Vote Verification via SMS


Check and Find Out Your Polling Station Details Through 8300

As announced earlier, eligible voters can now verify the status of their votes in the new computerized voter lists prepared by Election Commission of Pakistan by just sending an SMS via their mobile phones.

Service has been up an running for all operators, throughout the country.

Election Commission said that this SMS verification service, in collaboration with cellular operators, happens to be world’s largest verification service of any kind.

ECP said that 85 million registered voters can check their records through a single SMS.

How to Check your Vote Status?

  • Simply send your CNIC (without dashes) to 8300
  • Example: Send “3740541882200” to 8300

You will soon receive a reply with following information:

  • Your CNIC Number
  • Electoral Area, i.e. District, Tehsil and city/town/village
  • Block Code
  • Serial Number

Note: Reply message is likely to have words in Urdu (unicode). You may not be able to read the text message if your phone doesn’t support unicode.

Election Commission said that it has purposefully not included the voters’ name and home address to avoid any privacy violations.


  • SMS sent to 8300 will be charged @ Rs. 2 plus tax

What if you are not registered or registered with incorrect details?

Election Commission of Pakistan has said that that voters, in case of any issue, should immediately contact district election commissioner to get the details corrected. For the purpose, Election Commission is also arranging the establishment of display centers where voters can go an check their details and to get the information corrected.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

    • same here too i have checked and my vote goes to my leader IK ! but many of my friends votes are not registered what to do ? please reply admin , any one who can help!

      • Go to any local Election Commission Office and get your friends and family members registered.

        Remember, real change would only come if you cast your vote. Good luck

        Pakistan Zindabad

  • nice work,
    but SMS cost of checking vote should be low…
    83 million voters verify their votes (govt earn the double)

    • Exactly … I believe they (ECP/Govt) will recover the money they invested in this project today (and start earning profit/COMISSION) :)

      On another hand, I would not mind paying this much money if they can link your vote to your DESIGNATED mobile number, so you could vote by SMS too. THAT would be great in terms of cost saving/security.

      Long Live Pakistan!


      • i think Its ECP right if they are earning .

        free cheez ka jo aksar pakistani haal kartay hain na…..

        • it should have been free or at least priced to just cover the cost, not to earn profits. government is not a corporate to earn profits. government is to serve people. democratic government is by the people, for the people.

          my guess is that they priced it to Rs. 2 to cover the cost. not everyone is going to use this service but many will. furthermore, Rs. 2 will counter anyone who may try to abuse this service with spam.

      • Shem, Amir, this service is working out of the box, however if facing delivery issue, you can comment (with last 5 digits of your cell) below instead of re-sending again and again and loosing your balance :)

  • checked mine and returned square boxes… not sure if there is any issue with my cell phone not supporting the fonts

    • Yes, It is in Urdu font and mobile phones that doesn’t support urdu font will observe this.


    • Indeed, I was also thinking that why didn’t NADRA or election commission allowed this service on their website for free?

      If this service is truly for free and Rs. 2 is only for covering the cost of this service then they should have put this service on their website. So that anyone with access to internet can check it without spending an average of Rs. 8 to Rs. 10 for an average Pakistani family.

  • This service is not working in mobilink as well. @ iali.. I think square boxes mean your mobile is not supporting urdu text….

      • Forwarding the same SMS (with square boxes) to another phone which supports urdu text might help, sometimes.

  • Verified!

    @Aamir i checked it through Warid sim and got the reply in 15 secs.

    Good step from ECP…

  • I sent the message from my mobilink number who port-in ufone but I didnt get any reply yet

  • WTF !!!

    I born in Karachi, studied in Karachi, domicile PRC Karachi, Nic both addresses Karachi.

    How the hell they put me in Gujrat ????

    That another reason of unfair election.

    • Koi baat nae yara! Mistakes can occur that is why they have given the option of correction as also mentioned in last paragraph of the post. I know correction will be a hassle but fortunately for a bigger cause. :)

    • Pop in to any local ECP branch and make the desired correction. I know it’s a headache but human does makes mistakes and to show being a responsible citizen make your way to the office and do the correction. Good luck

      Remember, casting a vote to a inept person is a crime, and NOT casting your vote at all is a bigger crime than this.

      • not casting vote is not a crime according to Pakistan’s Law.

        vote is a democratic right and any person can opt to not use his/her right.

    • Why can’t ECP or NADRA simply put everyone to their “current address” (if different from “permanent address”) which they can get from NADRA’s database for everyone’s CNIC.

  • Total mistakes!!!!

    I have CNIC, domicile and address of Lahore

    but my vote is registered in Faisalabad

    this is bullshit

    i have tried with three other friends there area of voting are wrong

    • Again my question is that why didn’t ECP or NADRA simply put everyone to their “current address” (if different from “permanent address”) which they can get from NADRA’s database for everyone’s CNIC?

      It would have saved a lot of time and saved a lot of errors.

      Many people leave for their towns on the election day because they have their votes listed in their home town.

      It would have been a very simple job. Just use the “current address” or “permanent address” for registered voters list. Why even people have to register their votes? All Pakistanis in NADRA’s CNIC database should automatically get “registered” to their home’s addresses.

      This is 2012, not 1952.

  • Admin.

    Just a note. SMS could be sent in any format.


    the service will fetch first 13 digits from SMS contents and assume it your CNIC number.

  • Yes, It is in Urdu font and mobile phones that doesn’t support urdu font will observe this.

  • Election commission must give the facility to confirm via internet or email because overseas pakistani and other people can confirm their vote.

  • Checked, got the reply in a few seconds (Operator: Telenor PK). Also checked about my other family members (Operator: Warid). Btw can somebody explain what is Block Code?? And 1 thing more, one of my cousin didnt register his vote in voting list as his CNIC was not made that time, but when we checked, his vote was registered. I didnt get this? I mean how this happened when he didnt even filled any form?

    • Anyone issued with a CNIC up until January 31st 2012 has been registered to cast their vote.

      If someone’s CNIC came after that date, pop into any ECP branch and get yourself registered.

      • oh thanks for the info Asim! :) Now if someone can tell me whats Block Code?? :)

  • very nice step by the ECP and i checked and instantly i got my reply with details which were correct… secondly i believe that such services/project have a cost and if they are charging then i am ok with it but charges should be as less as could be and thirdly my request to all who get wrong details in reply that they should stay positive and instead of finger pointing they should go to the center and get their records properly updated. and that msg should also come out in urdu so everybody can understand what it says.. but again, this is a very good move by election commission

    • Pointing finger ????

      Man you should visit these govt, office before posting this.

      I am not posting anything wrong about this serviece

  • 8300 ??? Sound like this shortcode belongs to chopaal / smsall, anyone to verify / comment on this ?

  • I have checked mine vote through SMS. The result received is shocking.
    1. The new data has not been punched. Forms, the EC has got filled in, perhaps been thrown in the dustbin. I filled my form giving my present address meaning thereby that I will cast my vote there. What is the fate of huge exercise done by EC. Just waste of money, time and resources
    2. It is assumed that the voter will cast his / her vote at their permanent address, where as the voter will only be able to cast his vote at his / her present address. So, rest assure that 50% voters will not be able to cast their votes.
    3. Even the address taken from the data bank is wrong. I mean, my address is wrong so I have factually no vote.

    • Its not the final list dude, and that is why they have setup display centers, visit your nearest display center and get it fixed.

  • If you want to vote for Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf then forward the message you receive from ECP to 80022 and see what happens :)

  • mery khail say in ko area wise list online kar deni cheia ya phir sms free hona cheia

  • I checked using Mobilink and got reply with seconds. Good service by ECP and NADRA.

    My question to author of the article and ECP and NADRA is please explain what is meant by “Block Code” and “Serial Number”?

    By the way, how to know the “nearest Display Center” on which the lists are physically displayed? Do I have to go on the road and start asking from passerby or go to market and start asking from shopkeepers? Or did ECP was kind enough to list the addresses of all “Display Centers” on their websites? If so then please kindly give the link to that webpage. Because I am not interested to waste hours just trying to find where is the “Display Center” in my local area.

    As we are heading towards election, if anyone from ECP or NADRA is reading this, when time will come, please add all addresses of all polling stations in a nice search-able format for all areas of Pakistan. So that anyone can know where to go to cast their vote, rather than wasting their time in finding their polling station.

    And please ECP or NADRA, add this facility to your website too.

  • in ko jo chaiya us main ya taraqee kar rhay hain hamain jo chaya 4g or paypal in ko ya chezon ki koi fikar nai

  • Guys my vote is registered in that area which i didnt know……
    mein ne nearest display centre sy contact kia that r saying ke ap phele us jaga per jao jahin ap ka vote reg hy…wht the ________. wht should i do now ……..?????

  • What about overseas Pakistani’s?
    I have my registered vote but now I am in UAE. How can I check my vote registration and vote validity?

  • very nice step by the ECP and i checked and instantly i got my reply with details which were correct… secondly i believe that such services/project have a cost and if they are charging then i am ok with it but charges should be as less as could be and thirdly my request to all who get wrong details in reply that they should stay positive and instead of finger pointing they should go to the center and get

  • my vote is registered in Chakwal. But i am living in Faisalabad since my birth. Please tell me Faisalabad Election Commission Office adress or Number.

    MY cell number is 03017130001

  • my vote is not registered in my halka instead it is registered in another electoral area that is like 20 km away from my home. i feel it is done intentionally by staff. i m from multan

  • I am living in lahore since 1998 but ECP put my name in the voters list of Okara. I want to ask ECP and NADRA, why did they do greatness?

  • asslam o alaikum, my name is fazal hussain , may sahiwal city ka rehnay wala hu, maira village 87.A/6.R Mehmood shah wali Noor shah road sahiwal per hay , but hamary vote chak no 87/6.R Mhadali Sharief may dal diay gaiy hay, ju kay hamary village say 10 kilo meter faslay per hay, hamara vote dalna us jugha mumqin hi nahy, mairy ghar kay id card n0 ye hay, fazal -36502-13417363-3 and safder ali kashif 36502-2555802-3 fida hussain saqib 36502-5634940-3, muzamil hussain razi, 36502-1319370-7 and ye vote 87/6.R madhali sharief may add ker diay hay, adhy abbadi kay votr wuha durg ker diay hay, inn ka koi hul kia jaiy

  • i like the servis it’s awsome
    Can anyone tell me what’s the block code and S# means?

  • I am unable to go to my hometown to cast my vote because my vote is registered in my hometown but i am not able to go and cast my vote .
    So is this possible to cast my vote where currently i am living?????????

  • our adress isnt sent correctly to the ecp.. oune permenat adress is of galli lahorian gujrat which is in city.. its was said by ecp of gujrat that its some village we wanted our vote to b transfered to pindi as we live in bahria town rawalpindi,plz help me onthisss…

  • There should be a ECP webpage in which people can fill in the their CNIC number and get a reply in Urdu and English

  • really dnt know what to do…………….i moved 4rm khi n hvnt changed address in CNIC………….dyin to cast my vote 4 Mr. Khan

  • i’m sending my msg to 8300 but i am not receiving any reply. kindly can
    anyone guide me, how i can check my information via some website

  • i have received below messages
    no Record found for NIC# 42201…………….33

    any one help me????
    how to register my CNIC for vote

  • Plzz help 8300 per message kiye thay keh rhe hain ke election commision se contact karay

  • close