Wateen to Launch Freedom Booths

Wateen Telecom has announced the launch of its new Freedom Booths.

The Freedom Booths, which looks like old telephone booths from the 60s, include a laptop fitted with a web camera and a telephone system through which consumers can make voice calls to their loved ones and record the ideas and messages they would like to share with others.

The Freedom Booths – the first of their kind to be launched anywhere in the world – reflect Wateen’s capabilities as a leader in converged communication services and exemplify the company’s data, voice and content creation services.

The applications for the Freedom Booths are limitless. This cutting-edge medium of communications aims to maximize the application potential of the internet, while helping connect people across the country.

With approximately 1.5 million connections serving a population of over 175 million people, Wateen believes it is necessary to promote the benefits of telecommunications technologies and the internet to the people of Pakistan. Currently, Wateen has launched the Freedom Booths in select areas with extremely low internet penetration in order to generate interest in telecoms and internet technology.

Wateen is carrying out this experiential marketing activity in Multan, Sialkot, Faisalabad, Gujrat, Sahiwal and Sargodha, where the Booths are being taken to select public venues on the back of quad bikes. Members of the public will then be asked to record messages and ideas on how they feel they can help improve Pakistan.

Syed Jibran Ali, Wateen’s chief commercial officer, said, “Currently, we are asking people to share their ideas on how they intend to make a change in society and help progress Pakistan. In the future, we also intend on utilising this content and sharing it through Wateen’s various media channels and cable network.”

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Naeem Zamindar, CEO Wateen Telecom, said, “We are excited with the opportunity the Freedom Booths present – how these can revolutionise the use of communications on a global level and change the way we experience the internet. The Booths are also a great medium for people to experience the promise of the Wateen brand and the services we offer. I believe these will help people who have never used the internet before to experience its power and to bring about a digital revolution in Pakistan.”

  • Islam

    Good Effort! But i remember about before 10 years i saw both of different companies like worldcall etc, now why this types of booths are taken away?

  • Great wateen, we need those telephone booths back. they were useful. I hope idiot people will not misuse or destroy the equipment. then the same people can be heard saying “hamara mulk? hamara mulk to fazool hay is main kuch hay he nahi”

  • seems cool