Ufone Launches Special Mobile Internet Package

Untitled-2Ufone has launched this virtually unlimited mobile internet package with a 4GB limit per day, at extremely low rate, i.e. 99 Paisas per day (no additional taxes) – that’s 29.70 rupees per month.

You will have to believe what I just said, except there’s a catch. This package is available during 1 AM to 3 PM next day; meaning that 14 hours a day. Even then Rs. 1 per day is nothing, I would say, for what they are offering.

Package Details:

  • Data Volume: 4GB per day
  • Daily Charges: Rs. 0.99/- Inclusive of Tax
  • Validity: 1:00 AM till 3:00 PM

How to Subscribe:

  • To subscribe to the package of your choice, dial 100 or SMS ‘SUB’ to 810 .

How to Unsubscribe from 4GB Mobile Internet Package (1 AM to 3 PM)

  • To unsubscribe from Special Unlimited Internet Package users will SMS UNSUB to short code 7810

Terms and Conditions for 4GB Mobile Internet Package (1 AM to 3 PM)

  • This is a limited time offer
  • Subscription in case for new customers on Ufone network can take up to 24 hours.
  • Package will automatically renew on daily basis
  • Rs. 0.99 will be deducted on daily basis for re-subscription
  • Users who do not have sufficient balance will be un-subscribed automatically
  • Remaining data will not carry forward to next day
  • Fair usage policy of 4 GB limit per day apply
  • Users subscribed to Hourly Mobile Internet package will not be able to subscribe this package
  • User will not be able to subscribe to Hourly Mobile Internet package if they are subscribe to this data package
  • Users will have to unsubscribe or consume their bundle fully before subscribing to Hourly Internet package
  • This package is available to all Prepaid Ufone customers on all commercial packages
  • This service is not offered on Prepaid and Postpaid VPN packages.
  • Data Packages cannot be utilized during International roaming.
  • MMS, Premium URL or Ufone WAP Portal premium downloads will be charged as normal
  • Users can get GPRS and MMS settings by calling Ufone helpline 333 or sending an SMS with “handset model” to 222.
  • Rs.0.50/ + tax would be applicable on “Info” SMS send to 800 for Prepaid Subscribers.

Complete details of Ufone Mobile Internet/GPRS Packages:

Ufone Mobile Internet Packages

* Auto renewal after 24 hours.
** Fair usage policy of 4 GB apply on Postpaid Mobile Internet package.

  • shahid

    o dear mathar you made a mess of the info! At start you wrote that 4GB per month and at the end u wrote fair Use of 4GB DAILY , do clear this bro

  • Rizwan

    such a great sound

  • Azi

    Good, but speed??

    • hasan

      speed is a mess. since i heard this news i tried to get internet settings on my iphone. somehow i managed to get the settings from 333. but it’s been hours it never opened a singal page. now back to wifi. they should boost there net speed so users can atleast browse webpages while power is down. :(

      • Skills

        Dear Brother,

        100 % agree with you !!!

        Sorry to say but worst mobile internet service i have ever used. I subscribed for Unlimited Prepaid Internet Service without knowing the quality but in last two days, only able to open google page and i don’t have any other option, will go back to UAE after 15 days. I don’t know what is the future for 3G in Pakistan but i hope INSHALLAH TALLAH our telecommunication industry will try their best to switch on 3G network as world has already shifted to 4G.

        ALLAH TABARAK TALLAH Pakistan per Raham fermay !!! Ameen !!!



    • kamal ashraf

      speed bokas, bakwas.

  • Jawad

    4 GB limit is for Postpaid Unlimited for a Month.

    Kindly Edit the Post and remove 4 GB limit on this Package.

    • admin

      4gb limit in on per day basis for this specific package

  • Dear Ufone:

    Make charge double for 24 hours And also active this for postpay..

    Thank U.

  • Bilal Assoun

    Pkg is excelent but speed is lower than 2mb pkg of ufone

    • m.wasim

      i,m using jazz mob internet unlimited data with no balance high speed

  • Farhan

    subscription charges?

  • kamran khan mohmand

    Superb Ufone rocks tum hi tu ho

  • Ikram Musawir

    but they know their speed, so they don’t have to worry whatsoever the limit is…:)

  • faisal

    what price about after 3.00 pm ?

    • kamal ashraf

      normal charges, i think 1 rs per 64 kb.

  • khan

    I think they are trying to capture some target market before 3G… Otherwise offer that cheap doesnt make any sense…

  • faisal

    A common practice of mobile companies

    be careful all pakistani.

    Every mobile company have a package for internet name ” default package ” which is per mb charges
    ufone has rs. 15 per mb
    zong also has rs. 15 per mb

    therefore all people read carefully my case.

    i am a zong customer

    i purchase a zong set name ideos

    before purchase my internet package was per hour package which is rs. 15 per hour

    after purchasing zong gave me 8 mb per month internet as a gift scheme.

    i consumed 8 mb in few days

    can you guess what happened to me.
    company activate “default package ” which is rs. 15/- per MB, without my knowledge. i was thinking that after 8 mb , my previous internet package (per hour) will active. but i was wrong. only in 3 minute use eat my rs. 40/- balance.

    therefore be careful. Ufone not talking about after 3 pm charging unit. which is “default package” of rs. 15 per mb.

    • Saqib

      Faisal you lost your 40 rupees, dear i lost my 365 Rupees due my default internet package after exausting 2GB limit package, i am talking about ZONG.

    • Mehmood

      same happens to me when i was purchased zong ideos

    • arfan

      can u please tell me ur experience of using ideos?
      i also planned to get this but didnt heard anyone abt this
      will be thankful for ur true suggestion.

      • kamal ashraf

        it is good handset. sound and battery timing is extremely good, someone gifted me this phone and i am enjoying this, but be careful, you will not experience 100% android os, full Android experience starts from samsung galaxy s2 :)

  • Atif

    Late but HUGE!
    Ufone rocks.

  • Muhammad Anas

    OH MY GOD!!!

    I cant believe what I just read above.

    I cant understand why Ufone announced this offer. look at the pkgs they were offering before.

    2MB for Rs/ 3.99

    5MB for Rs/ 50

    50 MB for Rs/ 150

    However I cant use it as I am bound to Zong through their IDEOS but it will be a relief for Zong GPRS service bcoz there are currently too many subscribers on zong.
    But now 4GB for just Rs/ 1 is amazing.

    The Time Span for this Offer is also awesome as many used the net in this particular time period.

    Finally, It seems as Ufone is trying to inspire/encourage anyone to use mobile internet before the 3G is coming in Pakistan.

    I have checked the speed of all co.s mobile internet on my PC and Ufone tops them all.

    Here is the speed(downlink)I was able to receive:

    Ufone : 236 Kbps (Mean of 3 Tests)Through speedtest.wi-tribe.net.pk

    Telenor: 222 Kbps (“”””””””””””)Through speedtest.wi-tribe.net.pk

    Jazz : 219 Kbps (“””””””””””””)Through speedtest.wi-tribe.net.pk

    Zong 176 Kbps (“””””””””””””””)Through speedtest.wi-tribe.net.pk

    I did`nt use Warid so far if any one has plz share.

    • Zeeshan Faisal

      Muhammad Anas, kindly add the speed of Warid as I am getting 400kbps on warid normally through EDGE

    • umer daraz

      Anas sb kya aap ufone se tu nahi?

    • Farrukh Ahmad

      Warid is the best dude, they have this dosti ke rung offer launched and it got aaawesooomee offer for gprs as well calls try it man http://www.glow.net.pk


    Ooooops 4GB per day ufone walo 3G aanay ke baad yeh package detey to maza aa jata lekin abhi 100 mb bhi download nahein hoga per main disadvantage 1 am to 3 pm not full day

  • Memon SMS

    ahan! this could be nice for the ufone users..thanks for sharing.

  • Saaim

    It was launched the day before yesterday and advrtized and P.P is lil late again as usual.But nice offer despite the catch of 10hrz OFF

  • khalid

    yar ufone ki speed ache hai ya zong ki .any one who is using ufone net

    • Zong ke speed Ufone say behtar hay.
      main nay N70 per ufone ki EDGE speed maximum 6KB dekhi hay aur Zong ki 14KB

  • Amazing!

  • Farrukh Ahmad

    Another Crap offer, whats new in it ???

  • ahsan

    The 4gb limit applies onlyu on postpay packages !

    ** Fair usage policy of 4 GB apply on Postpaid Mobile Internet package.

  • postpaid walon ka kia qasoor hay Rs 500+tax

  • waqar

    yar ye 3g technology anay say kia hoga

    • Skills


      MASHALLAH 3G is very fast as compared to other conventional technologies. I don’t know what is the future for 3G in Pakistan but i hope INSHALLAH TALLAH our telecommunication industry will try their best to switch on 3G network as world has already shifted to 4G.


      Ali Ashfaq

  • Muhammad Anas

    @Zeeshan Faisal!

    You are getting 400 Kbps?? Really??

    I suppose EDGE can Support up to 384 Kbps? Isn`t it? (Admin Please Specify)

    You are using through Mobile or Warid EDGE Card. If through Mobile tell me the set Model you are using.

    @Umer Daraz
    i am not from Ufone, actually I am a zong lover and I have mentioned above that I am using Zong and will continue to use it.

  • Naeem Akhtar

    Ufone will equal the charges after 3pm to 1am.

    It is almost not possible for a busy person to stop the gprs after the time is over.

    Further It is also not possible for user to close all application that uses internet. Because many applications access gprs without the knowledge of user.

    Anyhow, A good step overall.

    • Hassan00107

      why not you go in setting and turn off mobile network

  • Bashir ahmad aryan

    This is good news.If it is correct.Ufone must start edge.In rural areas.Usb price must be very less.In order to compete [email protected]

  • wow great package but speed is very slow!

  • Bashir ahmad aryan

    What is speed of ufone internet?Have u router of range 4km [email protected]

  • Saad

    4gb per day is incredibly stupid at the speeds at which EDGE works, yes even on Ufone, I challenge you to use 4gb in 14 hours on an EDGE connection.

    I think that it’s a mis-statement, soon to be rectified. Even if it’s 4gb per month, that is waaayyyy more than enough.

    The timing is discriminatory!! WTF who wants to use EDGE at these times.

    Ufone take 10/day and pls give me unlimited internet, like jazz because that’s only reason for me to use two phones and a jazz connection!

  • Kazim

    Pakg bht acha ha, chrgs b km hn but speed na honay k brabr ha..


    bhai aap sub se pehly eski downloading speed dekhen agr eski speed 20 to 25 kbps hy to thek hy otherwise bekaar hy speed chek kren pehly thanx

  • umer shah

    aoa..any 1 tell the downloading speed with this package using cell or pc?i shall b very thankful 4 this favour.

  • wow…. what a package :-), I dont beleive this,,, Ufone..tusi chhaaa gayeee hoooo:)

    • ARSHAD Gujjar

      yar aik wahid aap bandy ho jis ny u fone walo ko daa’d di baqi sab ny to like nahi kia is package ko kehty hain k speed baho low hai u fone ki

  • OMG awesome package

  • Shakeel Ahmed

    is ki speed tu jazz internetse be com he. UFONE bluff to people.

  • m.waseem

    it is not enough jazz is better than all for internet unlimited data no charges
    24 hours.
    For further detail contect me
    # 03004333913

  • Kamran

    Pkj to acha hy magar SPEED kisi ny Confrm ki??


    i just tried it in my galaxy works fine but the speed is not good enough as compared to jazz am using jazz internet and its speed is more better than ufone its just a crap…..

  • seo in urdu

    I feel that is one of the most significant information for me. And i’m happy reading your article..

  • Munawwar

    Dear …….

    Ufone .99 paisa internet offer is remarkable….plz take charges of 2 rs per day for unlimited 24 hours package….

  • Cordell Seton

    One would associate with SEO upon putting up a website. You would left behind if you ignore this necessity.Ben T. recently posted..Medical Assistant

  • sandhu (jatt)

    giving upto 16 kbps download speed on my e72. But changes frequently 16 to 12, 12 to 8 and then o kbps. Separately 0 to 1 , 1 to 5 and onward upto 16.
    I think in just 1 rupee. It is not a bad deal. if someone just have to check mail and etc. It is fine.

  • nouman

    i am very hurt to see people views about ufone internet pkg indeed ufone internet speed is awesome am using this pkg now a days speed is fair and fast those who says that ufone have no speed please change thier mobile phones

  • sandhu (jatt)

    and here the bull shtttt starts from ufone now. The backage rates been revised and from 22 march ,the daily rate shell be 2.99…….so Welcome meri jaan ,yeh he ufone ka pakistan, tu maan ya na maan…..!

  • sandhu (jatt)

    and remember package timing shall be 12am to 6pm.

  • Raheem

    Yaar download ke charges lagte hain kia?

  • Sandhu (Jatt )

    no . alag se koi chaRGES nahi lagtay.

  • Zain

    Well I have been using Ufone internet for long time and I never got any issue with that.I would say it’s best.

  • Marina Arif Khan

    ** UPDATE **

    UFONE Unlimited Special Internet Package:
    Rs. 2.99 (Inclusive of Tax)
    12-AM till 6-PM
    300 Mb Usage Limit!
    SMS sub to 810


  • Marina Arif Khan

    ** UPDATE **

    UFONE Unlimited Special Internet Package:
    Rs. 4.99 (Inclusive of Tax)
    1-AM Till 9-PM
    300 Mb Usage Limit!
    SMS sub to 810



  • sandhu (jatt)

    mean rs 180 /month. So than why not rs.200 of zong without any time limitation…..! U fone s…..k…!

  • Danish

    zong bohot behter hai wese to bhai logo

  • Sandhu (Jatt )



    Good,but gprs coverage area slow speed???

  • Ali

    Ufone is good nice cool .pls try this

  • jahangir

    not good speed,that expected.

  • ufone must improve its internet facility.

  • ufone is the best in operation of gprs.

  • KHAN


  • toba ha ufne na to mat mari hoi h .pokt many idhr e lag jati ha.hbhbhahbhb . .pata ni inhaen pchny wala ni h koi. Hye guys cntct me and share smthing

  • Ahsam

    Ab 100 MB ho gya hai…

  • Ahsam

    Jazz ka fit hai pakge… Dail *114*1#
    10 Rs./day 200 MB

  • asad arshad

    salam to all tell me how to deactivate ufone daily internet package