Nokia, djuice Held Workshop for App Developers

Nokia-DjuiceWith a vision to cater to students with a knack for mobile app development at a university level, Nokia Pakistan and djuice conducted a Developer Workshop at NED University which focused on imparting training to students on S40 devices.

It was for the first time that Nokia Pakistan conducted a developer workshop solely for students at a university.

The venue for the workshop was Computer and Information Systems Engineering Department where the trainer Syed Faraz Ahmed from Lakson Business Solutions shared details of the development tools available to develop mobile apps for S40 devices and gave hands-on training to participants.

Expressing her views, Rabia Azfar Nizami, Business Development Manager EDX, Near East, NOKIA said, “I appreciate the interest level of NED University’s students to learn and excel in their chosen field. Nokia has been organizing these kinds of workshops for developers in Pakistan for the past 1 year and it is for the first time that it was being solely organized for students. Nokia partnered with djuice and [email protected] to offer training for S40 platform and the workshop was geared towards channelizing the strengths of these students and providing them a rich bundle of resources to develop more locally relevant mobile apps for S40 devices which are most popular among the masses in our country.”

At the workshop’s conclusion, certificates were distributed among all the participating students. Ms. Nida Siddiqui was awarded a Nokia Asha 200 for her excellent performance in the workshop while Mr. Yasir Tahir and Mr. Shayan Rais, both were awarded a djuice connection & internet bundle by Ammar Waheed, Assistant Manager Content, Product Development, djuice.

Events of this nature are pertinent to take the local IT/Telecom industry to the next level and enable better mobility experience for end consumers especially in countries like Pakistan where majority of people use S40 mobile phones.

  • Symbian S40? Seriously?!

    Is Pakistan so backward in time that our students have to learn programming in S40 that was introduced in 1999 and has been long gone from the world’s tech scene?

    So Nokia decided that Pakistani students doesn’t deserve to learn programming in latest their latest OS Symbian^3 (Anna and Belle). Heck, they didn’t even consider to give lessons for outdated Symbian^2 or Symbian^1. But opt for two decades old technology of S40. I guess their reasoning will be “Since majority of Pakistanis are poor and mostly use old used mobile phones then why let Pakistani students learn new technology and let them compete at world’s level?”.

    And I am highly disappointed by NED University. Nokia’s Symbian? Seriously?! We, Pakistanis, will bite any bone that is thrown to us? Why we have to learn the technology of a sinking company? Why can’t our students learn technology of Android OS and iPhone iOS? Don’t you want our students to compete at world’s level? Do you want that our students keep living in 1990s technology? Or do you want to prepare them for current technologies of 2010s?

    If we want our Pakistani students to able to compete with world’s level and if we want our Pakistani students future-ready for 2010s technology then we have to teach them programming in Android OS and iPhone’s iOS.

    STOP WASTING TIME IN NOKIA’S SYMBIAN OR BLACKBERRY’S OS (only if you want to do technological suicide).

    • Hi,

      I attended the workshop, and the technology they taught wasn’t about S40, they taught QML. Which is compatible with Nokia’s Anna and Belle. The competition focus on S40 devices because this is the most used device in Pakistan so the students get the chance to spread there application to the masses.

      It is just my point of view, you are welcome to correct me.

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