worst case study ever, employee expactation is getting worse day by day, people are confused about their future, this all is happening due to the change in company`s culture most of the managers tend to show that they are professional but in actual they are not, no more any open door policy exist HR is worthless and not having any impact on organization.

  • This means Mobilink is fucked up by it’s management. This is really a bad decision they have took. This will result in employee dissatisfaction because permanent employees will going to be on contracts so once they employees will be dissatisfied, they will not provide good customer support/services. This will definitely lower down mobilink’s customers. I think mobilink took a step towards closing down it’s business. I would suggest people to go for portability option and get your network changed.

  • after paktel ,these two brothers are going to distroy mobilink…

    irfan sb hun jan deyo…sadi vari aan dyo

  • It’s not only Call Center, they are going to outsource the whole organization except just 2-3 departments. Each and every employee is concerned about it.

    My suggestion for all the employees is, start switching before it’s too late….

  • Heard in 2nd phase they will outsource sales channel as well and will handed over to JT “Luru of distribution” as a retirement compensation plan. Currently JT is forming his own company and spending most of the time on this instead to improve marketing functions. What a waste for Orascom investment!

  • News till date:
    All contractual employees of Mobilink have already been shifted to BCS.
    All employees of Mobilink Customer Care Deptt will be on BCS payroll very soon.
    Irfan Akram is the CEO of BCS company.
    This will result in employee dissatisfaction because permanent employees of Customer Care Deptt will be on contracts.
    This most stupid decision has been taken to extend the services of only one man i-e Irfan Akram.
    I don’t know why Orascom and Vimpelcom are not taking interest to save the company.
    Mr. Irfan Akram ! For God’s sake please don’t play with the future of more than 3000 employees.

  • This is the game of Mamoo and Bhanja.. As soon as mamoo reached to the age of retirement he asked his bhanja “Putr, aseen ghar nhn baithna, saday wastay kuch karo”. Bhajo did for him by outsourcing and making his mamoo the CEO of that company. WOW! What a shameless and Pakistani act this is. I wish VimpelCom get involved in this case ASAP. Fire these two mamoo and bhanja in order to save mobilink’s worth and value in Pakistani Market and to save employees.

  • Dear ye kia bukwas hai Irfan Akram sb koi hosh koro why ap bohat say logo ki badowaa lay rahay hoo ap retire hoo k rest koro bohat paisay kama layee hai kuch achay kam bhee ker looo Mobilink ko destroy na koro

  • Its the matter of 2 _____ _________ pplz, they are going to ________ the company just as they did with Paktel… If over 60% workforce of contact center already hired as a contactual then whats the point of doing this mess… These 2 _______ needs to retired immidiately from the company for the sake of the ultimate betterment.

    [Comment Edited]

  • Mobilink is changing name and new is Mamo Bhanja & Associaes. Mamao oh kadon jaan chaday ga bhayee tu! Oh HR walo jago werna tum bhi contract pe ajao gay???

    [Comment Edited]

  • Irfan Akram is old but not gold soul. He is hired to kick Emp ass. Since he And Rashid khan are on board not even a single non manager Emp is happy wd him. Zohair mis u. Allah in zalimon se Nijat dilai. Logon ka haq marte hain. Bddua letay hai. Salay punjabi

  • Mobilink on Conspiracy:-

    Mobilink employess are so demotevated due to continues threats by top to bottom management even hr mobilink is also working as pupit of bulshit management.

    Now as per plan of paktel IRFAN and RASHID Bahanja trying to get his future business after retirment as they are already old and even irfan cant hear properly and even ask in meetings to speak louldy ……

    The future of Mobilink employess are in threat from Top to bottom by culprit managers which is incapballe but safe and they are put on ground to make the beggers to poor employess.

    VImpel telcom is sleeping….JAZZ SAPNA HA

    This is to remind you that we are not going to allow IRfan Rashid and company to kill the future of poor employess in any ways for your persnanal self intrest……….No Promotions is also part of this plan.

  • – Outsourcing is good, no doubt
    – Mobilink has already failed once with outsourcing with Ovex and does not want to TRANSPARENTLY do the same like Telenor did with 3 partners
    – Irfan Akram (70 years old) is cousin of CEO Rashid Khan
    – Need I say more?

    This initiative will be a disaster because to show the core ‘reason’ for outsourcing, Irfan will reduce expenses by atleast 10 to 15% by cutting salaries and/or other ‘inventions’. This is typical Pakistani corruption bull$##, will never fly in a normal country

  • Yes, its confirmed news that outsourcing plan is just delayed for a couple of months…not stopped….the management sensed the demotivation level of regular employees and delayed this decision.

    This does not mean that it will never happen….. this will definitely become a bitter reality v soon.

    if still someone wants to join Mobilink Call Centre, he or she can send the resumes (only graduates and above) on [email protected]. I will fwd them to concerned person for interview call since hiring in Mobilink Call Centre is always on due to the high turn over ratio.

  • If they are already managing with current number of confirmed staff then why they are going to outsource the confirmed ppl. But ppl are relaxed and they said there will be no outsourcing in the future for confirm employees.

  • BCS is a very poor outsource company as it/s now operational for mobilink…it has delayed the pays of many of the employee in the contact center even i am the victim of BCS this poor service.

  • close