Zong Launches SMS Based Helpline

310To welcome the New Year, Zong has launched SMS based customer support service to provide convenience to its customers.

This first of its kind service in local industry will enable Zong customers to seek help and customer support through SMS messages, completely eliminating the wait time they had to bear while calling customer support.

This service is completely automated and easy to use. Users can effortlessly access the required information through SMS without having to wait for the customer service representative. It will give Zong’s customers the freedom to acquire the required information whenever they desire without any hassles.

Babar Bajwa, Director Customer Services of ZONG says, “We at ZONG believe that Customer Services is the strongest bond that can make a difference between winning and keeping a customer as per their convenience. To keep our subscribers happy, we will keep on exploring all options to stay connected to ZONG users. 310 SMS channel is just another option for achieving that goal.”

Salman Wajid, Head of Contact Centers added, “Our objective is to create highly efficient and innovative service channels for effective customer facilitation and a lasting customer experience.”

How to avail this service:

The procedure to avail this service is as simple as sending the keyword of query to 310 SMS Channel. Similar methodology can be used by the customers to register complaints. This opens up an easy option for ZONG customers to contact ZONG for complaint related issues.

We will update this post shortly with charges, if any, related to availing this service.


For time being there are no charges associated with 310 service.

  • inayat

    thats cool, but telenor is 1st one start sms base help service 346 :) great zonger keep it up

    • Romeo

      346 is being managed by CROs at the backend which means the reply comes from a person. but this service is completely automated and system picks up the best and most suitable choice for the customer automatically.

  • Azi

    What about on International Roaming?


    • hahaha yes when it is about Zong service, always comes in mind “It will work or not” :D

  • Wow seems to be a great service, now one would be able to gain help through use of text messages with feeling the need in going for in wasting time and money when it comes to gaining help from a service representative.

  • imran

    telenor 346 service is far better and they are the first ones to launch it. CROs are available at the backend and providing proper info. Automated system is not perfect even by microsoft

    • Romeo

      This is the era of automation. I hope Telenor learns quickly. Would be better for them.

  • Romeo

    Dude, this is what innovation is all about. I would give them full marks for at least trying and thinking out of the box.

  • Salman78

    Charges are still not mentioned! what’s taking so long?

  • sunny

    zong all pakages very expesive

  • waheed

    please aik sim block kar dain wo mujay bohot tang karta hai us ka number yeh hai03032940245