PTCL Launches EVO / GSM Enabled Smartphone

smartphone_pb1Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) today announced the launch of 3G enabled Android Smartphone IVIO Icon Pro that offers dual support for both EVDO and GSM/CDMA networks.

Earlier Ufone had launched Uth Futura phone with similar capabilities, however, IVIO Icon Pro is said to be faster than Futura with additional WiFi muscle.

IVIO Icon Pro is Based on Android 2.2 Froyo and powered by a 600 MHz Qualcomm processor. It lets its users surf and talk simultaneously while on-the-move and that too at speeds of up to 3.1 Mbps.

As a pioneer offering 3G EVO services on a handset with GSM/CDMA capabilities, Smartphone IVIO Icon Pro can be used by all GSM without any GSM network restrictions.


Packed with features of Capacitive Touch Screen Multi Gestures, 262K, 5 mega pixels auto focus camera, and a 0.3 mega pixel secondary camera, the Smartphone IVIO Icon Pro supports voice and SMS, Hybrid EVDO/UMTS, 256MB RAM, 512MB Flash ROM, and Micro SD support up to 32GB, with 4GB of micro SD card included.

Providing up to four hours of talk time, the Smartphone IVIO Icon Pro accepts GSM SIMs and with Handset configured for EVO , Wi-Fi Bluetooth EDR 2.1 AGPS G-sensor, thus giving PTCL customers the freedom to surf, talk, tweet and do a lot more simultaneously on the go in more than 150 cities nationwide.

Just to add, IVIO Icon pro can be used as a mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot to enable sharing of WiFi & EVO connections with multiple gadgets simultaneously.

“The launch of Smartphone IVIO Icon Pro is yet another milestone in establishing PTCL as the pioneer of 3G technology in Pakistan,” said PTCL SEVP commercial, Naveed Saeed. “It is a giant step forward in PTCL’s growth as a technologically strong and revolutionary telecom company that is proving enhanced service quality to its valued customers. We are constantly striving to bring products and services that meet our customers’ aspirations and empower them to experience the future today.”

“PTCL’s 3G Android Smartphone IVIO Icon Pro will enable users to stay connected on their mobile handsets with high speed wireless Internet at 3G Rev A speeds,” said Executive Vice President Wireless Business, Omar Khalid. “This Smartphone will open up new possibilities for customers with on-the-go connectivity offering a wide range of built-in and downloadable applications”.


PTCL has bundled IVIO Icon pro with its EVO service in two different packages, as following:

  • EVO Wind: Smartphone + 15 GB data limit with 6 months validity: Rs. 17,999
  • EVO Wings: Smartphone + 5 GB data limit with 3 months validity: Rs. 16,999


You will have to recharge your EVO account if you reach your data limit or validity duration, recharge options are as following:

  • Smart 5GB: 3 months EVO connection at Only Rs.999
  • Smart 15GB: 6months EVO connection at Only Rs.1,999

    • Yup horribly outdated Android 2.2 and 600Mhz is definitely Awesome. I wonder what will you call one with ICS and dual core 1.5Ghz smartphone.

  • Ok, so this is something cool coming from the house of PTCL. The pricing is just perfect. Specially the feature of hotspot. It just ROCKS!

    BTW I HAVE BEEN USING IT ON MY XPERIA X10 too ‘n’ lovin’ it!

    • By using it on xperia x10, do you mean the hotspot feature, or Evo? It can’t be EVO, X10 doesn’t have CDMA.

    • the brand is not ptcl …..its actually htc evo ……..which ptcl is selling in pakistan ……..its trying to make profit by selling sets as well … just like it happen all around the globe ……………the price is quiet reasonable if u know htc market ………… and if u know the price of htc in uk and else wherer

      • ^^ .. ur living in fools paradise… it isnt HTC EVO…. come out of ur dreams.. its Indonesian IVIO company… huh .. LMFAO HTC EVO … hahahahaha

  • 600 MHZ is really weak. Its the bare minimum so while the phone should’t be a hassle, not many applications will work on it properly. But it’s still a step in the right direction!

  • The only good thing in this offer is the price for 3g internet package offer which is 2000 for 6 month very acceptable. Hope other will follow this trend.

    • You don’t need unlimited on a phone. Its an unnecessary burden on the network which reduces quality for all. 15 GB is acceptable as it lets you do things meant for your phone. Leave the torrents for your DSL connection.

  • just after 7 days of my Samsung Galaxy Ace purchase
    but with 8000 price difference :/
    well it looks like a great smartphone with same specs as Galaxy Ace has..

  • Amazing! A nice offer by PTCL it proved that PTCL is the King of 3G but we should not forget about the said upcoming 3g auction in March 2012.

  • @Hamza Balouch(@H_Balouch)
    Because others offer a limited speed of about 364kbps(Correct me if I am wrong!) or even less. Whereas PTCL offers 3.1mpbs on this phone! I have to say its a good step in the right direction, but still the market has gone too far ahead. PTCL has to make allegiance with more powerful phone companies and offer more power for lesser bucks!

  • I am using this fone..Every application is working.Flash ,Skype supported…Fine touch and cheap rate.Honestly speaking this is giving perfect browsing on 3G and till now i am completely satisfied and strongly liked it….Yuppiii

  • I think PTCL has launched a great service, but sadly it is expensive to keep. Also, the v2.2 is an fairly outdated smartphone especially when v4.0 is in the market.

    Secondly, Samsung Galaxy Y cost Rs.14,000, and it runs on v2.3 Gingerbread, so in my opinion, spending Rs.16,999 is not a very good idea; and still remain thirsty for extra volume to surf internet.

  • I also want to purchase ivio icon pro.Just because high speed internet.I also have seen tab.I have Nokia N8 and I use GPRS which is very slow.There are so many devices and phones with CDMA EV DO LTE etc.Why ptcl do not give 3G services for that.Once the mobile operators started 3G this phone and tab will not be more than a piece of junk.

  • @Yehlotech

    Samsung Galaxy Y cost Rs.14,000 as you wrote but it dont have CDMA (3G) and its just GSM but PTCL IVIO set is CDMA(EVDO)+GSM.NO COMPARISON.and now also avaiolable unlimted package MAX on smartphone.Remember its OS is also upgradeable.In 16000 we need 50000 product.Honestly speaking its awesome..

    • kazi khadim This product may also be sold through Bank alfalah crdit scheme like the EVOTAB,which became esear and secure for us.Besides it is not available at Hyderabad,from where can we bye it,specially when people appointed in hyd. shops behave like high officials and don padue attention to the customers.Even a senior man and a professor has failed to deal with them.

  • @smr

    This is 3G phone.PTCL is also providing 3G on thsi smartphone and dear there is no smartphone in pakistan GSM+CDMA as you wrote there are many.

      • Airlink communication misguiding you, you should get it confirmed by dialing ptcl official helpline 1236 and ask them, they will tell you, no you can’t use unlimited package on that

        • oh yes you can get unlimited package on this phone…. I am using Unlimited @ Rs.2000 on this phone. I use it as a wifi tether … it works beatufuly……

          honestly telling you when I got this phone i was not expecting it to be such a great package. but the great thing is that EVERYTHING works perfectly smooth. Internet speed is Very good .. much faster than edge ….. I am loving it!

  • Dear LTE is 3G seervices in GSM and not available in pakistan.These are CDMA sets not 3G.You need to understand that a CDMA phone is not always 3G.Abv mentioned phones are only CDMA phones.Only PTCL smartphone pro is CDMA+3G+GSM.

    Tech always need to understand.

  • Thank you for your reply. I am not hi tech like you just an ordinary mobile phone user.what I am going to do next getting this pro 3in one thing and disconnect my 1Mb dsl along with ptcl phone line.
    When I get 3G/4G services from Mobile phone operators this CDMA will be one more addition to my previous junk.

  • No problem dear if you are not much tech.We all here to discuss and share the info.I am using EVO dongle.Tab and also this smartphone of PTCL but most easy to me that put this smartphone in my pocket and use anywhere,Whatever where i am.Even in my washrroom..:P

  • @Admin and @ Technologist

    Now new package is available in PTCL IVIO smartphone

    MAX-> Rs2000 -> Unlimited downloading for 30 days.

  • My experience with PTCL services is not good. I bought EVO 3G from PTCL customer services center, and it did not work even for the first time. I took it back and they said sorry you have to go a claim warranty from Huawei Office.Huawei took 43 days till they gave me back the repaired the device. Not only this but I was charged the full monthly bill.

  • Normal 3G ka wait kar lna behtar hy coz I think I am not satisfied with this handset(brand) but evo is superv

  • I bought this phone last week.. 1st impression is very good.. but day by day its feeels my ugly.. batry timing is very bad .. of-course on 3g.. its around about 3-4 hrs.. but without 3g it will with u for a day maximum..
    but suddenly few hour ago i got 0% signal of evo(aka 3g) and got message in lockscreen that “No RUIM Card”… what the hell with it.. and ptcl has no satisfactory support as usual.. tell me the solution if any one have.. my number is 0321-9004300 n email [email protected]

    • You need to visit Airtel office in your area. They will update your firmware to Android 2.2…and your problem will be solved….support person at Airtel is 0345-5540805…All the best!

  • On 3G mode every set consume much battery .Check the settings ‘dual mode option’,CDMA mode should be selected and there should be no SIM in slot 1 (upper slot).You can put sim only in below slot for GSM

  • i didnt used gsm sim in this i used just cdma(aka evo)using.. cdma option is checked. data n data roaming is also checked.. cdma access point name is also not available..

    • You will get used to the settings wont be problem.One thing I share which might be helpful to anyone.Insert SIM circuit side down and corner cut Of the SIM should be lower right normally thats unusual. cutmarks and sign for inserting SIMS on handset are confusing.No information regarding this provided in booklet.

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