Pakistan Wins Crickets and Twitter

While team Pakistan in process of winning second test against England in UAE, there was another interesting thing going. This is was the Twitter’s worldwide trending of Pakistan continuously for several hours.

Throughout the match, whenever a wicket fell, a new batsman came or even when the cricketers appealed, the situation started trending on twitter.

Check below the highlights:

England 37-4


England 56-5


Trott’s, Adnan Akmal (thanks to his ‘brilliant’ appeals)


England 68-6, Trott (just after his wicket fell)


England 68-7, Abdur Rehman


Eng 71/8 (it continued to trend even after the match was won)


Congratulations Pakistan (it kept trending for several more hours even after the match, peaked at no. 2 worldwide)


  • Abdul

    Even Pakistan Zindabad Trended!

  • Pak Telecom

    great job,, Congratulations to Pakistan on its victory

  • M.Aswad Mehatb

    Next Expected Blame From English media :
    Abdur Rehman bowls with left hand. That’s not fair..!! :P


  • Azhar

    It was a great victory n I m speechless that how happy I m.So joining the crowd and crying PAKISTAN ZINDABAD.

  • Congrats Pakistan and Pakistanis

  • congrats Pakistan team…………

  • This is something that worth sharing :)

  • lolx :P Hum b na :P