Mobilink Postpones its Call Center Outsourcing Plan

Mobilink_logo (1)Mobilink has reportedly postponed, if not cancelled, its plans for outsourcing entire customer care department, we have confirmed with people working at Mobilink.

Though we are yet to get an official confirmation on this, but sources communicate to us that top management held its plan to outsource the customer support for time being at least, fearing staff outrage and low-morale of the employees.

Another reason for project confinement could be the fact that the news was leaked out to media when ProPakistani first covered it three weeks ago.

We had exposed Mobilink’s plan for outsourcing its all permanent (and contractual) employees working within Mobilink customer care (including senior managers). It was likely that all employees were to be offered new terms and could impact at least 2,500 customer care and call center employees.

Seemingly Mobilink will try again to carry forward the outsourcing procedures in few months, given the fact that the plan had reached its final stages.

If Mobilink ever goes ahead with outsourcing of its call center then other operators might follow the suite (a usual norm in Pakistan) to damage employment in telecom industry at large.

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  • @admin, out of curiosity how would outsourcing from a pakistani company to a pakistani comapny “damage employment in telecom industry at large”?

    I dont have details on mobilink plan but wouldn’t pakistan be better off in international call center market if we spin off our huge telecom call centers and make them profit centers. I am sure Mobilink employees will have concerns on this move as it might impact their perks but i dont understand how it is bad for pakistani industry in general.

  • There are only 3-4 companies that do a decent job of call centers in Pakistan

    1. TRG
    2. Sybrid
    3. Ovex
    and to some extent 4. Abacus

    If they cellcos are not outsourcing to one of these 4 there is something fishy in my opinion

  • Warid also has the same plans to outsource its call center operations. CSR are already outsourced..If any deal is made, will be outsourced in 3 – 4 months

  • Nobody seems to be touching the real calamity the employees of Mobilink Customer Service are suffering or going to suffer from this outsourcing fraud. Say for example: The CEO of Mobilink himself establishes a dummy outsourcing company. He transfers Mobilink employees to that company and halves their salaries (It is being done right now). Employees would blame the outsourcing company for this loss. The CEO would transfer their usual good salaries and benefits from Mobilink’s account to the fake outsourcing company. The outsourcing company would pay them half of that salary. The remaining half would be pocketed by the CEO. Remember the CEO is the boss of both the Mobilink and the fake outsourcing company. NOW, Mobilink is paying full salaries and benefits. But Employees are getting only half of it, the bulk of the remaining half is going to the pocket of the greedy CEO!

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