Cellular Subscribers Reach 114.61 Million in January 2012

Number of mobile phone subscribers reached 114.61 million by the end of January 2012, taking mobile phone teledensity to 66.5 percent.

According to latest figures released by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), Mobilink led the market with 34.70 million subscribers followed by Telenor with 28.47 million customers.

Ufone’s subscriber base grew to 22.02 million subscribers while Warid ended the month with 14.99 million customers.

Zong grew its customer base to 14.42 million customers.

Ufone added most customers in January 2012, followed by Zong and Mobilink.

Have a look at following graphs to get a clearer picture of mobile phone subscribers of cellular companies over past few months:






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  • Telenor Rocks
    We Love You Telenor

    • Truth

      you must be very loyal employee of telenor P

  • Muhammad Anas

    Zong Rocks
    We Love You Zong

    • Faisal

      You must be from China ,




  • Interesting

    After so many man power recruitement by warid, Presence of Zohair Khaliq.

    So much effort warid is still going down

  • Warid User

    Warid Telecom needs a serious kick up the @$$

  • Usman Attal

    Overall Ufone Progress is good among all oprators.

  • zonger

    Finally, Zong has crossed Warid. New rankings:

  • Anonymous

    in 1-2 years time…
    1- Telenor or Zong
    2- Telenor or Zong
    3- Mobilink
    4- Ufone

    Warid might leave

    * if current situation remains the same

  • Amir Khan

    Zong is investing highly…while mobilink is still industry leader. Ufone has lost focus and warid,…well….warid is going down.

  • Propakistani Reader

    UFONE won four races,
    1- new subscriber addition
    2- Net Addition.
    3- Minutes Consumption
    4- Perception of improved Brand

  • Telecom Specialist


    I think you were weak in maths or you have sickness of walking during sleep Or a person being lead by his wishes against the reality

    This could be the slight correct perception during next two years

    1- Telenor
    2- Ufone
    While Zong will remain on fifth

    Soon few more people are in just pipe line, ready to move from Zong and you might face Job Threat in a month of so……

    I Wish you survived

    • Anonymous

      i understand Telenor fanboy… lol !

  • zain

    warid zem prepaid packages are 4 to 5 years old . not a single change in them . reasons are obvious for warid going down

  • Sumair

    LOL at Warid, they seriously need to introduce some new packages!

  • ahmad

    mobilink figures might not be true . if you remember when there was checking of numbers by PTA issued on one CNIC . . and mobilink was no 1 with fake numbers registered with one NIC . . i was having 8 mobilink numbers registered on my NIC . . and actually was having only 1 mobilink number

  • Mustang

    Ufone and Telenor progressed very well and will be threat for Mobilink in Future

  • Sprituality

    Ufone Zaida Acha Ja raha ha regardless the trends being shown , it looks that Ufone has decided something and moving towards change of positioning (3 to 2)

  • waqas

    Every operator have different criteria of subscriber base I am active user of Warid and have Telenor sim did n’t seen sim last six month but I am sure I am active in Telenor’s database.
    Telenor have lost its major corporate accounts and really doubt about true subscriber base.
    Also warid and telenor have almost same revenue so ArpU counts a lot. As warid is still largest post paid subscriber base.

    • Imran

      Number remains active in telenor database for 365 days unless u perform a single activity even balance check. In other words, a single activity performed even balance check gives u 365 days for ur number to b active in ur name from the date of activity

      • waqas

        Warid counts active subscribers who perform any activity in last 90 days.

  • Hacker

    Mobilink will cross everyone in near future..;-)

  • Omer

    Zong will conquer the market soon

  • zaheer

    i am not agree with faisal comments .he say that china is copy cat .i do not think china is doing copycat .you all know china provide best quality for European and midle east countries . and china is number one economic power in the world .they achieve all these result for hard work not for copycat.

  • Ali

    Ufone Rocks
    We Love You Ufone

  • Furqan

    i am warid user and am really upset to see warid loosing so many customers.. I think warid’s service is better then mobilink and ufone and zong. still its loosing..

    i think warid needs some good marketing.

  • Telco

    Dont you forget all……..

    Mobilink is industry leader, a change leader, a revolution leader & Mobilink will be future of Telecom in Pakistan…..

    And the hard fact, may be everyones knows or not that the main chiefs of every Telco is Mobilinker and if they are going up in revenues, market share etc then its also achievement of Mobilink becaue he trained them to be a leader.

    Hard but Fact.

  • Adeel

    This definitely explains Warid’s current marketing stint..

  • Jutt

    Piyarey Bhaio!

    Jis ne Warid use kia hey wo warid sey jata nahi…. U ALL KNOW THAT.

    Service & Quality matters and revenue of the company matters ….. baqi yeh unrealist data of subscribers bakwas hey….. U ALL KNOW THAT….

    “Serious nahi leyna”

    • TAYYAB

      main ny use kea warid.. aur chor dia, UFONE is the BEST… har taraf hai UFONE he UFONE… BEST CAL AND SMS SERVICES OF UFONE.LoVE U ufone.

  • Atif malik

    I am currently using warid the best of all operators, though not offering new packages but voice quality is best, sms delivery is fastest than any other.

    • tayyab

      UFONE is the BEST… har taraf hai UFONE he UFONE… BEST CAL AND SMS SERVICES OF UFONE.LoVE U ufone.

  • sajjad

    lack of proper coverage, quality and customer satisfaction would threaten zong. recently ported back from zong.

  • TK

    No. of subscribers doesnt matter. What really does it people who are using the service must remain satisfied, I don’t have any complain with warid, voice quality, sms delivery has always surprised me. Even if the count reaches 1, I would be happy to be that one :)

  • Nadeem Shah

    Yeh baat mainy nahi rakhti k kon sa network grow kar raha hai baat sifr apni sahoolat ki honi chahie k aap ki zaroorat kon sa network poori kar raha hai with less price.agar aap dakhain to Zong hi esa hai jo aap ko sab se sasta package 7/day for unlimited calls.

  • @Aamir Atta
    The first sentence is, “Number of mobile phone subscribers reached 114.61 million by the end of January 2011, taking mobile phone teledensity to 66.5 percent.”

    I think instead of January 2011, it must be January 2012??????

    What you think??

    • admin

      Yes, you are right, thanks for correction


    SALAM. Ufone zindabad, Warid gaya kam se, i like ufone, my all family is user of UFONE… i love u UFONE….ur Great… ufone will be on 1st number in future……..

  • Faisal Alvi

    Warid need only marketing… network is best among all. its true 100%.

  • A.Hussain

    Ufone is a trendsetter in market for additional services, and its repetitive generic strategies are focussed to its subscriber in becoming a best cellular option.

  • Aslam

    Zohair Khaliq has resigned from Warid.

  • tayyab

    UFONE is Great and best…!!! lay gaya UFONE number….