My Brighter Pakistan [Google Search Trends]

While reading a post on ProPakistani the other day about Pakistan’s number one ranking for searching the word Sex in Google, I really felt disgraced and disturbed. The reason was obvious and needs no explanation.


I felt that are we Pakistanis only excelling in this thing? Are we only searching for Sex on Google? The post and stats kept on striking my mind and I finally decided to open Google and searched for few other trends. The results which I found were amazing and are as below:

1. Muhammad (PBUH)

The first word for which I checked in the trends was Muhammad (PBUH) and was glad to see that Pakistan is ranked as number one in the world to search about the word “Muhammad (PBUH)” where as 5 Pakistani cities topped the first 5 spots.

Muhammad (PBUH)

2. Islam

Pakistan is ranked as number third in the world to search about the word “Islam” on Google in 2011.


3. Quran

Pakistan is at number one spot in the world to search about the world “Quran” on Google where as Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore are respectively 1st, 2nd and 3rd cities in the world to search about the word “Quran” on Google in 2011.


4. Education

Pakistan is the also ranked as number one country in the world to search about the world “Education” on Google in Year 2011.


5. English

Pakistan is the ranked number one for searching about “English” on Google in Year 2011 whereas Karachi and Lahore are respectively 1st and 2nd in the list of cities which search more than any other city about the same word in the world.


6. Scholarships

Pakistan is also ranked as number 5th for searching the word “Scholarships” on Google in year 2011 whereas Islamabad & Lahore are respectively at 4th & 5th spot.



Else than above mentioned Pakistan is ranked as 1st country for searching the term “Jobs” & “Peace”, 7th position for searching the term “Information Technology”, 2nd for searching the term “Physics” & “Thesis”.

All these results show a positive side of us. Every society and every nation comprises of good and bad people. From one search term it can’t be assumed that we Pakistanis are using internet solely for negative purposes. There are more search terms in which Pakistan is among top 10 countries in the world. We being Pakistanis should try to highlight our strengths too.

May ALLAH (SWT) bless us.


  • Woh Pakistaniyon!

    Burae main bhi top par aur Achaeee main bhi Top Par.

    Allah karain kay Achaee buraee ko KHAA jaen. Ameen.

    Allah Pak hamaray Mulk ko Kamyabion ke taraf ghamzaan karain.

  • At least sexual harassment are not found at work places Google should do a sexual harassment search ans see which country tops that

  • Great!!….looks like Pakistanis use the internet more than anyone else in the whole world :)

  • we recognized similar pattern with Searches of ACCA. Karachi Lahore and Islamabad are the top three cities to Google about largest Global accountancy qualification.

  • Excellent asad great research… must be appreciated we know we have our presence on the web we have to show them our positive side. Thank you for the post..

  • You have done quite an excellent work. It is true that in general we see only the negative aspect of our culture being portrayed throughout all sorts of media. But, bloggers have really come up as showing all the good things about Pakistan. Hats off to you!

    But that doesn’t mean we sit quiet about the dark side of our selves. I am a strong advocate of banning such illicit websites, just like most Middle Eastern Muslim countries.

  • Thanks for sharing your research. It proves that optimistic approach yields positive results!!!!
    Pakistan Zindabad!!
    Now I want media people to tell this to masses too

  • Forgive me, although this was a good trend, but how is searching for sex a bad thing? And comparing it the search of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is in my opinion wrong.

    • Exactly my views. Right wingers are having a ball in Pakistan thses days and most people are just innocently tagging along as one can win any argument in the name of Islam here. No arguments.

  • Yes its Great.Nice Work
    But One thing make clear now Its only Propaganda of Media that’s make our Innocent youngster’s mind on time wasting things.
    If you use internet in Useful manners then its fine.Don’t bother yourself about other work.
    But its great search work.

  • Assal-o-alaikum, great work done. atleast u r not demoralizing the nation and dont showwing the world our dark side like media doing these days. the fact is that most of us even dont know any other search engine rather than google. thats why our statistics are quiet higher. my advice to all my sweet friends dont give it so much importance and put ur efforts and do ur best for a brighter PAKISTAN.


  • It means we are still confused about our beloved Prophet Mohammad (PBUM), our Holy Book and our Religion thats why we are searching about these basic things on web. Such a silly way to hide our face. I totally disagree with Mr. Asad-ur-Rehman.

  • @Jawad Shafi: ‘basic things” ??? when you love someone/something, you want to know more and more about them. It is an unquenchable thirst!
    you call it confusion?

    You call them “basic things” and imply that us human beings (with their limited capacity) could have a complete knowledge about these profound subjects.. when every new thing we learn about Prophet (S.A.W) is a delightfully beautiful example to lead a better life; when every Ayah we come across of the Holy Quran is a blessed reminder from Allah, when every article related to our religion inspires us to become more devoted to our religion?
    Can this knowledge ever be “complete” for us to stop searching for them ?
    There’s no confusion in Islam !! The message is simple “There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad (S.A.W) is His Messenger”
    There is a lot to learn though! And a muslim is required to keep seeking more knowledge all his life!

    “Seeking knowledge is obligatory upon every Muslim (male and female).” [Ibn Maajah]

    And there are many online websites that are serving a very good purpose to help muslims gain knowledge.

    • Dear Sister,

      You did not get my point.

      What Mr. Asadurrehman has tried to highlight in this blog, is not a reality. Reality is that we are living in a society where teachings of our beloved Prophet(PBUH) are not prevailing anymore. Be realistic. We must admit that we have searched unethical, demoralizing and pathetic “SEX” on google. This article is trying to overlook the problem which we should address. Everyone here, just like you, is now keeping thumbs up for searching about Allah, Muhammad (PBUH) etc. But nobody is accepting that we are not the true followers of our religion. How many of us are true practicing muslim? Trust me, there is no point to take credits for searching our fundamentals on Google. It is obligatory to all of us. Please! If you want to learn more and more about Islam and its teachings, you should but please dont take creadit for it.

      If googling about Allah, Prophet’s life (PBUH), the messages from the holy Quran would have been our areas of interest, then we could not be living in such confused society.

      It is really pathetic that we are comapring our fundamentals with word “SEX”. May Allah forgive us (Aameen).

  • I think this is a very good article to show how things work at Google Trends. Because, as google said that the algorithms work in such a way that Pakistan may not “actually” be in the leading position for searching porn because the relatively very small number of people having access to the internet, yet the trends show it to be on the top because of the complicated “algorithms”. so, in my opinion, same is the case with rest of these search terms.
    This articles is JUST a proof to show that we Pakistanis are NOT actually the top searching country for the word porn (as well as not the top searching country for any other word as such). Nothing more, nothing less !

  • @ ayesha.check the last 12mouth reports ,then you thinking about our youngsters.last 12mouth report same word ISLAM ,,pakistan 3rd now.why ??

    and same Word SEX pakistan again top..

    why that,tell me my friends,maybe i have worng think about youngsters but if you all friends believe on google then see the last year reports .see our offices our colleges universities whts we doing,resent PTA block same sites after long time,our net cafes using for whts..????
    thinking that point ..

  • dear arif aap sahi khate ho but abi b pakistani iss kam bhout agae hai. still bhout si aisi sites hai jo open hoti hai……….ALLAH karain Ye gandi sites band ho. aur pakistani kisi ache kam me busy ho. GOD Bless you of all.

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