PTCL to Charge DSL Customers Rs. 5,000 Extra for Exceeding 300 GB Limit, Removes 50GB Limit

PTCL-logoLast week PTCL implemented this new policy of charging its DSL broadband users an extra sum of Rs. 5,000 if they cross 300 GB of download limit in a given month, removing earlier limit of 50GB per month.

This means that DSL customers will now not be charged Rs. 1,000 for crossing 50GB, instead they will be charged Rs. 5,000 if they cross 300GB limit.

PTCL said it is notifying its customers by calling and emailing them.

Reportedly, this extra charge and 300GB cap is applied to 1MB, 2MB, 4MB, 6MB and 8MB DSL packages. 10MB, 20MB or 50MB packages will not come under this extra charge.

PTCL website writes:

For Quality Assurance Purposes and to provide uninterrupted service to all customers, Rs. 5,000 per month will be charged for greater than 300 GBs downloads. This is applicable on 1 Mbps to 8 Mbps DSL Connections

PTCL users, especially those who rely heavily on torrents, will now have to keep an eye on their download/upload meter to avoid extra charging, however, those usual DSL customers don’t need to worry.

It merits mentioning here that this Rs. 5,000 charge will be in addition to original charges of your DSL package.

It maybe recalled, in September last month, PTCL had imposed an extra charge of Rs. 1,000 for exceeding 50 GB limit, but with this new cap, 50GB can is not effective any further.

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  • Altaf

    It’s a good decision. We do not use internet responsibly.

    This will help to reduce load on internet and will help those who suffer from bad quality.

    Moreover, there are people who buy one connection and use it with multiple people in the neighbourhood or some people use it in a cafes / make money to share it. Hopefully it’ll also reduce this practice.

    Let’s support good steps rather than criticizing it.

    • No Dear this is not a good decision.

      • Zulqarnain Nizamani

        Well he got a very good point “there are people who buy one connection and use it with multiple people in the neighbourhood or some people use it in a cafes / make money to share it.”

        i know ppl who do that, get 4 MB connection and give out 10 connections from it :)

        • Santiago

          then charge from 4MB why to one MB and 2 MB who use basics of the connection it is just a head ache one keep looking how much one have consumed it’s limit and how much not.

          • Nauman Bhatti

            Brother 1 MB or 2 MB won’t get near 300 GB because it means almost 10 GB downloads in a day. Having speed of 1 MB or 2 MB connection it is extremely difficult to do that.So you don’t need to worry, you are always gonna end up under 300 GB cap.
            The problem is for 4 MB and 8 MB they have great speeds for downloads,10 GB is downloaded in a matter of 3 hours if you are using 8 MB DSL connection.
            I am using 8 MB and my last month’s usage was over 179 GB. If I put on some more effort, I could cross 300 GB cap.It’s Clearly a problem for me.
            But you don’t need to worry.

            • Nauman Bhatti

              However you are right in your succeeding comments,PTCL service really sucks…

      • Asif Nafees

        PTCL sucks when it comes to DSL.I think PTCL is always liked only because of its unlimited internet connections but this time ptcl has got the “Fair usage” virus too. Is this condition imposed on EVO devices?

        • Santiago

          PTCL should provide fiber lines instead of making such decision and improve their customer services complaints issues, and noise issues in lines.

    • Santiago

      Yes But instead of charging 5000 even if a customer crossed 50 Mb or 100 Mb more then one have to post 5000 Rs which is not favor and how one knows one crosses such limit or not.

    • Santiago

      In Europe there is unlimited no. of upload downloads even on basics of internet connection and there basics connection are from 10 Mb You can imagine how much one use if one have 10 Mb package. It was PTCL broadband policy to bring more and more customer when they could not support big no. then why did they invited so much people even they copper wires instead of fiber and there complaint works very poorly but when it comes of charging extra then they do it like they are providing the best service

  • Das

    Heading towards internet/bandwidth load shedding.

    • Askani

      Rightly said…. DSL was sth uninterrupted but now bans on this are also being put…. Previously 1000 extra charges was ok but now 5000, who can pay thAt much,,,,,

  • Hammad Maqbool

    PTCL has rights to cap the bandwidth to a limit but being one of the market leaders and with so much big consumers they should give their users tools to measure their total bandwidth!

    • Ghayur

      I totally agreed….

    • Ather Masood

      101% agreed. Infact the portal of PTCL which is “” is also shut down…

      This is totally unfair and a fraudulent activity.
      PTCL must make its portal operative.

      Otherwise, I appeal to all DSL users to lodge complaints agaist this fraudulent action taken by PTCL.

    • UQ
      Sign In for keep any eye on your volume.

  • Bad Bad Very Bad Decision.
    Agr ya decision wapis na lya gya th mia wateen ya kise aur isp k baray mia sochon ga.

    • Zulqarnain Nizamani

      woh b unlimited nahin detay aur 300GB koi b nhn :)

      • Anonymous

        Wateen k 1mb aur 2 mb package unlimited hian , un ki limit 1000 gb hia ….

        • Asad

          1000 GB for 1 and 2 Mbps means unlimited.

  • Atif

    300 gb monthly means 10 gb daily which is reasonable data limit. Further it means 440 mb per hour or 7.3 mb per minute so avg user will not be affected at all.

    Stay happy and do little math before commenting

    • Zulqarnain Nizamani

      Thank u dear :)

    • Hammad

      exactly my point.many will not be affected by this decision and its is better for qos.

    • DOM

      Ya bro u right upto some extend .but plz use u r math in per second .what per second speed if any user who got 8mb then i think it exceed easily 300gb. if ptcl drop their per month charges respectively on mb’s .then matter may be solve.

    • mosab

      rite…….. : )

    • @rij


  • fatima

    How You Say It Good Step. Ptcl Should Give This Guideliness before launching dsl services. Ptcl Increasing its Profit Unethically Like Charging 1000 in last month for 4mb Packages. I Think Ptcl Is Now Playing In Unqualified Marketing Staff. It Should Be Rit In Court About this New Step. I Know One Thing That Ptcl considers its customers as fool people. No Reactions comes from us even we suffer. We As Customer Must Thinking About This.

    • As we pakistani awam we dont have time to think like this we are dead.

      • unknown

        yes u r right fatima sister they making us fool and if they were starting this policy they must start it from begining

  • Adeel

    How do I calculate my remaining bandwidth?

  • Kamran

    ham ne month me kitna data download kr lia he check krne k liay koi option to dain phir sahi he ham poray 299mb pr stop kr dain ge……. :)

    • Kamran


    • liaqat

      aisa Nhi Aap Ko Chiaay K aap 10 ya 12 Conection 8 MB kay lain aor har Conecction Ko 20 Person,s Main Devide kar dain har banday ko khuli aaazadi dain kay khuL k Downloading Kary har Conection Say 100,000 Wasool Thoray Din Logoon ko Speed check karwa kay apna paisa Wasool karna shro kar dain 1 month ki 10 ya 12 lakh wasoli kar k Oversease Ho jaaaen
      PTCL ko Sabaq aaa Jaay kay Kisi Dil Waly say pala Para Hay

      Expenditure sirf 5000 ya ziada say ziyada 10000 hoon gay Baqi Bachat hay.

  • fatima

    Where check bandwidth. in ptcl portal no option for checking bandwidth.

  • Ahmed

    I just confirmed from helpline, the Rs. 1,000 charged on exceeding 50GB is no longer in place.

    Thank god for that, 50Gb was nothing and easily crossed!

  • Mujiboy

    ptcl sucks!!!!!!!!!!

  • Well , it’s really a bad decision…

    Is there any way to check you the remaining bandwidth?

    • Ali Raza

      you can check it by dialing 1218 and chosing broadband

  • this is not a good decision.

  • IT Minister

    To keep an eye on your downloads/uploads, download and install Bandwidth Meter.

  • HAmza Younas

    5000 Rs se bachny k liye Banda 2 Connection na Le lay :) btw where we can check bandwith now portal havnt any option :(

    • fahim hassan (maXey)

      brother 1 connection 3400, ka hai oor do above 7000, now tell me what will you chose

  • phir kahtay hain dear customer ptcl ka bill nai diya ap na…. bghair bataye bill…..

  • Multan

    PTCL walon ko Private companies ka paisa chal geya hai, I may think to switch wateen or Linkdotnet.

    • Danish Tahir

      they don’t let any one survive they has been closed

  • they should warn one who is near to cross 300gb

  • PeeTCL

    5000! Are they mad. 300GB is fine for 1-2 Mbit users but for 4/6/8 Mbit its nothing! They should charge 500-1000 only for 4/6 connections if they goes above 500GB! and for 8 Mbit the limit should be like 800 to 900 GB.

    • Adeel

      Limit hata ker aesa kerdena chahiye ke 1 PC per ek connection chale customer ager ek connection ziada PC per chalaye to 20% extra charges hon monthly rates per.. Isse jo single user hai uska masla solve hojayega… Kiun Bro

      • fahim hassan (maXey)

        BHai mare, jis ka kaam hi network per chalta ho wo kya apna monthly profit ptcl ko khairat main day ga. dont think about u only.

  • kashif

    well this is not fair.always price going to high and high.

  • Iftikhar Ahmad

    PTCL should arrange to inform the subscriber about consuming at (say) 250GB, 290GB, 295GB

    • Zulqarnain Nizamani

      Yes They should

  • rocker

    ptcl only the ISP which provide unlimited internet now it limited f***k u

  • Alam

    Better, PTCL block a category of torrents, and i believe this is the beginning PTCL will increase more..

    • jawad

      that make no sense at all.. 300 GB is quite a bit of data, disabling torrents will cause them to loose about 70% of customers instantly.

  • s

    very bad decision.ptcl should stop new connections if they cant improve dsl services.

  • kamran khan mohmand

    Na yara osm der she de, mng pe sa kao hu kher decision is wrong.:(

  • I think it’s time to say goodbye to PTCL

  • Fj

    What the policy for Rs. 1000 Extra on exceeding 50GB? Is it still intact?
    If only this policy is applied, then its not a bad decision!

  • Zainab

    is there a way to know total upload/download on ptcl like witribe etc? that will help to know how much exactly I downloaded etc

  • kamal ashraf

    ye to bohat bura hoa, any way ptcl ki website pe to koi nahe dikhi mujy ye news.

  • ibrahim K

    لگتا ہے پی ٹی سی ایل کو اپنے کسشمرز پسند نہیں ہے

  • bilal

    300 GB limit will suffer only those who are using domestic connections for commercial purpose of they have nothing to do instead downloading..
    Bandwidth is not FREE anywhere and 300 GB is toooo much…

  • Assalam o Alaikum,
    Admin,wasn’t this my post? :(

  • Badar

    After this step Check PTCL DSL Speed becomes more faster. Check it from and u will get speed of 1.20 mbps instead of 0.87 mbps before this Rs 5000 Addition.

  • Zulqarnain Nizamani

    Duniya main aisay log bhi hote hain :D

  • Ali T.

    Nothing wrong at all about it. For eff sake a DSL connection is for one’s personal/family use and not meant to be used as a Net Cafe!

  • jaan143forever

    جو لوگ یہ کہہ رھے ہیں کہ ٹھیک فیصلہ ہے میرے خیال میں وہ آن میں سے ھیں جو کہتے ھیں اپنے بندے زیادہ کر لو جو ہمیں جلدی دلدی جوتے ماریں تاکہ ھم فارغ ھو کر اپنے کام پر نکلیں

    • Ali Raza


  • Muzamal

    Bad News… i’m ok with 300Gb policy, and i guess a home user can’t exceed that, doesn’t matter what’s his/her downloading addiction. i use to download allot, 100’s of videos from just Youtube each day, because downloading is faster then streaming on youtube’s page. but 50Gb is not enough.

  • zain

    bhai kya ho gia hai . 300gb is not a small data.

    abb muft khori khtam kar do na

  • Peetcl

    han toh Net cafe ke liye rokho toh us ke liye restrictions lagao home users ko kiyon tang kar rahe ho. And many home users have +300GB wants :p on 4mbit home connection 300 GB is nothing.

  • Majid

    Just for Propakistani and other users INFORMATION, 50GB limit is removed now, PTCL management decided to limit it 300GB, which is lesss than 1% users reached.
    300GB limits is because of some small operators who sold there services to 100s of people further through network cable and charge handsome amount of money can say MIS USE or Illegal.

  • Fakhre alam

    It’ll affect users of 4mb connections. Browsing speed is almost same for all connection. Hi speeds are meant only for hi download speed which mean larger volume per month. Doing ur math here doesn’t work Mr.Atif.

  • Zeeshan Javed

    Well dear friends every one is asking here that how to know about how much he/she have downloaded well there are two ways to know
    1: call 1218 and then in broadband give your ptcl number and CSR will ask you details provide them and they will tell you that how much you have downloaded.

    2. the easy and simple (cause i love this method) send an email to [email protected] in which mention your name, ptcl number, address and your NIC number and they will contact you within 10 Mins to tell you about your downloaded data. Hope it will help u all.

  • NJM

    1 MB users may download maximum of following :-

    1 Minute 7.3 MB
    1 Hour 439 MB
    1 Day 10.3 GB
    1 Month 309 GB

    Assuming they are getting constant average data rate of at least 125 KBPS.

    Average data rate that’s usually received is 120 KBPS, maximum download could be:-

    1 Minute 7 MB
    1 Hour 422 MB
    1 Day 9.9 GB
    1 Month 297 GB

    They should apply such limits to 4 MB + connections as it was the case earlier.

    • tranquilizer

      Thank you so much my friend ~~ ! I was worried for nothing which i felt was something, This cap must be applied to 2 mb + connection for 1 mb user can only download up to 297 mbs per month maximum. And after keeping in mind the current services standards and the Load Shedding of Wapda i don’t think 1 mb users can reach a cap of 20 Gbs/Month. ! thank you once again ! It was so dumb of me ! Thank you for finishing of my Worries. Kisses ! But users will still love a bandwidth usage meter, that is something else than which wont show you anything regarding your Bandwidth usage despite the use less option of check your data usage which is present but is of no use :-)

  • yaro koi bata sakta hai k ek month main kitna data use ho jata hai agar 4 users hon to

    • Shariq

      My guess would be 100 GB or around based on my own consumption / usage

    • kamal ashraf

      @noor ahmed pareshan mat ho yar, merey connection mein bhi 4 users hain, and you know k sab har waqat taqriban online he rehtey hain, aur meri last month ki usage just 36 gb thi :), kion ke hum zeyada browsing kartey hain, downloading bohat kam kartey hain. is liye tension not.

  • Shariq

    My bandwidth utilization for past 4 months ;)

    October 71 GB
    November 103 GB
    December 79 GB
    January 81 GB

    I am using 1 MBPS connection from PTCL.

    • zain

      how did u calculate data used

      • shariq

        it’s not calculated, it’s my actual consumption as reported by ptcl 1218

  • Shariq

    PTCL should update their website to reflect this change on each and every page where they are advertising their broadband tarrif, as for now @ they are mentioning their packages as follows which needs to be revised to show 300 GB cap.

    Q8. What are the current DSL packages offered by PTCL?
    PTCL offers 4 convenient packages to meet your bandwidth and download needs:

    DSL-1Mbps @ Rs.1199 per month (unlimited download)
    DSL-4Mbps @ Rs.1999 per month (unlimited download)
    DSL-6Mbps @ Rs.4999 per month (unlimited download)
    DSL-8Mbps @ Rs.6999 per month (unlimited download)
    DSL-2Mbps @ Rs. 1499 per month (Unlimited Download)
    DSL-10Mbps @ Rs. 9999 per month (Unlimited Download)
    *One time Installation charges of Rs 1000.will be applicable from July 1, 2010.

    • jawad

      i have emailed them several times about this but the are advocates of false advertising.

    • Adeel

      Bro you have copied the faqs page check the actual page of packages. Go to bottom of the page and see. with your open eyes. If you can read that and it is fair use policy which every company apply to maintain there quality.

      To subscribe to PTCL broadband service call 0800 80 800

      For complain registration please call 1218

      *Note: For Quality Assurance Purposes and to provide uninterrupted service to all customers, Rs. 5,000 per month will be charged for greater than 300 GBs downloads. This is applicable on 1 Mbps to 8 Mbps DSL Connections.

      • Shariq

        @Adeel, I would appreciate if you can point me to any company policy or page where they are saying without * or without mentioning fair usage policy?

        My point was simple and crystal clear, they should mention that “Quality assurance” phrase in FAQ as well as the package page.

  • ptcl gone mad

    Ptcl is not doing good as it does not show the diwnliad and upload meter … They say you have to call helpline to check the download limit reached… Its not appropriate as they also include streaming in it which cannot be calculated especially as i use wifi with the ptcl router!!!

  • khan

    vary pathetic service over all …..

  • Photoshop Courses

    Don’t download crap stuff from internet

    good decision taken by PTCL

  • BAloosh

    is this the true meaning of unlimited internet ??

  • Muhammad Anas

    Its a good decision but however for many it is not good (You know the people I am pointing at!!).

    Further more this policy should only be applied for users of 1 MB, 2MB Bandwith.

    For 4,6,8 MB users this policy is unfair.

    The better way to get rid of all this nonsense is to go for EVO 3G or EVO Nitro which are truly unlimited as I suppose.

  • Saad Durrani

    There is a sensible way of doing things. If someone exceeds the cap then charge him for additionals Gigabytes rather than sending 5,000 surchage.

  • Another bad move by PTCL!

    300GB limit on 8Mb makes no sense because it will exceed within a week.
    8Mb users can have upto 80GB download per day!

    1Mb users dont have to worry about this limit because they will never hit 300GB.
    Because 1Mb users can’t download more than 300GB (practically!)

    The “most affected” by this limit are small ISPs providing shared internet under the “unlimited” title!

  • Ali

    A very good decision indeed. This will definitely improve QOS. Positive steps should be appreciated.

  • Irfan

    All I can say bunch of monkeys sitting in PTCL office who have complete database of customer behavior and usage patterns.

    First they put 50GB limit and now 300GB and in 3 months they will drop back to 100 GB limit

    It’s such a huge company without focus and stable service.

    I am 4gb user with 3 laptops in house and average use of 30-40 gb and smart tv with fibre line and every month we have 3 day service issue somehow on average in last 1 year duration.

    It’s 2012 and I think the PTCL monkeys need to act and think like Humans.

  • arslan

    hi, i want to confirm the news. as the 1mb connection as unlimited download, is this also implemented on 1mb connection? now the 1md also has limited download. plz replyyy

    • safwan

      infact its is limit on every package.i-e it also affects i mb pacakge but you dont have to wory because you cant cross 300 gb in 1 month with such speed you can download at the maximum of 50 gb per month

  • Shaan

    While 300GB limit is fine for 1 and 2 mb users, but for 4, 6 ,and 8 mb it’s just ridiculous.

    My advice for PTCL management is that, for the sack of it’s good reputation, and if data limit is very necessary then this should be as is…
    1&2 mb = 300GB
    4 mb = 400GB
    6 mb = 500GB
    8 mb = 600GB

    It’s just a joke, that why would a user opt for a 6 or 8 mb package if he will face the same 300 GB data limit. why he would not go for 2x4mb connection and vice versa.

    In last, what the hell is this 5000 punishment thingy? and I,m speechless about the stupidity of the company by putting it’s consumers in such awkward situation. the simple solution is that why wouldn’t they just reduce the connection speed to half or more if someone would cross the data limit.
    unless they’re eager to rob the consumers, they shouldn’t practice stupid ideas like this, which are harm for both consumers + the company’s reputation.

  • shahjahan qadir

    how we know we are crossing limit to 300 gb in a month … ptcl gona mad

  • Anwer Ali Baloch, Hub, Balochistan.

    PTCL is simply a cheater. 1st it grabs a customer and then sucks its blood. It is high time that people switch to other private companies. The private sector companies should also come ahead and increase their coverage. For example, here in the biggest Industrial city of Balochistan (Hub city) which is hardly 10 kilometers north-west of Karachi, no any private internet company (Wateen, WiTribe, Quebee, etc.) NOTHING is available. Even if I want to switch to a private company today, I can’t because there is no service available at all.

  • Cyber Inn

    Dear All,
    We can use two 4mb and merge them 4+4=8mb. and our downloading limits increase to 600gb.
    two 4mb connection in Rs.4000
    Previously Rs. 3000 for a single 4MB

    I think you got my point.

  • NastyBaby

    UF! This Is Just A Cool Way To Earn Money Buddy.
    Just, ForGet Every Thing UnTil You Read This, …
    A Country SomeWare In EUROPE Named “FINLAND” In This Country Wired Or Wireless Internet Connection Including “MOBILE” UpTo 4 To 8 Gbps High Speed Internet Is Absolutely Free. Only 10, 15, 35 OR 50 Gbps Users Have To Pay But Still UnLimited. Their Government Confirmed That In 2015 These Packages Will Also Be Free, Only 65, 75, 85, 100 Gbps Users Have To Pay But, Still On Cheap Charges. CountDown On World & Find The Difference Between PTCL & FLTCL.

  • Nabeel

    What a pathetic step taken by PTCL. Why did they give us unlimited in first place? Now penalty charges Rs: 5000. Are they out of their mind? They should eliminate the charges or should provide the choice that if data exceed the threshold instead of penalty charges they should terminate connection for that month. This should be the choice of customer.

  • Danish

    there should b a system for email or sms notification to users informing about there usage, say on 50%, 75%, so they can manage accordingly

  • Danish

    aur agar ptcl humein extra charge karde jabke humne 300GB use bhi na kiya ho to phir kaise prove hoga k humne actually use bhi kiya hai k nahi?
    they can fool users by fake billings


    [Comment Edited]

  • Saad Ahmed

    Wrong.. Totally wrong decision. Internet is made to use. That’s none of your concern heavy or light. Your duty is to give us services for what we are paying you monthly. It is no good to impose limits like other ISP’s very bad decision. I totally dis agree and all torrent downloaders will be!!

    Buzz off ptcl!!

  • Shariq

    In addition to all above, I personally thing just like others (I guess witribe or qubee) PTCL should also consider downgrading or limiting data transfer rate after 300 GB instead of penalizing their broadband subscriber for going over limit, and they should also charge nominal charges for over-usage per GB basis instead of flat Rs.5,000 penalty.

    Guess, How would you feel if you consumed 301 GB in a month and your bill is incremented for Rs.5,000 ?

  • Hammad Yousaf

    I strongly oppose this decision of PTCL because bandwidth needs are increasing day by day. A movie, game or software which was of a 600MB is now available on multiple DVDs means 4 to 8 GBs. So if one is downloading some good quality HD video like 720p or 1080p the movie size will be more then 2GBs and now 3D videos are becoming popular day by day, the size of 3D movies is around 15 GBs. So this increase in sizes of the software or games ultimately rises the need of more bandwidth.

    If PTCL cant live without capping the download limit then this limit should be package based. I mean

    Package 1Mb – Limit 300GB
    Package 4Mb – Limit 1200GB
    Package 6Mb – Limit 1800GB
    Package 8Mb – Limit 3200GB

    I hope ptcl will look upon my suggestions.

    • Hassaan

      100% agreed…

  • Iftikhar Ahmad

    First PTCL says “unlimited” then after some time caps and applies limit. It is against the contract terms.

    PTCL should frame contract rules before giving DSL connection.

  • Haseeb

    300GB/month is 10GB/day. Thats in way is affecting the common user. Not a bad decision at all and its good that charging of Rs.1000/- on exceeding 50GB is taken back.

    • Haseeb

      no way affecting the common user

  • Haseeb

    300GB/month is 10GB/day. Thats in no way is affecting the common user. Not a bad decision at all and its good that charging of Rs.1000/- on exceeding 50GB is taken back.

  • Muhammad Anas

    But Bro what do you think about one who is using 8 MB Bandwidth????? For user of 8MB, 10 GB a day is not a big deal!!!!!!!!!

  • Fawad

    Doest matter pTA Blocks or not… the legendary (2005 – 2012) has died!!! :(

  • what is this :(

  • Jameel

    This sucks. I’ve got to cut back on downloading stuff now (according to utorrent, the amount of data I’ve transferred in the last 31 days is 246 GB!! – 2 mbps connection)

  • safwan

    i think its better than 50 gb limit but not good enough.because ptcl charges much from their they shouldn’t put such may lead to loss in connections.

  • Tahir niazi

    when internet was invented it was to be free of charge,and DSL limit on down load,one comment I read we don’t use internet wisely,please go and learn basics first then comment

  • Iftikhar Ahmad

    When I applied for DSL PTCL said unlimited. Now how they are going to cap the bandwidth limit?? There should be contract binding.

  • Fida

    I think there might be some private company to be launched in near future so the PTCL now repelling its consumer towards that company.
    As its true for railway, PIA and other public companies.

  • Nabeel

    PTCL is doing so wrong. First they have to broadcast the policy. Now people will start to think for other ISPs. PTCL people don’t know the calculations and they put same limit on every package.

    I was using PTCL because they provided unlimited package even I did not use more than 120 GB in a month but just it said unlimited.

    Rs: 5000 penalty ? Hey PTCL don’t you have better plans?

    Please people suggest what other option we have I mean other ISP better than PTCL and their packages?

  • Chappelle

    Calm down! If you are 1 MB user it won’t affect you. Here’s why:
    Suppose your downloading speed is 110 Kb/s. If you download for each second of a month, you’d download only 271.9 gb.

    It won’t affect much 1 MB users. I don’t know why there is so much hue and cry. If you won’t download during sleep time, it probably won’t affect you no matter what speed. (Calculate to check)

  • Muneeb

    I think at&t(biggest company in us) also have limits for bandwidth usage they done that because 2% of users were consuming more then 20% of bandwidth.

    I support this decision 98% of user don’t have to pay now 1000 extra

  • Iftikhar Ahmad

    If the PTCL ask to call help line to know one’s download limit reached, how they can cope with millions of subscribers asking for this????

  • hum Ye Kasse Check Kar Sakkte hai ke Hum Ne Atnii downloading Karr li hai Koi Bata Sakta hai Kaay

    MSN : [email protected]

  • G.Guy

    @Photoshop Courses
    Wat do u mean by crap stuff?
    u mean we shud play jave games on our 8 mb connection and keep the limit bellow 10GB and make our selves proud tht we r doin’ rite?
    Anyways,New policy is jst ptcl’s new gimmick..!
    Actually ptcl majority user’s use 1mb-8mb connections and their 10, 20 & 50mb connection were in vain but nw with there new shitty policy they can attract more consumers to their Elite Packages…
    F*** u Ptcl……!!!
    Although this policy has nothing to do with 1-4mb users BUT 6-8mb users will suffer 4rm this policy alot…
    Haram khana to ptcl ki Ibadat bngya ha..

  • Iftikhar Ahmad

    Dont’t be happy, PTCL will again change!

  • Nabeel

    Hey Guyz,

    I have got new idea to shock PTCL. Just call help line and ask them about the news of limit, When they say 300GB just tell them that you would like to terminate the connection because of the limit. Don’t tell your real DSL number because in real you are not going to terminate.

    In this way when they receive tons of calls about termination of connection they will definitely think about it.

  • waqas

    i m using 4 mb connection , and Just got my PTCL Bill , am shocked to see my broadband bill is 7,000 Rs . they have charged my 5000 Rs extra without ever notifying that i have exceeded my download limit or without ever notifying abt this new policy

  • Muzammil

    this is not true i still got Rs1000 extra charge in month of feb.

  • Iftikhar Ahmad

    one extra bit over 300GB will cost Rs 5000/
    What a joke.

  • Iftikhar Ahmad

    It is suggested that instead of charging Rs 5000/, PTCL should cap and block usage over 300GB. This will be justified and acceptable.

  • Valentines day 2012

    very good work ptcl hats off to you :D now they should ban all the proxies :D

  • Tahir

    i agree with u all …….but ptcl must publishis this add ……ptcl make fool us….this decision is bad for all dsl user …..

  • usman

    dosto mera 20 din net chal tha last month aur 10 din kharab tha aur 225 gb downloading ho chuki thi

    • HasNi

      Your speed’s 4mb?

  • HasNi

    upload or download milla ke 300gb? ya 300gb upload and separate 300gb download??????????

  • Atif

    my data usage of last month is 150 Gb but now in this month i already use 140 Gb at middle of the month…..
    this is realy not fair.

  • Hassaan

    No worries at all for 1MB users, as you cant exceed the limit by any means, but at 4mb there is big hugeeeeee problem, lets see how,,,
    Approximate Data you can download at constant 490/kbps without any jitter:

    1.7 GB per hour
    40 GB per day 24 hours
    1.2 TB per 30 days a month
    so in 300 GB limit you can use 10GB per day
    which takes 5.8 hours to complete.
    i download daily at night for 8 hours I bet most of us do. and the surfing and watching videos in youtube all the daytime is 1 more thing to add.
    so even 500 GB is not enough for advance users.
    800 GB is not infinity either for 4mb but reasonable.
    this is for 4mb users what about 6 and 8 mb users?

    if you want to use it casually and surf only then you probably don’t want any more then 2 mb because surfing is the same in all connections,
    who wants more speed is the users who do heavy downloading of movies and games and stuff.

    So 300 GB is nothing for downloaders and charging 5000 Rs for 1 extra bit from exceeding is completely silly.

    • Santiago

      Yeah it is just like giving punishment to those.

  • Nawaz Ahmed

    I am using 4mb connection
    After calculation, found out that if i use my connection 24/7 i ll end up downloading 506.25GB
    so after that i have decided to use my connection for 14 hours a day meaning 295GB at the end of the month
    Correct me if wrong
    Very bad move by ptcl, strongly condemn this!!!!!!!!!

  • Nawaz Ahmed

    306GB for 128KB/s
    1200GB for 512KB/s
    i have to limit my internet to 5 hours a day :(

  • Ali

    I guess time to look for other options.



  • Erujj

    Salam to all. This download limit should be provided to customers with 1-2 Mb packages. 300 Gb limit for a 4-8 Mb user is really pathetic. If you stream Hd video, Download movie or play online game per day 300 GB can be easily crossed. My suggestion is these limits should be according to the packages provided like 200 GB for 1Mb, 400 GB fot 2Mb, 600GB for 4Mb and so on. This is a logical way for preserving quality and valued customers if there are any…. :/

    • HasNi

      Exactly 100% agreed……

    • ASDF

      yeah.. that make sense.

  • I do web-scraping for my client and surf through 1k pages per day this plan is stupidity and non-professional behaviour by ptcl I condemn this action of PTCL as of all my clients and all my earnings are related to the internet and surfing and Data Scraping plus harvesting… Stupid choice PTCL simple is that…

  • Ahsan

    I am using a worldcall 4mb connection. I have four PCs at my home connected to the single connection and 24 hours we are running torrents, youtube, skype like crazy on all PCs and yet no fear of volume charges. Even when I sleep, I put one or two Blueray movies on download. I am happy with my connection.

    • how much do u pay ahsan ??
      are u in karachi ?

  • ASDF

    1/2 mb connection wont be much effective by this cap.. so i guess its fair call.

  • Farhan

    It’s a reasonable decision but it shouldn’t be on 1MB and 2MB users. I personally using 3 different internet connections PTCL , Wateen and WorldCall. Where as PTCL service wasn’t good in past but now they have made good improvement. Wateen been messed up entire month but since couple of days specially in Karachi it’s working well and Worldcall been always better than both.

    Good thing about PTCL is Roaming and it is there where I don’t think Wateen , Wi Tribe or any other ISP will give away their connections in remote areas. Internet should be equal as Telecom service unfortunately in pakistan Internet issue hasn’t been resolved not only the people living in cities have the right to use but also those who are in towns and villages also get the internet facility and services. Thanks to PTCL for providing service in all these areas.

  • its good dissension i like ptcl because its unlimited but now its suck ptcl suck.

  • Abdul Rahman

    This is like simply trapping the customers. Why are they charging Rs 5000. Why cant they just stop the service for the running month after the bandwidth exceeds the limit…???

  • ubaid

    if Full speed measure

    Package /hour /Day /Month

    1mbps 370MB 9GB 270GB
    2mbps 600MB 18GB 600GB
    4mbps 750MB 36GB 1080GB

    only 1mbps no effect on 300gb limit

    • agree @70fcf704ce7735e418748debc34496c7:disqus

  • Dear ALL!
    it is not fair to additional charge on 1MB and 2MB DSL Broadband because such type of broadband is mostly using the students those studying through a net. so it is not fair with the customers of DSL Braodband.

    • AKM

      now its time to say good bye peeetcl dear users plz open your eyes and must say good bye to peeetcl. now dotnet or other net services are more better than peeetcl

  • mani C

    how it effects student package

  • fysisoft

    Its speed is too low now a days

  • Atif

    ptcl walon ko chahiye ke 2mb par 300gb download limit di hai to 4mb par 600mb dein or 6mb par 1200gb download limit dein ase hi agay barhate gaye limite mb ke hisab se warna sab jhoot hoga jese pehle inhone kaha web site or banners mein ke 1mb se 2mb tak unlimited download hai ab kya hogaya hai ptvl walon ko bhang peli hai kya jo abhi tak nasha nahi utar raha hosh bhai ptcl walon gareeb awaam ka khoon mat chooso raham sab par.

  • umer BUtt

    Salam. is se behtar ho0….linkdotnet .. hai jo0 downloading to0 unlimited de rha hai na.. PTCL ko peymant puri mil rhi hai.. to0 cheez b puri dain na?? or waise hi PTCL k bht problams ho0ti han.. Disconneting… phoneline …browing na ho0na… lgata hai PTCL ka Admin b Zardari ban rha hai.. downloading k chargise daly han .. mgr us main ap logon ne uploading nd Browing b Add krdi… ye bat bilkul thek nhi hai…plz isko Wapis unlimited kr dain.. Q apne users kharab kr rhe han ap.. mai to0 aj hi net change krwa lo. bss uljan ho0 rhi hai k isko Off krwao0 .. phr dusara On krwao0?? agr nhi thek krain ge to0 majbo0ran humko Net change krna pare ga..

  • shakeel

    300 gb ki limited service kar k inshah allah ptcl bohat jald diwaliya ho jayega…..kyon k wateen witribe 1000 unlimeted service da rahe han

  • arshad khan

    it is not acceptabale……ptcl pleas wakup…5000…oh my god very high price……i think 1000 beter than 5000….to much…and we cant efordable.we will remove our conection frome ptcl….good by ptcl…

  • ggpo

    ptcl chor compant hai mai sara sin ghar nai hota sirf raat ko net use karta ho aur jab mai ny apnoo downloading pata ki to 500 gb ho gai thi..

  • Leo

    Bloody Hell I am charged Rs. 5000 for downloading 305 GB, it should have to be 500GB, not 300gb as they called unlimited, what a joke.

  • AKM

    WTF Peeeeeeetcl .. me and my frndz have decided we r going to use wateen connection’s

    • Wateen is worst. They have a 40 GB fair usage limit.

  • shehzie

    It is a consumer crime.

    Suppose if you get CNG/Petrol filled and they hide the meter from you, also charge you heavily if limit exceed.. its totally fradulant.

    Its like making the blind walk and after a distance give him an extra charge of 5000.. sorry sir you have walked too far..

    At least they should be giving clear cut bandwith usage, having only the user keep record of his bandwith is not logical. like if u r using your desktop plus your laptop plus your mobile .. do they believe that customer will add all this up and calculate his bandwith..

    They should say in their ad. “WE R ROBBING YOU BLINDLY”

    For those who say that it should be capped because of miss use.. in cafe or resold… then they should also not protest on double sawari and KESC putting on their head average of stolen electricity.

    4-5 logo kay misuse ki saza 100000+ users ko nahi di ja sakti..


    If you want to participate and make a difference, start playing your role.


  • shehzie

    Another logical thing the could have done.

    THE SHOULD HAVE BLOCKED CONNECTION ON REACHING 300 GB, but that wont give them the extra 5000 would it.. So after confirming they will never ever ever block your connection so they can continue to make fraudulant money.

  • they act like wapda

  • Muneeb Ahmed

    How to know if the 300gb limit is reached?

  • kami

    yar ptcl ki evo device main pta nahi kya amb syapa virus hai. meray puranay dell ke dheet laptop main agya tha aur mera security center ura dia us ne mujhe laptop baichna pra aur ye guarantee warantee kuch nahi dete 1 saal ki khas tor pe white device walay.. 700 rupee charge kerte hain repair ka.. ye hakoomat hi aisi hai india main bsnl broadband 1 mb sirf 200 rupee ka hai unlimited aur ye 50 gb bhi 1500 rupee ka perta hai.. ptcl walo hun te kush ker lwo yaar

  • Maaz

    PTCL is the best net in entire Pakistan!!!

    There was a day when I hate PTCL from the core of my heart and had disconnected my connection because of irrelevant and etc time to time dc problems and torrent issues….!

    But NOW I can say PTCL is the excellent internet in entire Pakistan. Now Go for DSL connection… pay 500-600 extra to line man for a new copper line pay 200 for a good pair…! Now all set…! Remember the internet copper cable should directly be coming to ur PC from pole and your Phone MUST be near around 3-8 feet max…! And your modem u using other than PTCL one (E.g: TP-Link or Linksys) should be UPGRADED manually, and I swear to GOD u can enjoy the best internet in the entire Pakistan according to ur Package…!

    mine is 2MB
    max downloading speed= 320kb/s
    max speed on torrent= 270kb/s (After massive settings)

    Maaz Azad
    [email protected]
    (Contact me if u need any help)

    • Thats not entirely true.

      I use PTCL 4 Mbps connection.
      Max direct downloading speed: 530 kbps
      Max torrent download speed: 485 kbps (a bit of tweaking required, contact me if you need a walk-through)
      Max torrent upload speed: 101 kbps.

      I haven’t reconditioned the copper wire and I sit on the second floor. Following the telephone wire extension, I am 70 feet away from my phone connection. So, in fact, the speed depends upon how far you are from your repeater unit (small grey boxes on the roadside with PTCL logo on them), I am less than 700 m away from mine. It also depends upon the framework in your area, whether fiber-optic cables are laid down or not (if your number has changed during the past 6 months then you have fiber connectivity). I have.

      • Moiz Rafay

        I need a walkthrough. Please email me at [email protected] as I won’t be checking this website often.

        Thank you. If you do this, I will become your best friend.

  • shehzie

    maaz bhai.. good to know u r getting such a speed.. i have been doing online work for 10-12 years with 100s of people that i know working in pakistan online having ptcl.. and no one of them had the speed that you had..

    please also do let us know the upload speed.. as ptcl is the only one giving 1:4 upload speed.. means 24kb on 1mb connection.

    i am using wateen as well as a backup.. which has 1:2 upload speed.. means 50kb on 1 mb connection..

    • Wateen’s ratio is more like 1:3.5. I used to get 26 kbps on 1 mb connection.

  • Shahzad

    i want to check how much i download … tell me how?

  • Shahzad

    i am using dsl 2mb connection

  • for a 1mb users its not bad.. even they cant cross (: and also 2mb is reasonable..
    but for 4mb or greater connection its very bad @: calculte yourself !!!if u r using 4,6 or 8mb 24/7 and getting the minimum speed u can easily cross the limit in approximately 10,5 or in 3 days … the large no of ppl will not use 4,6 and 8mb connecion buy 10 mb now its unliminted (:

  • Naveed

    koi btaa skta hai k hame pta kesy chaly ga k ham ne kitny gb data dwnlod kr liaa haiii….??

  • Muhammad Tahir Din Ch

    I have 1MB speed,so I got very slow speed,what can I do have get for 2 MB to 4 MB Broadband.

  • Zaynab

    I think they are charging this amount from common users by putting extra GBs in their bill… I haven’t downloaded even a single thing and I’ve 700 Rs. as Excess Charges in my bill. WTH is this?

  • Javed

    tell me 4 mb dsl download limit.

  • Adnan

    Aamir can you tell me what is considered a download? (I always mix it up with streaming. Is there a streaming limit too, if download is different from streaming?)

  • Adnan

    Aamir can you tell me what is considered a download? (I always mix it up with streaming. Is there a streaming limit too, if download is different from streaming?)

    • aamir7

      download == any data that is consumed for any app, be it a video, text or picture.

      yes, streaming will impact on your consumed limit.

  • Decision well taken! This will stop the unusual traffic and help boost internet connection for regular costumers. However they should take necessary steps to improve speed as their is lack of consistency and when you check the 4MB speed its not even 4MB in speed test! as 4 MB =4096 kb While speed test unfolds the bitter truth of their inconsistency!
    This link shows the truth about their internet speeds

  • They first need to improve network stability !

  • Shaharyar Ashfaq

    What is the meaning of “Unlimited” ? Ptcl

  • Mian Wattu

    A stupid financial decision by stupid management. This will further decrease revenue as well as number of working connections. Instead of improving quality of service by replacing 3rd rate equipment purchased because of heavy kick backs they resorted to foul play. These slave traders are interested in real estate only without paying out standing amount of $ 800 M due since a decade they would prefer selling land worth Trillion of Rupees, No one can stop these camel jockeys from this mis-adventure because of the vested interests of Pakistan’s so called non patriotic elite.

  • moazzam

    super disgusting and humiliating decision for Pakistani dsl users to charge 5000 on a little above on a limit. shame ptcl. Losers. we dont have alternative choice.