Pakistan Tops Charts for Searching Sex on Google

With over 20 million internet users and growing fast, Pakistan tops Google search trends globally for searching keyword “Sex”. Though Sri Lanka outranked Pakistan in 2011 for same keyword search, however, Pakistan still remains at top for all time search trends for keyword “Sex”.

Check below screens for details:



Islamabad featured in the top 10 cities worldwide to search the word ‘sex’ in December 2011.

Provincial capital Lahore also featured in the top 10 cities for the months of January, March, April, May, June, July, September, October, November and December 2011.

The months of February and August (Ramazan) were the only two months in 2011 that did not feature any cities from Pakistan in the global ranking.

Similarly, Pakistan has this tendency of topping charts for other related keywords. Check below:




This information and screens are provided by Google Trends that analyzes a portion of Google web searches to compute how many searches have been done for the terms entered, relative to the total number of searches done on Google over time.

To rank the top regions, cities, or languages, Google Trends first looks at a sample of all Google searches to determine the areas or languages from which they received the most searches for the first term. Then, for those top cities, Google Trends calculates the ratio of searches for the term coming from each city divided by total Google searches coming from the same city.

The city ranking and the bar charts alongside each city name both represent this ratio.

Google Trends uses IP address information from server logs to make a best guess about where queries originated.

Via Express Tribune


Here we found out that Pakistan tops in many other search results, such as Quran, Education, Islam and so on. Click on this link for details.

  • maybe our medical students are doing some research on “sex” :/

    enter this keyword in google trends “girls numbers”

    its more shocking then “sex”

  • zain

    one reason for coming number one use of only search engine “google”. people in pakistan hardly know about OR dont not prefer to use “bing” or yahoo search.

    • Ali

      ya i agree with your both comments and i think its also time to try other search engines. the ban on porn sites will also help to lower our international ranking for sex search;-)

  • zain

    i doubt these results although i know porn search is on rise in pakistan. i think they are made up to make these results.
    if every internet user in Pakistan have searched SEX still i think Pakistan cannot come on number 1 as internet users in Pakistan are not much

    • Ahmed

      I am not an IT expert and without commenting on the character of Pakistanis as a whole, I think we need to evaluate this claim on purely on statistical grounds. Worldwide population of internet users is more than 2 Billion, Pakistan being about 1% of this can in no way rank on top in any area, even if we assume that all Pakistanis search for the same term.
      But unfortunately we are so much impressed by the west that whatever they say we are used to believe this blindly. Giving news for the sake of giving and giving authentic news is different.

      • Shahid Saleem

        Ah, but you miss something out. What PERCENTAGE of Pakistan’s users search for sex online? If Pakistan’s population on the internet is just, say, 5% of world’s population, BUT 80% of Pakistan’s users search for sex, then clearly that’s a high ratio.

  • Ali S

    I tried p*rn in Google trends…and Pakistan is not even in the top ten….something fishy here….

    Why does Pakistan tops in the above mentioned terms, when its not even in the top ten for p*rn!! :-/

    • Umair

      Because most of the people who search for porn do not know the term porn as their vocab is not so strong.

      • Chappelle

        EXACTLY, if you search blueprint, Pakistan will be no: 1 :P I am not kidding.

    • i think we (pakistani) dont know word “porn” :)
      but i think we as muslim should not follow this way…

  • Observer

    Not a news really!! Pakistan tops the charts in “sex” searches because ‘sex’ is probably the most ‘generic’ word related to Porn and this doesn’t necessarily mean that pakistanis are any bad than Indian, Brits or Americans for that matter. Just pick some more specific porn keywords, anal, tits, blowjob, porn itself and find me pakistan’s name there?

    It’s a universal problem (porn is the biggest industry in US I guess?) so please don’t pin point Pakistan based on one keyword.

    • MAK

      agree with you.

    • Raz

      You are right. And it must always be remembered that no porn movies are made here in Pakistan yet. It is a mega industry which has its customers all over the world and Pakistan is just a tip of the iceberg no the whole.

  • Yeah Pakistan wins again !!! lolz
    That happens when you try to manipulate a society and interfere in people business they find other ways to pleasure themselves. Its just the law of nature. If govt will ban on P0*n in Pak there will be just another step in manipulating the society.

  • kashif

    Simply results can’t comment , we need to see sources of outcome
    1. A single city (Lahore) can be on top in searches as compared to most notorious cities of India,Google needs to prove its authenticity.
    2. I can’t believe a country with 5 times more population having same society patterns can be below Pakistan.
    We need to see what facebook and google is contributing to Pakistan.
    I think Pro Pakistani admin should not simply put results and low morale this society rather they should find out sources to authenticate the same.

  • Pakistan is not even in the list for years 2003, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09 and 2011. And Pakistan tops with only a small margin for years 2004 & 2011.
    Now how come Pakistan is on top for all years?

    @Author: Please be careful with Titles. You’re just making it more SearchAble.
    But we are definitely ahead of everyone in one thing, spreading propaganda faster than anyone else in the world. Chahy apnay khilaf hi q na ho.

    • Ali

      Very well said!

    • Well Said , this is as propakistani Use to say …Sensationalism !!

  • Ali

    Veena Malik (might be) responsible!, LOL!

  • Faizan

    Aiwein Pakistan ko itna ziada badnaam mat karo, theek hai k word “sex” ka viewer Pakistani sub se ziada hai, but jo dekhna chahtay hein wo kya hai? Word ko specify karo to banta hai word “Porn”. Aur porn ko zara search karo, Phir Pakistan aaya to batana mujhe zaroor. Aise he SIRF Pakistan aur Pakistaniyoon ko badnaam mat karo, sub aik jese hein. Usi cheez k liye Pakistani “Sex” word use karty hein aur SAFAID CHAMRI word ko specify kar k “Porn”. I hate all those who hate my Love, My Life, My Country Pakistan. Pakistan na hota to jee k dikhatay, Hinduon k ghulam hoty. Don’t say a word against Pakistan, system galat hai, Pakistan se q nafrat karty ho?

    • Multan

      Mery bhai, Ap Pakistan mein rahty han, Ja kr Govt. School sy parhy hoye larkon sy poch Lyn, PORN hota keya hai? Sab ko ziyada ‘SEX’ ky barRy main pata hota hai, Sab yehi kahty han SEX Video dekhi hai etc.. and ap janty han ky Pakistan main ziyada word use hota hai ‘blue print’ tou Ap zara ja kr Google Trends mein

      search kr ky dekhain tou ap ko pata chal jaye ga. yahan ky 180 Million mein sy Educated Filtered 20 Million Log Keya KarTy han…

      • Faizan

        Sirf itni c baat Kehta hai ye banda K O hello sirf Pakistan he ni, puri dunya aisi he soch ki hai. Sirf humari youth gandi ni hai. Just Pakistan ko he ganda mat bolo … Please.

      • well said.

        • Faizan

          Thanks ….

          • Hifsa

            its right

  • Earnest

    Being Islamic republic its very very alarming..

  • mohsin

    one thing is noticeable that pakistanis were the topper of searching porn trough out the whole of months of 2011 except august bcz it was ramazan then. thank God.

  • mansoor

    india first pay ha :P

  • Bashi

    Pakistan is also on Third for Searching Scholerships on Google Means our Youth is on right direction :). Why dont you highlight & post it.

    1. Bangladesh

    2. Sri Lanka

    3. Pakistan

    4. India

    5. Nigeria

    6. Egypt

    7. United States

    8. Canada

    9. Australia

    10. United Kingdom


    1. Dhaka, Bangladesh

    2. Lucknow, India

    3. Bhopal, India

    4. Colombo, Sri Lanka

    5. Pune, India

    6. Islamabad, Pakistan

    7. Mahape, India

    8. New Delhi, India

    9. Calcutta, India

    10. Lahore, Pakistan

  • swa

    congratulation to all Paki.

    after this success how say we r terrorist,
    we are a going to Modernization in X….

  • rizwan

    ye search 2010 or 2011 mai hi kiu hui hai……………lolzz

  • Multan
  • username

    I dont think we search about sex most, its only that are vocabulary is not good, we only search word ‘sex’.
    This leads to two problems,
    1. we only see boring conventional sex related content on internet and
    2. we top the charts :(


    why sex sexy and other term

    try writing education …
    and see the results..

  • Noob

    Yeah….We are on Top…:(
    Google b Pakistan k khilaf hogaya….:-(

  • Shahzad

    Mehwish sis, education, higher education ,MBA, MBBS, Muslim, help muslim, study ka trend bhee dekh leyti ap aur hamain batati ke pakistan ka number kon sa hai.
    Ziada ter pakistani internet ki duniya main bachay hain aur bachoan ko kervi dawai nahi palai jati balkay dawai main koi meetha flavor dala jata hai …. yeah simple si baat apnay demagh main rakh ker kuch bolain gaay to faida bhee ho ga
    Kamzorian ko point out kerna achi baat hai …. per Propakistani aj kal kuch niralay hi tareekay se kaan paker raha hai …. agher oper diay howay words ki aar main ap sex ka trend bhee bata deti to hosla afzai ke saath saath kamzorion ki nishan-dahi ho jati …umeed hai aida is dawai ka aser ap per shayed kuch ho jaay aur Amir Atta per bhee :-)

  • For starters: There are like 4 millions internet users in Pakistan and that is not even the 1% of total internet users worldwide.

    Cant believe ProPakistani will follow the steps of Fox News!

  • kashmiri thakur

    Buht ala ……Lahori chaa gai hy har maidan mei…..

  • Mohsin

    why the url is hidden????
    in the pics

  • Muhammad Ayman

    Do u knw pakistan is also on top for search of the words like Quran, Hadees, Allah, Muhammad, Hazrat Muhammad PBUH, Hazrat Muhammad, Surah Fatiha, Islamic Books and Imaan on google? NO U DON’T KNW! i guess no one bothered to do some research. why are we ppl so lakeer ke faqeer? so the western media tells us this and we’ve to copy paste it everywhere? It’s Pro Pakistani so i guess you should portray the positive image of pakistan over here. Ain’t the western media enough for making us look like sexual freaks?

  • kkz

    Word “SEX” is also use for medically. It’s just an other try to build bad image of Pakistan.
    Now Propakistani is like commercial sites or companies press release sites, Not work for creating good knowledge plz build the nation not destroyer it by making there morals down,
    If propakistani cover IT then have any thing about Arfa Karim World’s youngest Microsoft Certified Professional, did u guys know she have a heart attack?? any supporting article for her??

  • Nadeem

    I wonder what is the purpose of this post? I guess there was a similar post last year too

  • I guess education is at the top because of our CM sahab laptop scheme to manipulate the votes of the credit goes to CM for that lolz

  • Ali

    ******AND WHAT ABOUT THHESE******

  • lolx your are using niche keyword :D you will get top ranking in google very soon :D

  • Nazakat Hussain

    A random thought..

    In regions, Pakistan ranked first?
    In cities, there is no name of country’s city?
    In languages, there is no language (English) used to search?

    When Pakistan ranks first, there should be at least 1 city on top which search sex on google. Also, there should be English language on top because people in Pakistan search material in English

    Pleas clear if I am wrong..

    • Hifsa


    • Waqas


  • Come on People of Pakistan, why cant you say a full stop to this search term of “Sex” once and for ever in your life, and try searching for other search terms….

  • AOA,



  • Danish


    I believe, you will clarify certain things after reading all these comments…
    Awaiting your response…

    P.S: Good to see that “Notify me…” checkbox is no more checked by default)

  • Thanawaal
  • Ahmed

    What’s the worry if we top in this search?

  • Shahzad

    I think there is some competition (which post will get most comments) going on b/w Propakistani authors ….. that is why they have introduced “Top commented Posts of months” box too …. and in order to get their posts in that box they have start presenting things in worst possible way because they know Pakistanis are good in “Keeray nikalna” and this way they will get a lot of comments …. come on ProPaksitani …… by the way can you tell me which “Mission” of yours these type of posts fulfill ?

  • What about fraud? You wont see Pakistan in List – rather States at 3rd.

  • SK

    Check with Quran Pakistan is on the top.
    Check with Islam Pakistan is on the top.
    Check With learn Quran Pakistan is on the top.
    Check with Hadees Pakistan is on the top.

    Undoubtedly WE are on top of every thing.

  • Technologist

    Its just how you translate the results.. for example.

    1) Pakistan is on top for “sex”
    2) 70% of sex movies are produced in USA.

    Which means Pakistan is top nation who love to see American girls in action

  • Malik Sajjad

    Some of beginer user of internet do not how they can get knowledge from they think that google is just for Sex downloading.
    They should be knowledge that what they can obtain from internet except Sex.

  • bash

    shame on the people who think that whatever google says its 100% true for god sake

    it is meant to be that way google is owned by jews and so is the porn industry then why do u think that they will give u the true picture

    they will do anything to debase any islamic country

    although the search for these videos and websites is great in our country but belive me this cant be true so many peeple have given us the figures that we dont even show on the radar relating to some keywords and not in 6-7years of the decade then all of a sudden we jumped to top

    comeon people open ur minds these are all mindgames what we have to do is stand upto them and challenge these figures but our govt is watching porn as well so why not keep on doing that

    but that doesnt mean we are the most frustrated people in the world we do have women here we have the most number of marriages and so on

  • Islam

    یہ سب میڈیا کا کمال ہے . لگے رہو بھی

  • Achi Buri Search Har jaga hoti hain.. But These stats are shocking.. we are above india :s

  • ITMinister

    Peshawar is on top for the search of girls numbers……hahahahahahahahahaha.

  • Anas

    To me this news that Pakistan tops the chart for searching term/word sex was not much shocking though I still think that why there is no European country there? Evan the U.S is at 6th place which I cant accept.

    Can you assume there are more internet users in Pakistan than U.S.

  • Sunshine94

    Bwahahaha !!! This could be true but the most real perverts are indian guys ! But you guys are all the same, indians or pakistani when you wanna chat with a girl you’re like “hi diear…. nice pic dear…. dear you’re beautiful dear…. dear can I have your number dear…..”
    You’re way to charm a girl is really ridiculous !

    Due to religion pakistanis are less perverted but indians oh my god they have really no shame they’re the most perverts ! On internet and in live !

  • Hifsa

    har jagah aise log paye jatay hain,chalo maan liya k pakistani is ko the most search karty hain. is main se 98% tou zarurat ke teht karty hain, hamary haan aisa koi system nhi js se is tarah ki info mil sakay and for the people who are going to be married ye sab jan’na zruri hota hai, aur is k lye net pe searching k elawa koi way nhi hai. on the other side, European countries main to yeh sab khulam khula chalta hai they dont need to search on net. I think thats the main reason behind it

  • Assalam o Alikum,
    Sister Mehwish, always publish the positive things of Ummat. Like, you can publish Islamic search which is also on the top. And if you are publishing such -ve statistics then see the details of it as well. See the details of the same stats,

    You will find that Chinese Language search is more than English. What does it means? Who speaks Chineses in the Pakistan?
    Also see the top cities of Pakistan where more Chinese are living like Quetta, Islamabad/Rawalpindi and etc.

    And I do request to all these Muslim brother to take this article +ve to build our characters.

    Sister Mehwish, As per hadith, momin momin ka ayeena(Mirror) haa, So its our own reflection in our muslim brothers/sisters.


  • Raazi

    I did my research the last time this thing exploded on FB that Pakistans are topping online sex charts and all that. There is no argument that in Pakistan sex searchers are too many but then again the western people are No Where.. Well the reason is understandable because one thing is to do it and one thing is to watch..and they prefer more to do things! thats the way the roll i guess..But NO WHERE ?????? and moreover, if you look for keywords like pig *** and stuff like that also fetish and all, Pakis Indies Lankans bangladeshis are topping again.. so the trend is definitely there but to fabricate it in a way that WE do it all is unfair. So google InSight is something i dont believe in.

    • Chappelle

      So you are saying that humans beings by nature want a lot of ‘sex’, and that Western people do a lot of sex so they don’t need much of the internet porn compared to us? That’s your argument?
      Google Insight is not fishy. Why don’t you accept the fact that maybe, just maybe, our nation is a little too perverted.
      Don’t believe me? Why don’t you search the term ‘blueprint’ (Our folks are a little too dumb to search for ‘porn’), Pakistan tops in it too!
      I still can’t believe people are blindly defending our nation in the face of these hard facts!

  • Oak

    I dont know the exact mechanics. But being a research professional its important to take weightage so i am not surprised to see that. In accordance with the number of internet users the proportion of word sex might be higher. But i agree we should not only focus on negative things.

    The main reason seems the increasing trend of Internet usage in Pakistan specially in Lahore , Karachi and Islamabad specially with the emergence of speedy ISP services. I would request youth to search for stuff that would help improve your career along with the manly power :D


  • Mobi

    These are fabricated “all times” results.. please take time to watch this video, n you will learn how does Pakistan pops up in search results out of nowhere…

  • abdul basit

    Pakistan is ranked number one in the world to search for the word ‘Muhammad (pbuh)’ and ‘Quran’.
    A recent report by ProPakistani shows words which were searched the most by Pakistan during the year 2011. The list of those words is as follows:
    1. Muhammad (pbuh)
    Pakistan tops the list among all countries in the world to search for the word ‘Muhammad (pbuh)’. Five Pakistani cities also top the first five spots.
    2. Islam
    Pakistan ranked as number three in the world to search the word ‘Islam’ on Google in 2011.
    3. Quran
    From all over the world, Pakistan was the number one location to search the word ‘Quran’ on Google – with Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore topping the first three spots respectively.
    4. Education
    Literacy rate still may not be that high in Pakistan, but it tops the list of countries searching for the word education’ on Google during 2011.
    5. English
    Pakistan is once again on top, with Karachi and Lahore also topping the list of cities that searched for the word ‘English’.
    6. Scholarships
    With Islamabad and Lahore on the fourth and fifth spot, Pakistan ranked on number five to search for the word ‘scholarships during the year 2011′.
    Apart from the above mentioned results, Pakistan also ranked as top country that searched the term ‘Jobs’ and ‘Peace’, seventh for searching ‘Information Technology’ and second for searching ‘Physics’ and ‘Thesis’.
    source = propakistani

  • Aram

    Chalo Kuch tho kar re Pakistani….TC

  • Raz

    You are right. And it must always be remembered that no porn movies are made here in Pakistan yet. It is a mega industry which has its customers all over the world and Pakistan is just a tip of the iceberg not the whole.

  • all the true coz i went to some internet cafe’s near about 1997 when internet was new in Pakistan, i noticed that ppl were in the safe cabins n were watching only x movies, till today u can go to any internet cafe n u will notice its still same yet after near about 15 Years.. coz we ppl love to waste the time on internet n dont know how to do a good business on it or our to b more educated on net.. may Allah bless us all..

  • Hassrat Baltistani

    Pakistan zindabaad….kuch bhi ho top ten main hamesha……no matter positive or negative…kisi din tau badal jayega…zardari ek saal aur raha tau sub cheezong main top ten: LOL

  • Dr Usman ali

    this study made as a project of anti-Pakistan. this is false study. donot believe on it.

  • Atif

    No its not alarming, sex is the basic instinct, and due the down going economy, average age of marriages in middle class society is on the rise.
    Porn videos and stuff is only a way in our culture to satisfy the sex needs. If we compare us with western countries they have a lot of opportunities to get involved in sex, and if not real sex, they have access to sex toys to somewhat fulfill their needs. But for a country like Pakistan even though social values are decreasing but still there is no easy way to get sex that easily, so they try to fulfill their needs with alternatives.

  • Yusra

    I dont get why do we always have to emphasize on the negative aspects! I refuse to believe that these reports convey the truth. All the media is controlled by the Jews.They choose how to convey their messages or precisely, how to brainwash people.

  • irfan

    Its all fake check that again if you see from 2010 back Pakistan is not in list and from 2011 Pakistan is on top how its bcoz of that when Gov block facebook and youtube from that day these webs are against Pakistan these reports are totally fake when you hit all time Pakistan goes to top but where is Pakistan in list before 2010 ?

  • I think so its totally totally fake and wrong cox any one can see that Pakistan is in top ranking in searching the word sex, but in to 10 city there is not a single city of Pakistan and one more thing according to the site Pakistan use the Indonesian language for this type of searching and its amazing and really so funny/ridiculous.

  • Muddasser

    The author is illeterate in how keyword ranking is considered and also only knows that sex only means porn.
    This word is also used medically many times. Do not just judge charachter of whole nation just by one word.
    Moreover, trend reports are not 100% correct. So, one cannot just rely on these reports. There is also discrepancy between top countries,cities and languages.
    Well, why dont you write on positive points and appreciate them, rather de moralizing the nation?
    One thing else, you are also de moralizing your blog.
    I wish I could elaborate more on this, but lack of time.

  • Follow Back

    Abe Chal Chotia Hum Sara Din Doosran Ko Chaotia Banate Hain…Tu humain banane a gaya